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all right guys, so today we're going to be having a look at all the best methods on how you can rank up your weapons as quickly as you possibly can. As of Modern Warfare 3, integration has finally happened in the war zone, and we do have the ukan. Now, in regards to that, I'm going to teach you how you can go ahead and max out your weapons as quick as you can and give you all the best methods in this article.


I'm going to be showing you some tips on multiplayer. But with all being said, let's jump right into it. So we are going to discuss multiplayer, first, as multiplayers are always going to be one of the easiest ways for you to unlock as much XP as you possibly can. Now, it's very simple, and what you want to be doing is obviously you want to be playing some objective-based game modes, whether that's kill confirmed or whether that's domination.

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Hard point there I would say are the better modes for you guys to be going ahead and playing, as if you get a kill on an objective you'll either get a defensive or an attack of kill so you do get an additional XP for yourself and also for your weapon so it's win-win really cuz you're going to rank up pretty quickly from that then you do want to make sure you are using decoy grenades as well now every time when of your teammates gets a Kill from an enemy being affected by a decoy you do get an additional 10 XP, now it doesn't sound a lot but if you think about it over the course of the game if you get an extra 10 assists from your decoy grenades, and over a period of time that is actually going to add up really quickly and especially if you've got lights of Double XP on as well that's going to help B with that bonus as well to rank up your weapons pretty quickly and whilst you are using uavs, counter uavs and advanced uavs, whil.

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They Are Up In The Air your teammates are going to be getting a lot of additional XP for yourself as well there which is always a bonus you want to try and get any extra little bit of XP you can scrape in you want to make sure you're doing that also capturing objectives, you do get additional XP once again for yourself and for your weapon so make sure you are capturing objectives and you are playing very objective based and not just going for the kills yes going for the kills will get you a lot of XP but if you do play for the objectives, you will get a lot of additional XP, as well now as we know Season 1 is here and we have got some new maps that have arrived so we've got lights of grease and meat now meat is currently meat 24/7.

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On and it's a very small map, as if you haven't played it, you definitely want to it's a very fun map you get a lot of KS kills and a lot of deaths and a lot of objective based kills as well if you are playing the objective and it's also very easy to collect tags if you are playing kill confirm, cuz obviously you do get additional XP if you play kill confirm by just collecting the tags so meet 24/7, is something I do highly recommend any of you guys playing so make sure you are playing that to try and maximize your XP as much as you can make sure you're using those score streaks.

Make sure you are using the decoy grenades, and you'll find yourself ranking up your weapons extremely fast. Obviously, you should have some double XP tokens if you haven't used them already. Make sure you're taking full advantage of them while I'm around 24/7. Is on so that you can go ahead and make sure you are getting the maximum XP.

We've also got Rustman 24/7, returning in 6 days, so next week on Wednesday, he will return and replace me with 247. So when this was on last week, everybody was just literally playing shipment; nobody was really voting for rust, and you know what shipment is like for XP? It's an absolute XP farm, so you 100% want to be taking full advantage whenever these playlists are on. Obviously, if you're trying to rank up your weapons to play Wars Z, these are also the best game modes to do instead of jumping on War Zone; it'd be a lot quicker and a lot easier for yourselves.



Now, if you are a zombie player or if you want to rank up your weapons on zombies while completing challenges, I would highly recommend that you complete contracts.

Contracts used to be a lot easier to farm in XP. You could actually just start a contract and never complete it, and the zombies will consistently keep coming, and you could just farm yourself there. However, it's not a thing that can happen anymore; you have to complete the contract, and zombies won't keep farming in, so just do as many contracts as you possibly can before you make sure you do that, because once you do, you do get additional bonus XP as well.

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Also, if you pack a punch into your weapons, you'll also get additional XP. From there, just running around the map, you will get XP, As well, as it sounds, you could be just running or driving around, and you'll just get random XP. Just like in war zone, war zone is the exact same; you can be driving around and next minute you've leveled up your weapon and you've not actually had a kill for a couple of minutes, so it is very strange how it works, but we are going to move on to war zone.


Now, in regards to to the war zone, the best thing that you want to be going and doing is completing contracts. Your two best contracts to complete are Intel and Scavenger. This is where you get the most XP you possibly can. You also want to be doing it while playing in quads, making sure your team is all doing the objective, as if you complete these objectives, you do get an additional XP, and you also get like a team bonus XP from it as well.

Whatever weapon you are wanting to rank up with, you need to make sure that is out currently as you are doing the objective because if you switch to a secondary that you don't need leveling up, then you're not going to get that additional XP. If you are playing on a PlayStation Party, you'll also get additional XP from that.

modern warfare 3 fast xp

I believe it's around 5 or 10% additional bonus XP you get from playing with other PlayStation players. Just for the simple fact, PlayStation is still partnered and is the front foot of Call of Duty at the moment until the end of this Call of Duty cycle. Now, probably the fastest way to do the contracts as well is to play plunder.

Don't forget, you can respawn multiple times, so then you can go ahead and complete as many contracts as you possibly can. Obviously, you do keep respawning in, you don't die, you don't go to no gool lag, you just consistently keep spawning in, which makes it a lot easier, especially when you're going ahead and completing all these contracts.

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