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Terminal those of you new to the channel do not know what this series is. This is the series where I go through in custom games my Rush routes for Search and Destroy in Modern Warfare 3, and at the end of the article. I will go ahead and put clips of me running some of these routes in the actual lobby so you can see what they look like in real time.

If that interests you or you find the article helpful, do me a favor and leave a like, and if you're new, subscribe, and join the squad, especially if you're a fan of Search and Destroy. For terminal, we're going to want an infantry vest crit knife secondary, and then we're going to want a smoke grenade for most of these routes, but with terminal.

We got to have a chat. Okay, now most of these maps and these articles, if you watch them, there's moments in the article where I go Hey, this route is fun but very, very risky. Pick and choose when you want to run it; that's this whole map. Terminal is my least favorite map for Search and Destroy of all time.

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Yes, of all time. I strongly dislike this map for Search and Destroy for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one being that it's very difficult to rush on because this map very much rewards holding a head glitch and not moving, which makes rushing on it extremely difficult, which makes these routes extremely difficult to pull off, but you can pull them off; it's just you got to have the right lobby, you got to have the right players, and you gotta have.

It's the right route, so let's get into it. Starting things off with offense, we're going to swap our knives, and we're going to head through the bookstore. We're going to bank our smoke off real quick. Let that smoke go through. We're going to pop through, jump out of the glass, and go down the bottom plane.

We're going to use this to kind of check and see if anybody's running here up the plane under the plane, and there should be snipers in the back of the spawn. Your goal is to stay alive and either go up AC and flank the people in here or push all the way through the spawn and shoot enemies in the back.

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This is a very head-on, ballsy push. Swwa your knife. We're going to once again have smoke ready to go into the bookstore. We're going to throw it out, cover our asses, and push through here. Challenge enemies right here before pushing inside AC and challenging enemies, and you can arguably pick some snipers off that like to sit up here as well.

You can also take this route. Another variation of it is when you're pushing through here instead of going inside AC. You come out, and you jump up top, push on this outside here and shoot enemies in the back that are pushing B and escalators. Swap your knife. We're going to once again push bookstores.

We're going to throw our smoke out, block our area of sight, cut through the left side, challenge enemies on the escalators, and use the fact that the bomb is a head glitch. Take control, clear B be careful enemies like to sit way back here up on this ledge and then back on this left side towards the glass once you clear all those enemies you can then push down bottom and go through or you can also hop up to the top of AC through this little.

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Ledge, and then challenge enemies we're going to head for a this round swap to our knife, we're going to head all the way right side and we're going to run as fast as we can keep the knife out the whole time, hope you don't get sniped by enemies over here push through, challenge, and take control of the bomb.

This is usually the route I run when I'm planning on planting, but in the scenario where I'm not, I usually come all the way in the plane, drop down, and try and flank over to B. Next up, we have a very direct push to B. This route is pretty ballsy, but no one really ever expects you to do it, so it ends up working out fairly well.

For the most part, we're going to swap a turn knife and we're going to head to the bomb site, and we're going to need that smoke. We're going to come to this left side, we're going to throw that smoke right there to the left of that pole, and we're going to slide across and use that smoke as his cover.

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We're going to slide. take the he, and challenge enemies using this head glitch, that are pushing up top Skys to take the B bomb site, for pushing through, and flanking the spawn, swapped your knife we're going to head for bookstore once again, we're going to use that smoke as. Cover, and we're going to push out the right window, drop down challenge enemies pushing the plane, and then use the, cover to get behind them, inside the plane, taking over a bomb, swapping things over to defense we're going to head for bookstore we're going to swap to a knife we're going to run up the stairs to AC and we're going to throw our smoke into the bookstore, so we have some cover pop through the glass slide.

Cancel, use that smoke to get inside the book store, kind of hold it for a second kind of get a general idea of where the enemies are so you know where to peak properly. I'm going to use that to shoot enemies in the back, and flank, swap your knife we're going to run essentially the exact same rout but this time we're going all the way through the hallway so we're going to go up the stairs here throw that smoke through give us a little bit of cover, then we're going to push.

modern warfare 3 search and destroy tips

Through, and get ready for enemies that push right here. You're like, they love to sit in this corner. You'll shoot them here. Probably shoot anybody running past you here and just kind of hold this for a second, pick enemies off, and then I like to push this head glitch and use that as cover to pick the enemies off as I work my way through the spawn.

Swap your knife. We're going to go up the escalators this time and challenge the bookstore from a different roundout, so we're going to go up the escalators. I like to cook aade, and I'll fill that up. I'll slide past. I'll take this head glitch and hold it for a second. Wait for enemies to run out of their bookstore.

I'll take that. Then I'll slide, cancel, and challenge. That, and once again, just kind of pick enemies. Off, and flank whichever side I think has more enemies, swap knif we're going to go up escalators one more time, and this time instead of the frag right here, we're going to throw the smoke, so we're going to throw the smoke right up, top, and then we'll cook our frag, like throwing it right down to the bottom.

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We're going to get close on this corner here and pick enemies off. Slowly pushing through and flanking the spawn this round in particular. I would recommend running an assault rifle for more than anything you can get it through with some little recoil SMGs, but if you got a long-range gunfight, you're just much better off the assault rifle.

Modern Warfare 3 BEST Search and Destroy Rush Routes on TERMINAL! MW3 SnD Tips. Rush Route Playlist.
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