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6 star god spots (mw3 ranked play)

6 star god spots (mw3 ranked play)

6 star

six star and Vista have been added into the MW3 range play Rotation today and you clicked on the perfect article for God spots nade spots callouts, and more subscribe if you learned something from these eight steps and tip number one is six star God spots the first spot is by P2 if you hop on this table then turn around you can spot anyone over Ching the top heading, there's this ledge over here by DJ if you hop on the ledge it gives you a head glitch that looks over their side of mid you can also hug this corner to your left to get better positioning towards your right push and if you see somebody cross towards your stairs on the right you can actually walk along this ledge, and Chow them from underneath the railing you need to keep in mind that all of this bar is the perfect height for you to head glitch if you crouch use this to hold time, and look at their side same thing from here to hold time and look at the other side you can even watch both sides from inside the bar as well and even down here towards pool.

So just make yourself useful while you're holding the hill. Stay crouched at this bar. If you're trying to climb up here, don't straight-up mantle from underneath. If these windows have yet to be broken, hop on them first, then the light, and then jump out to your left. That way, your gun stays up the whole time, and you're ready for any gunfights.

Rather than just straight up long mantling up top, you can do the same thing on this glass here, checking up top before jumping on the light and then going up to the plat. If someone's holding time on top of the boxes over there, a great way to check for that is to hop on this ledge here. We're able to see people just over the railing.

6 star callouts

You can also jump-check this from the top of the front railing. If you're trying to Ego Chow P1, you can do that from this lip here, jump on top of the couch, and then on top of the railing, before strafing jumping out and showing anybody that could be in P1. Another great spot in P2 is actually this corner here, where you can first walk up, get some height before jumping up, and then you're here in this corner, a great place to hold P2 from and a great off-angle for anybody that might be pushing from the vent or from poolside.

There's a nice head glitch from this planner; you can't strictly jump; you have to climb up first on here and then drop down onto the tree, which allows you to get this nice head glitch that looks over the place. Keep in mind that this railing here is very important. If you hop on top of it, you can stray far left enough to check bomb, and you can even use this hedge as a head glitch towards the right side of the map.

6 star god spots

If you zoom out, you can see both at the same time. If you're looking for a better way to challenge this head glitch, you can back up further into the windows. And hold it from here and if somebody's holding the right side you can see it from further back as well also crouching at the window gives you an equally as good head glitch for both sides, also they can jump up top and if that ends up being the case you can hop on this table before crouching, and now you have the better head glitch over them keep in mind that all of these doors are bulletproof, from both sides so use this to finesse your way into a free Kill by distracting them for long enough to get the Chow through the crack you can do the same thing for these doors up here I would just leave one open get the information first before channeling the open door if you plant the bomb for this corner here you can back all the way up towards mid, where you can lay down and play your life before standing up and checking the bomb you can do the same thing from back, pool.

Like so, and if you plant a bomb for this corner right here, you can back up to this planner where you can slowly fall behind the ledge, lay down to play your life with both your left and your right sides, and then you can crawl and you can back up to stand all the way up to check bomb. This way, you can even hop up on the railing if they're lying down and diffusing.

If you plant a bomb for this corner right here, you can of course run to mid-check your back before throwing a shoulder and checking bomb from here, but if this glass is unbroken, you can follow it. Walk all the way along the glass. Before you get to this post here, I will turn around, and you can look far enough to check the bomb from this corner, and if you zoom out, you can check a little bit of your back as well.

6 star nade spots (mw3 ranked play)

6 star nade spots (mw3 ranked play)

Just : don't look too far to the left, or else you'll fall down from the railing. Tip number two is six-star nade spots. A lot of people will be pushing down this alleyway, so you need to know how to use it off the offensive spawn. What you can do is cut right, look half way between this wall and this wall, before jumping and sending the.

6 star guide

Nade, this will go through those windows and blow up in that Corridor, up and over through those windows at the top catching a bounce, before landing in that area of course with EOD these are all team nades so you want to make sure that your teammates know these nade spots as well from the opposite side not quite as fancy but if you cook the nade and then send it through the left side of this window, so we land over there and take care of anybody pushing that side like I said this goes up and over P1 taking care of anybody that's trying to push mid or the mid plat if you see somebody cross right towards the mid plat you can cook the na from the same spot but send it over the right part of the.

6 star mw3

Window, that's not what I meant to do but it worked anyways so do the same lineup but better than me and it will actually go there I just ended up getting lucky this a bomb statue is going to be a huge power position so you want to know how to nade this from the offensive spawn there's actually a lineup through that opening there you want to cook the nade for just a second before jumping and sending it, then it will land at the a plat goes right through the opening that we were talking about landing at the Statue taking care of anybody that's on a bomb although it doesn't look like it there is an opening in the ceiling between mid and a so you don't even have to get fancy through the glass you can if you want to you can just cook the nade or even a simx before sending it up and over to the aide, so like I said no opening in the ceiling very easy nade be sure to use this during both hardpoint and Search and Destroy now for that same head glitch from P2 with the right side of the couch line up with that hole in the ceiling, jump and send the.

6 Star MW3 Ranked Play How to Get Better in MW3 Ranked Play on 6 Star, get ready for modern warfare 3 ranked play TODAY with best MW3 Ranked Play Gods Spots, Spawns, Nade Spots, and MW3 Ranked Play Callouts. Hope you enjoy! Vista MW3 Ranked Play How to Get Better in MW3 Ranked Play on Vista, get ready for modern warfare 3 ranked play TODAY with best MW3 Ranked Play Gods Spots, Spawns, Nade Spots, and MW3 Ranked Play Callouts. Hope you enjoy.
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