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The best ways to earn fast weapon xp in modern warfare 3 & warzone

The best ways to earn fast weapon xp in modern warfare 3 & warzone

You might be jumping into the game for the very first time this year and experiencing all the new MW3 weapons, operators, perks, equipment, and everything like that. With that, obviously, you want to go through and you want to rank up these new weapons as fast as possible, and today I got you covered.

Whether you are a war zone player, a multiplayer player, or a zombie player. I'm going to give you guys the best tips you can possibly get for leveling up your weapon fast and getting the most weapon XP out of any given match.

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer fast weapon xp tips explained

It would be seriously appreciated. And if you're new here, you want to guarantee that you are up to date every single day with all things going on in COD.

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Around 50% of viewers watching are not sub, so if that's you, let's change that. This is your one-stop shop for all the latest info, but I will leave time stamps for each mode in specific if that's what you're looking for, but let's start first here in multiplayer. Obviously, if you've had Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer since launch, you've probably got a good chunk of weapons already done, leveled up, and maxed out, but if you're looking to finish out a few here, especially with season 1, there are a few new alternative things you can do to speed up that process a bit, though the absolute, easiest way to get fast XP in multiplayer is to play kill confirms and spam decoys at the same time.

Basically, whenever you are spamming a decoy, especially on some of the smaller maps, and an enemy gets alerted by that decoy, aKA, your red dot shows up on their mini map from that decoy grenade, you are going to end up getting like the plus 10 XP or whatever, and yeah, honestly, plus 10 XP. Who is to do right?

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That's not all that much, but when it stacks, you know, 7 minutes at a time, every life you spawn in and you're spamming those, it stacks up pretty quickly. When you do it game after game after game, it's going to stack up pretty quickly, and you're going to end up getting some very fast weapons. XP is simply based on your decoy spam.

The reason that you want to play kill confirmed is that obviously every time you're getting a kill, you're getting your XP there, and that'll help with whatever weapon you're holding in your hands, but then as you pick up tags or deny tags, all of that XP is also counting towards your weapons, so as opposed to modes like TDM, where it's only kills or domination, where you can only cap flags as much as you know your team is allowing you to, or in the Hardo, as much as you could stay on any one hill, kill confirmed is just way easier to play The Objective and get that XP, and get those kills at the same time, hence why that's the most efficient.

Another super cool thing that you can do here is in hardcore. You're basically getting bonus XP for every kill that you're getting; that's a one-hot kill, which for the majority of weapons in this game in hardcore, that's going to be just any standard kill, so you start to mix all these things together while playing hardcore kill confirmed spamming the decoys.

Suddenly you're getting a lot of bonus XP, just simply for playing the game naturally and going after those kills and getting those tags and whatnot, so combine all three of those, and that's going to be fantastic for XP and probably the most efficient way to get Weapon X XP in multiplayer. Right now, another good alternative is simply war mode.

Those games last a decent amount of time. There's a lot of killing on the board. You know, you could do a lot in a single match of war, so that's also pretty solid. You could do the same thing with decoys as well, but ultimately, to me, hardcore kill confirmed spamming those decoys is what allowed me to level up weapons like crazy, and that still works great here in season 1, obviously , shifting focus over to the zombie side of things.

Modern warfare zombies best weapon xp tips explained

Modern warfare zombies best weapon xp tips explained

It is a bit different now with season 1 because they have actually updated the game in a way that does not favor weapon XP grinding.

Obviously, with season 1's update, they nerfed some of the contracts, like the outlasts and the raid weapon stash contracts, so that you can't basically just do them forever. Before season 1, you could start those contracts and not complete them, and waves of zombies would just keep spawning. This is not the case anymore, so now the ideal way to earn weapon XP in zombies is still going to be contract spam, but really what you want to focus on here, in my opinion, is the spores and then the escorts.

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The ES escorts are a little bit less ideal just because you have to go through and complete them. You have to stay with your Wall-E robot and go through the different locations, but escorts are going to spawn a ton of zombies, and they're pretty common across the map, so you can do those back-to-back and get a ton of kills and get that weapon XP very quickly, obviously, when you complete a contract.

That's also going to give you weapon XP. So escorts outright are pretty straightforward and very easy. Spore contracts currently have not been nerfed, so you don't always have to complete them; you can start them. Pick your inhibitors back up and then basically go through and just have those waves of zombies continuously spawn in and get a ton of kills like that as well, so really what I'd focus on there is the escorts and the spores.

You could try the Outlast contracts and maybe go up until you know 20%, and then let it drop some, then go up to 30%, and then let it drop some but spores. And then the escorts are going to be the most straightforward now, after the update. Story missions could also be decent. There's a good amount of zombies that spawn in some of those story missions.

If you wanted to stay in that area, you could get some decent kills that way, and then throughout the season, they have confirmed they're going to be adding in more zombies to the late game. X fills doing those X fill spams after a match starts is going to give you some zombies. It's definitely not what it was at launch, where it was like hundreds at a time, but it's still decent enough that there are some spawns there; the more players you have there, the better, but really, contract spam is going to be the go-to option at least for zombies in terms of weapon XP, and then we shift focus into war zone, and there's a few different things here you can do to net yourself some decent XP gains as we get into this conversation.

Warzone fast weapon xp tips explained

Warzone fast weapon xp tips explained

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