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Guys in today's article I'm going be giving you step-by-step lessons on how to become a better player and also better teammate you're all better than you think you are and it's just my job out here trying to help you guys improve day in and day out there's a lot of things in battle Roy that you guys need to improve on and at times could be overwhelming, so this article here is going to be a pause breakdown so I can simplify each and everything for you guys all right so right now not really much going on the team is staying pretty much together they're looting separate houses which is what you should be doing and the reason why I'm pointing this out a lot of times we spectate players they're looting the same house and there's really no reason for it if it's a massive building.

Then yeah i get it, but in a little TW-story house like this, there's really no reason to be double-backing behind your teammate, knock out different houses, get your money quickly, and then go to the buy stage, and that's exactly what we're doing here. We do have a Most Wanted Bounty up in this direction too.

Green's a little stagnant behind us, but that's fine. Now we're very close to our loadout situation, so all we have to do right now is open a box and get $500, and we can buy our Lo safely and then maybe even push the Bounty. It just depends on how aggressive this team is and how far Bounty is away from us again.

We want to talk about momentum and how to get it. The moment we get that money, don't waste any time, because every second you waste another second, an enemy team can end up pushing you and knocking you out of the lobby. We watched so many times players have enough money for their load for UAVs and they're sitting, waiting, just doing a bunch of BS.


We're going to go ahead and make our way to the spy station. Now we're going to probably have more people here, speaking of which there's a vehicle, so let's watch what this team does because it already looks like Oreo is going to fall really short. It looks like Blue is going directly to the loadi, and Big Papa might fall somewhere in between.

Now this is a vehicle. I'm not sure if it's one, two, or three; we'll find out here soon, but because of the separation, it could bless us or curse us; it just depends on how we take it. Fight, all right, so my biggest fear right now is that Peter the drummer is sitting inside, because he's by himself and because the trio just jumped out on him.

If I were Peter or one of his teammates. I would tell him to get his ass to the rooftop right, take the ladder in this back, and just play the roof that way we can get some kind of line of sight and we can help him out that, or we go ahead and make our way to our teammate fast because he's going to get stacked and it's not going to be pretty.

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Good luck 1 V3 by yourself no matter how good you are, especially when the stack like that is up each other's ass just like they are. Were, that's unfortunate we go down big POA goes down this is not looking good, and Peter goes down so a quick Trio wipe real fast so again if Peter goes to the rooftop there's a ladder on this side and there's a ladder that's inside of here as well all he's got to do is just hold both those ladders and we can kind of help getting line of side on the enemies also because the enemy team is stacked our goal is to also stack and back each other up and it all came initially because instead of going to the same spot they decided to separate.

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I know the vehicle's coming. I get the vehicle was coming, but he was going to buy it; they clearly needed to buy it. I would have just floated with my teammates, and we all kind of take that fight together now. When it comes to the goog, I love playing aggressive. People like to sit behind the boxes and do all these stupid ass strategies that don't make any damn sense.

You might get caught out every now and then, but if you play with some aggression, it's going to help you become a better player over time, either right, not sure what we're. Doing, yo, the C4 not only damaged him, but it blew up his own C4, which resulted in his death. That was dope. It's a free way to support the channel.

It doesn't build my ego; it actually helps boost this article into the algorithm so more people can learn to be better at war zones. That way, next time you're playing with randoms, they're not dog [__]] all right, but here we are with the regain Peter trying his best; he's got the money, so I just make my way to the bus station, not really sure what we're doing; the glass did just break, so that might be what he's doing.

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Much right there, this guy right here is not playing efficiently. This is not a good hold. He knows we're here; he's just holding the angle. I get it, but we have a box we could play in, which has a hard cover. We could get inside and play that little lip that's hard to cover sitting here like this.

If Peter's reaction time and his observation were up to par, this is a very easy kill for your boy because we can just kind of jump back to the wall and rechallenge and completely obliterate. The one-toe Rambo. So because he's playing like that. I definitely don't anticipate he's going to push us; he might, but I don't think so, and again, you can kind of tell how players play and how good they are based off of [__] like that.

All right, we need to make a play for the Bu. There's only one shooting at us, but this is Trios, and he's next to a bus station; he doesn't seem too concerned. Shots are coming from our left-hand side now, and that's kind of what I was leading up to. You want to try to make a play for the bye, but don't always assume the only guy shooting at you is the only enemy around.

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And because the enemy teammates were spread apart, if we had a little bit better reaction time and [__] on Rambo's face, we could have made it a 1 V one and again snuck The Bu. Remember, it's not always about having the best aim; you definitely want to try to work on that aim and get it good; it's more or less about observation reaction time, seeing that enemy shooting that enemy and getting him out of the game so that way he can move on to 1 V one and maybe just sneak the by, that would have changed the momentum of this game entirely, so right now he needs to go to Oldtown; it looks like it's going to be more of a cargo ending because of the circle size over there; it's going to be a hard fight and a hard push for him; he's got his load out; he's got no plates.

He needs to go for a complete recovery on his teammate, and he's broke. This is a very hard area to push through, and even the compound behind it. The city is a very low town; I believe it is a high town. I don't know one of the sounds; it's very hard to play because everyone just sits on the rooftops.

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