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War Zone news just got a whole lot, Crazier. Now I just got off a call with the Call of Duty developers regarding the new game, and I have a ton of stuff to share with you guys. Before we get into all that news, I want to quickly shout out the sponsor of today's article, Scuf Gaming. In case you guys don't know, Scuf just released the new Invision Pro Controller, and it's absolutely insane, so this is Scuf's first ever PC-only controller, and my version is now out.

It comes with four paddles on the back, two side sack buttons, and five macro keys that you can map to anything. Now, this can mean muting in Discord, pausing and stopping your music, and clipping things, and it comes with an array of ways to customize your controller. It's absolutely insane. So let's get straight into the news that you guys and I have been waiting for a very, very long time.

So to start off with, the map is going to be based on 100 players, and I know a lot of people think that is an L. I would personally like to see 150, but there's a couple factors that I don't know. First of all, this map is actually 20% smaller than Alra, which didn't seem like that playing it, but I only got to play a couple maps, then obviously zombies and stuff, but it's actually 20% smaller than Almaza.

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The other plus is that all squad sizes will be available all season long, so solos Duos, trios, and quads will be available for the whole season, which is a great improvement from War Zone 2, where they would just randomly throw in, like you can play solos on certain days or certain seasons. That was just super cheesy, and I'm glad that they actually changed back to the old model where you have all these options all the time.

The other thing was that they actually changed the circle timings, meaning that matches will actually be a lot shorter and will be only around 20 minutes long now. Obviously, resurgence modes around like 10ish, sometimes 12 or so minutes a game, but now for a big map it's going to be around 20 minutes, meaning that they changed these circle timers to be faster, so I'm assuming those mid-game engagements and stuff will feel a lot faster, and the kind of problem of only 100 players won't really feel like there's only 100 players because of some of the quality of life changes like redeploy tokens, goog entries, and things like that.

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I have a feeling that it's going to feel like a lot more than 100 players. Obviously, at the start of the game, we're going to all be learning the map and stuff, so we'll see how it plays out. They did say that they are very open to feedback on all this stuff, so if season 1 or half of the season doesn't play well with 100 players, they could up it to 120.

Or even 150, based on player feedback but I honestly feel with a 100 player start it's not that big of a deal because we have all these quality of life changes coming from the old games the other thing that obviously will promote engagement is with unsuppressed, weapons there will be red dots on the mini map so obviously we'll be seeing a lot more players on mini Maps then obviously with big game bounties if you choose to do those contracts you get an advanced UAV, to find more players so I feel like you're going to still be finding a ton of players where it's not going to feel like there's only 100 people so the next thing that I feel like all of us are going to be very happy about is all stats are resetting going into, zakan.

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War Zone 3 is all right, so all stats will be resetting, whether that's normal Battle Royale plunder or Resurgence. So basically, if you think that you haven't improved or that this new game is kind of a fresh start for you, you're right; all stats will be resetting. Obviously, in the future, you guys will know how I feel about stats and stat tracking.

KD, in my opinion, is not a true reflection of skill, which I will be showing you guys and showing you guys how to improve obviously with movement guides tips and tricks. Aiming guides all that stuff when War Zone comes out, so make sure that you're subscribed to below for all that stuff, but yes, all staff wins KD.

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Now I really did try to be a good content creator and just talk to the camera and get all of these memorized, but there's so many of them that it's impossible, so I'm just going to read them off from my phone, and I'm not even kidding, you guys. This list is absolutely absurd, which is a good thing because that means that good things are coming to the new war zone, allowing me to start the OG Loot Crate model, which is amazing.

Allied loot crates now have an inor highlight, which is going to be a very good gas mask. It is now the first item in the war zone UI. That's going to be incredible as you have your toggle to manually have it on and off now the goog entry kits can now be stowed in a backpack for a teammate, that's obviously a positive if you still have your goog and your teammate just died and comes back you can obviously drop that for them so then they can go to theirs again if they die knowing that you still have yours there is now increased goog entry kit drop rate in loot so that means obviously that it will be much harder to find which is great backpack to load out Auto equipped of items so that means if you pop a UAV, and you have another one in your backpack it's going to Auto equipped, that's just a great change it should have already been in the game amazing we love that now the enemy ping shows in, killcams.


We have loved that change there so many times; like, how did he know I was there? You will actually see the enemy ping in a UAV, or if they have one popped or something like that, you'll know that they knew that you were there. So one of the biggest changes you guys are going to be very excited about is that snipers are returning to the war zone.

We don't know much more information about that yet. Whether that's ammo or certain guns, I'm assuming it's gun-specific. We'll see how that goes, but yes, one-shot snipers are returning. There will be no weapon tuning in the gunsmith at all. This is an absolutely amazing change. I personally wouldn't have minded tuning if it actually worked, but tuning served absolutely no purpose in War Zone 2, and what I mean by that is basically if you T tuned your gun to be super strenuous.

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It wasn't straight; if you tuned it to be very stable, it wasn't very stable. I wouldn't have minded gun tuning to really have, like, personalized weapons if the tuning actually worked, where say I tuned it to be super stfy. It wouldn't be very stable at all, but it would be stfy, but again, it just didn't ever work like that, and I'm glad they're just taking away and going away from tuning all together.

The updates you NEED to know before the launch of Warzone. JoeWo was invited to a call with the Warzone development team and got MASSIVE news about the Quality of Life changes and improvements coming to Call of Duty Warzone in Season 1.
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