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10 tips to immediately improve at modern warfare 3

Do, good afternoon, YouTube, So today we're going to start with my controller because I feel like that's important. I have the Sony dual S controller, my profile is turned off, and I don't have anything special set to this because all my settings are mainly inside of the MW3, so I'll go into stick sensitivity.

I'll go into my right stick, and I typically would do precise. What it does is help you be more precise with your shots. Now I have not perfected the dish yet as far as if I should dog -3 + 3 because sometimes I feel like I'm fighting against it, but it definitely helped me hit my shots a lot more.

I'm going to show you. Okay, I just activated that setting that I told you guys about on my controller, which should be precise, and as you can see, it helps you be just that: precise. Okay, now here is the fun part, all right. So first things first, I am a claw player. I hold my hands a certain way on the controller.

I am a half-claw player. Let me reiterate that because my right hand is clawed and my left hand is regular. We're going to start with the controller settings. I have my controller vibration turned off. I do not want my controller to vibrate while I am playing the game. My Dead Zone inputs, please put this as you please these work for me going to the aiming tab I am.

cod modern warfare 3 multiplayer

56 my horizontal is lower than my vertical. Because I want to be sure my moving around is quick, I can be quick to turn around, but I also want to be accurate. My ad sensitivity is 75. Again, just for accuracy, my next setting in response curve type is linear. Yeah, I know a lot of people are dynamic.

But linear works for me. Okay, my target aim assist is on, and my aim assist type is Black Op, and with Dynamic, I was missing a lot of shots. Now, a lot of people may laugh at me, but I really believe that sometimes on updates you may need to check between dynamic and linear because I think they tweak with those settings as well.

Going to Gam Playay, I have on automatic tactical. Sprint all right, and then you will see the rest of my other settings. Uhhuh, my slide behavior is slide-only. I do not want to do of and dive. I do, like when I'm sprinting my door to bash open without me having to open it, so that is in aim-down sight.

cod modern warfare 3 tips

Behavior: I hold; I don't want to have to double-click any buttons or anything; my fingers are short. I have little VI sausage fingers. We're going to go over to the graphics now. I always turn my blur off, and this is where a lot of y'all probably make a lot of mistakes. If you look to the right, you'll see it's like if you turn or something, you know it blurs.

How can you see your enemies? My weapon's motion blur should be off. I don't want a blur. On my film, grain is down articles to look oversharpened, and it doesn't make sense to even have this setting. My depth of field is off because, again, blur blur. I am on Console, so I'm running mine on 120 Herz.

I have an omen, an i27. The monitor is a 2K monitor. You do not need top-of-the-line products to have a great experience when gaming. That's why you may react, act late, or people may react and kill you faster because you're on a big TV all right. My field of view is always 120. I need to see everything in front of me.

cod mw3 multiplayer

Some of y'all make the mistake of having it on 80 and even sometimes 60. You can't see the enemy far away, or you can't aim far away, and if you look at this graph on the right, you will see how much information you're missing out on at 180; you're not going to see that enemy at 120 because you're on 180.

Fov, that was a problem on the console and War Zone; we couldn't see as much as the PC could, and then when they finally gave us the Fov slider, things got better, and this other stuff is not really important. Let's move on to audio. I have my eyes on headphone-based boost, and the reason why is because footsteps are my master volume, so I always have my gameplay music on zero.

I don't want to hear my dialogue volume; that's when they'll be like snipers or enemies are taking picking. I have that at 22 because I don't want it blasting in my ear. Your effect volume is going to be everything that blows up around you. I'm going to take that to 60, and the reason why is because I'm assuming that the effects volume is also the gun.

immediately improve modern warfare 3

All right, we're going to voice chat. It is off. My voice chat is always off. This is where you hear everybody's on your team or on the enemy team. This right here is your preference. Do you want to hear people talking about proximity chat? Some of y'all make the biggest mistake in proxim with proximity chat having it on, and this is why a lot of people can tell how far you are from them because people can hear you talking to your friends, telling your friends I don't have guns.

Going to my interface. I changed my colors and everything with the name tags; this is why we're here for color customization. I chose custom; as you can see here, like I told y'all everybody, everything is black. I chose pink because you need to choose one bright color and two bright colors that do not blend in with the scenery on every map.

improve at modern warfare 3

I can see this through the smoke. Through whatever day I can see you, my filter, my color filter, is Filter 2, my color filter. Target is on both, and then my intensity is 100, and my intensity for that is also 100. If you take it down to two colors, then you'll know one color stands for safe, and the other color stands for shoot.

Simple as that, my mini-map of Square My mini-map shape is square. Why is it square? Because square gives me more information about your mini map rotation, you want it to be on because that is going to help you figure out as you move where your enemy is left or right, and that's pretty much it for that, and that is the setting for that.

PS5, because that's what I play on, your setup stinks. Not only does your gun stink, but your actual setup stinks. There are a few things you need to look at in your play style: How do you play? Are you aggressive? Are you campy? Are you tactical? And number two, how is your lobby again? Playing Cod is like driving; you can't just worry about how you play; you have to look at how everybody else plays.


Your lobby is always killing you because they're always sitting back, waiting for you. I adapt to my lobby and the map that I'm on. I pay attention to the people in the lobby, the way they play, and how and what map we're on. You can find the best gun setups on YouTube. you type in MW3, Multiplayer, Gun setups, because a lot of y'all are just taking any setup you're using war zone setups in multiplayer.

We can have the same gun, and my gun could hit better than yours. Dynamics in War Zone and multiplayer aren't the same. Look after the Munitions box after the field grade. That's what I'm saying. Your setup sucks, right? Your gun sucks, but then your setup sucks because this right here isn't my main setup, but it is a good setup.

this is WHY YOU SUCK AT MODERN WARFARE 3. Immediately Improve In Multiplayer.
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