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We got a weapons patch update within the war zone where some of the best weapons got nerfed, so with that in mind, I wanted to put together a top five list of no recoil loadouts with this patch. If you want to see more articles just like this one, make sure to like this article. Let's get right into it.

So today's article is all about loadouts. We're going to be doing ARS LMGs, SMGs, and a couple others, but we're not going to fill this article with just long gameplay. The purpose of this article is basically that we're going to give you the build, and then you can move on. Also, if you guys are always on the lookout for new loadouts and you want to get them in real time, basically right when I get done testing them, I'll post them to my Twitter.

Pulemyot 762

First off, at number five, we got the Pmot 762. This one is a heavy hitter, and with the conversion kit, it makes it an absolute beast, and it doesn't make you feel like you're running in the mud like we've seen in previous Call of Duty games with huge lmgs. This is the main primary channel my brother uses, which is the guy on the screen right now, and his stream is Twitch.

TV/SL Lewood and then the O's are just zeros; he runs whatever the meta is at the time at pretty much all times, so if you're looking for a streamer that will always hook you up with the right builds, he's your guy anyways. Here's the build for you all: we got the VT7, the Spirit Fire suppressor, the Brewin heavy support under barrel, the Jack Annihilator long barrel, the Jack Annihilator Bullpup kit, and then the Mark III reflector.

Also, it's important to note that the barrel won't show up unless you equip the conversion kit first, but like I said, this gun is a heavy hitter, and if you're looking for an LMG with a huge mag to just let it heat and War Zone, this is definitely the gun for you on this list, and if you need an SMG to run with it, stay tuned; I will have it a little bit later in the article. Also, if you like articles like this and want more non-nonsense loadouts that focus on giving you a list of guns to use, then make sure to like this article and subscribe with notifications so that you never miss an upload right next up.



At number four is the DG 56. Now, the DG did get nerfed in the last patch, and it's not quite as good as it was, but it's still a contender in The Meta for War Zone.

I've always liked burst weapons, ever since Cod 4 with the M16. So when I saw this gun was good at the launch of War Zone for Modern Warfare 3, I had to run it. If I'm not sniping, this is the gun I've been running. It's a lot of fun, so here's the build for it: We got the VT7, the spirit fire suppressor, the CDG T25, a light barrel, bruan, heavy support under the Barrel 60 round drum, and then the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5x.

You can try to change out the optic for other stuff if you want, but I think the Coro is so clean; it's the best, in my opinion. I wish this gun still hit like it did pre-Nerf, but it's not a bad gun at all and barely moves for a burst weapon. Like I said, this is my favorite AR to run if I'm not sniping before we move on to the next loadout.

I wanted to add another gun that I've seen making its rounds on Twitter, but I haven't yet tested it out, so I don't want to say it's insane until I've tried it out. But for those who like the Ram 7, I have a build that I've seen on Twitter. The build is the a-op V4 OpTic. The xrk. Core Mark 40 heavy barrel The VT7 spirit fire suppressor, with the 60-round drum and the hvs, 3.4, pad The Ram 7 was one of my favorite no-recoil guns in War Zone from Modern Warfare 2019, and so I was happy to see it being featured on different people's streams and going around Twitter, but like I said.

Mtz interceptor

Mtz interceptor

Below next up at number three, we got the MTZ, or interceptor. All right, so this gun also got a Nerf a couple days ago, and so instead of being a two-shot down, it's now a three-shot down, so yes, it's not as good, but the two-shot down was just super OP. You can still potentially down an entire team in a single mag if you're hitting your shots, so this is definitely a good loadout to use.

The build is the XRK Kraken, which muzzles the high-grain rounds. 20-round mag MTZ. Blackthorn, barrel, and the inless Cass 14 scope This build reminds me of the old Verdansk 84. DMR meta, where it was like a two-shot kill no matter what range, and even after the Nerf, it still feels pretty insane.

In my opinion, if it's still a three-shot kill after the Nerf. I'd place this at the top of the list for The meta and current war zone are all right, so if you guys are looking for an SMG to run as your secondary in your loadouts, this WSP swarm is for you.

Wsp swarm

Lucky for us, the snake-shot revolvers got disabled in the war zone, so we don't have to deal with that anymore, and this SMG will be the one you want to run.

For the build, we got the WSP, Infiltrator-Integrated Barrel, the Breu pivot is vertical, the Under Barrel, the Mark II reflector, the FSS Fortress heavy stock, and then the 50-round mag. This SMG reminds me of the good old Mac 10 from the first war zone when it was at the top of the game in terms of the meta; it's got an insane fire rate, lots of damage, and a long magazine.

You could run the 100-round drum if you want, but I don't want to run it because of the negative effects it has. I feel like if you managed your mag properly, you'd never need 100 rounds in a single mag, but if you like that, go for it. I just feel like this build is the perfect balance of ammo plus movement and ad speed.

Taq eradicator

Taq eradicator

And finally, at number one, the tack eradicator. I don't like the tag from Modern Warfare 2, but since they've added this gun, it feels a lot better than the ones from the previous Call of Duty. I honestly felt like all the Modern Warfare 2 guns just felt way too boring and way too bouncy, but trust me, this one is a laser.

Here's the build I got going on it as of today: the VT7, spirit fire suppressor. Brewin heavy support underbarrel, conquer 70 barrel. TAC Verde core stock, and high grain rounds, as The Meta shifts with patches and Nerf SL buffs to different guns. Also, I've been back to the stream grind and back on War Zone.

I think this version of it is way better than the War Zone 2 that we had, so make sure to catch me live on Twitch every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at 300 p.m. Pacific time. I sprinkle some streams in on other days too, but those three days are when I'm live consistently, and if you guys want to see more Modern Warfare 3 or War Zone content, check out the article that's on the screen right now.

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