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I am a primary DMC player, but I am absolutely loving the Battle Royale experience, especially within Resurgence. However, I figured I would watch a game of solos and use that as background footage for this article while I give you the 10 best builds for long-range meta without a sniper rifle. So before we get into this.

I cannot stress it enough. I would absolutely love it if you could just do that for me, so let's get into it. The first gun I want to talk about is the baz b, or the bass. Bravo! We're going to start with the spirit fire suppressor L. We're going to add the FTAAC SP10, angled forgrip, and 277. High-grain ammunition, the 45-round magazine, and the brand new KR Inless LSJ 3 optic, which is this week's unlock This optic is absolutely incredible because it adds stability and aim-down sight speed.

I'm going to have this on a few builds; give it a try. This thing is so much better than the 2.5 optic that everyone's using right now, which has a better optic, and the baz B itself is absolutely top-tier meta. It is one of the best guns in the game, based on the Sig spear, so no wonder it is so good.

Moving on, our next gun I want to talk about is the MTZ 762. And with this gun, you can use it in fully auto or you can use it in semi-auto like a DMR. It is absolutely amazing in both ways. I like to run it with a 20-round magazine in solos; however, you are going to need the 30-round magazine for duos or higher, or even in resurgence.

If you are going to use the 20-round mag, you can then put on the Recoil control rear grip and make this thing absolutely slay in full auto with that 20-round mag up close. So to build out the MTZ 762, we're again going to start with the spirit fire suppressor. We're going to add the FTAc SP10, angled forgrip the 762.

By using 51 mm high-grain ammunition in the 30 round mag and finishing off again with that inless Cas 14 optic, an absolutely beautiful gun that will absolutely slap everything, you can get away with the 20 round mag in solos. You can take off the mag magazine and use the recoil rear grip next up.

I do want to talk about Old Faithful, a Modern Warfare 2 gun that is still absolutely at the top of the meta and no one's using it, and I don't know why because it just got a huge buff, and that gun is the M4. That's right, the M4 is still absolutely clapping cheeks, and for this build, we're going to use the FSS covert V suppressor, the ftac SP10, angled to grip the high velocity ammunition, the 60-round mag, and then we're going to finish off once again with the inless lsj, 3 optics, for the absolute best M4 we have ever had, and I'm telling you, you cannot go wrong.

This thing slaps absolutely everyone to 110 M every time the only thing you cannot beat is dmrs and snipers. You will smack around anybody with a pull-me-off. You will smack around anyone with a bass P. The M4 is absolutely insane, but with that said, the pull me off or the pull meat 762, which is a very good gun, is definitely at the top of the meta.

If you have the Bullpup conversion in this build, we're going to use the aftermarket Bullpup conversion of the Sonic suppressor, the Jack Annihilator, the long barrel, the Brewing heavy support grip, and finish off once again with that inless Cas, 14. For a wonderful build, this thing is absolutely incredible.

Like I said, the M4 might beat it, but nothing else really will except for one other gun on this list, and we'll talk about that next. As far as the pull-me-off goes, you have a lot of rounds down range. This is especially good in trios and quads. You will slay entire teams without ever even pulling off the trigger.

This thing is incredible. And sticking with Incredible guns that are in the fully automatic. I told you we would talk about the other gun that will beat the pull me off in that ranged category; it's another Modern Warfare 2 gun, and that is the M13, b, or M13. Bravo. For this build, we're going to use the echoless 80 suppressor, the FTAC SP-angled forgrip, the high velocity ammunition, the 60-round magazine, and once again finish off with that inless Cas 14.

Optic these optics are so incredible, I cannot stress them enough. The M13 B is in a place where it has been for so long. It is the best gun over range outside of dmrs and snipers. The M13 will win games for you, but it's just that good. There's no recoil, and it puts down an absurd amount of damage over range.

I cannot stress it enough. Put the m3b back in your rotation if you've taken it out because this gun is top-tier meta. Another gun returning to the meta from a very, very long time ago, this one coming all the way from Verance, and that is the Bruan Mark 9, the LMG. With the AR conversion for this build, we're going to use the spirit fire suppressor, the FTAC SP10, angled forgrip.

The NATO High-Grain rounds the 60-round magazine, and once again, the KR Inless LSJ 3 optic is the absolute best build for the Bruin. The Bruin is a really awesome gun, and much like during the redance days, it absolutely slaps, and it's not quite LMG, not quite AR, and it does the best of both. If you don't have the Bruin in your stack, put it in because you are missing out on so much by not having this gun in your loadouts.

Let's talk about another lmg, and it's actually the newest one that we've gotten in the TAC Eradicator. The Eradicator is absolutely amazing, and people are actually finding out this week just how good this gun actually is for the absolute best build. Again, we're going to start with the spirit fire suppressor, we're going to add the ftac sp10, angled forgrip, use the 762, by 51 high velocity ammunition, the xrk response rear grip, and finish off once again with the KR endless lsj 3 optic for the absolute best build for The Eradicator.

The Eradicator is by far the easiest of the LMGs to use. This thing is absolutely wonderful, and it throws heat. Hey, if you're still here, that means you absolutely love my content, so please just make sure to double check that you're subscribed. I love you and sticking with new guns that are returning from Verdansk, like the Bruin.

Let's talk about the Ram 7, because the Ram 7 is absolutely insane right now. The ram 7 is much like the M13 as it will absolutely decimate at any range, and for this build, we're actually going to start with the Boreal 6C, suppress barrel at the ftac sp10, angle forgrip the 50-round drum with the retort grip tape, and then finish off with the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5 times optic for an absolute banger.

This gun is so snappy, you don't even need the optic. With the built-in laser that's visible in ads to get the extra aimed-on sight speed, you will absolutely destroy All of these guns have a 1, 000 plus M per second bullet velocity, and this one is able to do it with the integrally suppressed barrel.

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