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m, , eastern time all right so let's get into the actual gameplay itself and again like I said we'll try to go ahead and dissect everything, this is actually gameplay from the stream today you know first and foremost MTZ a beautiful weapon, got to be honest with you guys, all right so this is crucial right here as well I know it's something very minor, but honestly you want to make sure that you get to the power positions as fast as possible I know especially in a respawn it's not really anything that you know you want to think of too quickly, but that window right there it's crucial that you get to this head glitch as fast as possible so you don't want to be pre- aiming you know a little bit earlier not really you know too crazy because obviously got a full Squad here backing you up getting it done but you want make sure that you are there maybe running you know a secondary pistol a knife help you move a bit.

Quicker shabby saw his teammate die, rotated backwards, beautiful play; nothing to do on that one. To be honest with you, when a grenade lands on you like that, you're damaged. You did what you could, honestly. In those situations, it's up to your teammates, so, you know, don't get stressed about anything like that.

Those are just natural plays, seeing the action moving forward. Again, in situations like that, you want to make sure that you're always advertising. You know it's a hot zone, and you know there's going to be multiple people coming through. Set up a shot. Sincerely, I wouldn't even be pushing up to this window right here.


It's a hot zone. It was a good play nonetheless; he tried to take the power position out, but in a situation like this. I would much rather especially with the MTZ he's using an assault rifle if I were to push up to that window I'll would definitely be an SMG player you know you want to be up close and personal because even though you can get some good lanes and lines of sight, you know overall if they push up and they engage it's going to be all upclose and personal this line of sight right here is beautiful and if he held this honestly he would have racked up so many more kills because anybody who pushes up into that window is going to get demolished by the enemy spawn so whoever sat right here you know you're defending the point over here so it's not like you're camping in a bad spot you're defending the point and you're also spawn trapping in a great location here but you know, not bad, overall.

Move on past death. Here okay, we're switching up weapons and adding more MTZ. Ah, I love the MTZ man; it's my baby, but okay, moving over to the SVA is a little bit more of a ranged weapon, but it is a good one nonetheless. Honestly, it is very underrated. Great body there. You know it's a lot of people, you say once again.

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Another very aggressive play—honestly, a lot of those moments. I would be preparing myself a bit slower because, as you can see right here, you could already tell by the miniat that the miniat's hot enemies are taking over the actual objective itself. UAV scan multiple enemies all around, and after he takes out this one body and he's injured I would not even be thinking about moving forward you know I would be moving very slow and honestly I won't even be mad with a Left Flank here because you could see that the mass majority of the people in this Lobby and you got to keep in mind it's 10 V10 you know a scan like this In the Heat of the Moment no I don't count the amount of red dots on the mini map at all you know it's a waste of time, but you can see a general amount right and once you see that General amount scanning, and it's a lot of them honestly at those moments are the times that you want to flank if you see a you know them all just collectively here you could have got a nice little flank here popped from behind and gotten a lot of bodies, and when you take over this head glitch right here you could have been beaming the obj as well getting you a lot of kills.

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But again, you know, it's a very hard spot to challenge that as well. Instead of sliding, there is also a suggestion that I would have been pre-aiming and walking up to the corner instead of sliding into that one since he's already pre-aimed and good to go. Go; nothing really could be done there, man.

Random explosives—you know it is what it is; it sucks you. Know, nice finish. Ah, you have another hot spot. That's the challenging part of these power positions: even though they're strong points, you can still flank them, and if you have a SMG or a knife, you can really close the gap, so again, nothing you could do.

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There, all right, yep, time to transfer over to the other side of the map. The whole team is spawning on the opposite end, so you know where they're going to be: located, nice pickup, nice pickup. Again, mini-map awareness, I think, is crucial here because I would have placed myself a little bit differently seeing that there were four people scanned across that UAV there.

Probably a little bit more to the left here. Let's see if I can find that exact spot. When he's moving up and getting into the engagements here, okay, so he takes this guy out, and as you could already see on the UAV, it's two people up top here, so they're right here. There are two people in front of him right here, and you have one man behind.

Knowing your teammates, you know they're all pushing up behind you. I would not be worried about backing up and covering the right side here. I would have been posted up right where you're at. I would have never backed up, and I would have been waiting for them just, you know, baiting them out baiting them out 10v 10s.

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It's a little bit more fast-paced than 6v6, so you can expect a lot of action to push towards you the majority of the time, especially if you're on the OBJ. In this scenario, yeah, I wouldn't have backed up for that side; your whole team was covering that. That would be the perfect spot to feed up, but again, not completely bad; you know he's on the obj; he's playing it; that's really smart, hard point switching up now moments like this; I'm out.

You can see that the whole team, or your team, is spawning on the opposite end of this moment. I would have been far gone. I would have been moving all the way over to the next object and getting ready for a spawn trap. Yeah, you can tell that the whole enemy team is spawning. We rotated, so now we have a little bit of a slow push here because, you know, like I said, we were a little bit more sucked into the obj.

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