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Welcome to my guide on how to complete the Champions Quest in War Zone 3 or Ex. The goal of this article is to increase the quality of your nuke attempts, and I designed this guide to be kind of timeless and relevant to All Seasons in War Zone. We're going to talk about the best ways and strategies to play each element.

Many guides out there gloss over important things, and they don't offer a plethora of strategies to use in your toolkit. Their guides assume a 100% success rate with a stack team and don't take into account the mistakes that happen so often on nuke runs. In my opinion, their guides cover a very general level of nuking, and most nuke runs never go according to plan; you have to develop backup plans or even contingencies.

I've detonated around 32 nukes up until the release of this article. I've nuked with average and bad players, and I've also nuked with great players. A lot of this knowledge was collectively pulled together for myself and friends. Another thing to know is that it has to be understood that attempting a nuke is hard and sometimes impossible.


It is you against the whole Lobby; you will fail nukes; you'll get griefed by players; you'll get horrible luck when it comes to the Champions Quest; sometimes an element's going to spawn in the body is in a circle; it's just the way it is, but yeah, anyway. I sincerely hope this guide can help you drop your first nuke, if not more.

I'm also always down to help with new contracts. I don't help with streaks, but if you DM me on Discord, there's a good chance I'm always ready to kind of help with a new contract. The first thing that I do for any nuke run is to assess the lobby skills. You can scout the skill of the lobby by inspecting it.

The report-player list You can do this in the menus or in the game, or you could have intentionally had your teammates get killed and try to see what their calling cards are by the players that kill you, but essentially what you're looking for are nuke-ranked emblems. War Zone series top 215 calling cards are given, but pretty much you just want to see if there are any threatening or good teams in your lobby.

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Find a lobby with no good teams, and then you'll be good to go. You're looking for low-level accounts with bronze ranks and rankings, and that's it. Just try to look out for any threatening teams. If there are no threatening teams, then you may have a good chance to nuke in the lobby. One thing to know is that if you're seeing players that are all level one on the report list with bronze ranks, you need to reset your game and start seeing those players again.

It's a visual bug that happens all the time during frequent, long gaming sessions. All the right jobs. I typically have one to two people grab helicopters to grab the Geer counter, and they can zip on over to the buril element really fast, and then I have one or two people grab TVs and have them hit some hidden caches.

I have to emphasize how great hidden caches are. Each cash can give you between $3 and $7, 000. And you'll even get a portable loadout marker for multiple selfs, which is pretty much the best loot in the game. I typically just use these caches to loot period; I don't even bother looting regular buildings; it's just a waste of time.


If you also chain these routes up to like four or even six of them, you can get like 30 to 25 grand off of this run, and you can get all of these within like a minute and a half, which is insane. I highly recommend that you learn where all these stashes are and use them in your nuke runs. I believe there's a website called Tactical Map for War Zone Urzikstan, and you could pretty much just see all of these routes.

Go ahead and land and plunder, and just try to find all these stashes and practice them, because they're definitely going to get you really far on your nuke runs when it comes to choosing contracts. Generally speaking, we tend to choose contracts that are in zones, and we want those contracts that are not in hot areas of the map.

You also don't have to grab them instantly; you can kind of use this time to make sure everyone has a good start, no one dies, and everyone successfully grabs their vehicles. My team, however, is pretty confident in our nuke runs, so we just grab them instantly so we can get to work with the elements.


Another thing to know is that these contracts typically have no rhyme or reason as to where your elements will spawn. We've picked up contracts that are on one side of the map and have had guer counter shoot across the other side of the map, and it's really just RNG. At this point, for all sakes and purposes, you know, just pick up one that's very easy to grab so you can get to work, but you have until about the 1 minute and 45 5 second mark of the first circle closing, but it also varies, so it might be a little bit earlier or it might be a little bit later, so if you've been looting a lot of hidden caches, you would have enough money to either buy a load or an advanced UAV.

And don't forget, when you first pick up B element, the chess gives out either 15 or 20 grand, which is enough for a Lo or an advanced UAV, so you can really use a lot of this money towards info, and that's what I typically do: we just pop an advanced 2AV and send it to the most clear part of the map where there are no players.

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This is by far the best strategy that I've used. When it is in your possession, you avoid having to fight for it later, which is potential time that you're wasting, and if you're unsuccessful, you have to regain it. During a nuke run, you may have to buy teammates back, so it's very costly in terms of the nuke run that you have to potentially reclaim, and you're dying and everything, but I've also seen people have some success.

By dropping it in a part of the map that is essentially open, you don't want to drop it like in a city where there's plenty of buildings to camp and they can watch it; you just want to drop it in a very open area. I usually throw it in these hills, right here, in between Popov and cargo, and you can also throw it in that field where the military base is.


I've used this strategy a lot, and what I've learned is that no matter where you put it, people will camp your element. I've seen everything, and people's creativity to grieve your nuke really doesn't end, so you shouldn't be surprised if there are people grouping up near the element. Choppers are great for mobility, but everyone shoots tellies, so I always recommend an LTV.

To grab a burum, they have way more health. You can put a trophy system on them, so in that case, if you happen to be locked on by a joker or a missile, it'll counter it. You can also use counter uavs to hide the burum crown at least on the map, so the next element, tridium, is going to spawn in a vault, which you'll need to defend for at least a minute.

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