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Rio god spots (mw3 ranked play)

Rio god spots (mw3 ranked play)


Here's how to instantly improve a Modare 3 with four secret tips. Of course, tip number one is God spots. The first spot you need to know is by P2 cars. If you walk up to this part of the wheel, it gives you a perfect head glitch towards the box cut. I would use this pretty much anytime you're trying to push out this side of the map to get a good line of sight on anybody that's playing that head glitch before pushing up to either the bomb site or the hardpoint location, or working a flank through their deep spawn another spot you need to know is by this P2 plat if you face the B Booth head on you can actually mantle on top of it which gives you a better angle to watch deep flank or to watch the push during the P2, which is here by the way you should keep in mind you can also hop on top of these paintings which puts you even further up and further out of their way if they're pushing from this line of sight you just can't turn this way or else you'll fall off and don't forget you can also jump on top of this painting too, also in P2, if you hop on top of the hot dog stand.

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You can jump on this flower pot and watch the entire street from this line of sight. You are actually on the hill from this spot too, so this is a great spot to be during P2. Assuming that you have the gun need to be challenging people that are pushing the ramp another spot to contest P2 from if you go in this part of the wall you can grab time from here just be careful cuz your shoulder will be poking out for anybody on that street here in P4 you can actually walk along this entire ledge and use it to headit, this wooden part of the wall all that you have to do is first jump up on top of the trash can and then land here if you stay perfectly still your body won't move at all and you'll have a great head glitch that looks over all of the P2 side if you do move however you'll see your body starts slowly falling off it actually works to your advantage as you get continuous Peaks over all of P2 the only problem is if you're trying to shoot somebody and get in a gunfight, it's going to mess up your aim a little bit so I would prefer to stay perfectly still, once you find yourself on the ledge.

Pushing from P2 to Mid, there's a bunch of ledges in this area that you can hop on. One of them is here. Once you grab this ledge, you want to move your left analog stick forward into the left and right until you see that X to hop. Once you see that, press, and then you'll mantle up. You can use the spot to watch your back, and if you turn, you can watch your entire flank as well as get a line of sight towards Mid and Bridge.

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Same thing for this ledge, but you do have to hop up here first, and once you do. Strafe around the side and do that same thing we talked about earlier till you find the X to hop from this side you can watch all of mid further back towards lower esies you can hop on both of these plants this one of course is the easier one to get to you can also walk along this line and do the same thing at this tree and this is a great spot to watch deep flank from that people will not expect you at keep in mind for all of these cars you can stand on the wheel like we did earlier here this gives you a nice line of sight towards that low bridge and top bridge a great spot to watch flank from and this one's a little bit different you can actually hop on this ledge.

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Which allows you a line of sight towards the stairs, towards anybody lower, than the power point if somebody happens to be stair glitching there this is a better angle to Chow them from as well if you're trying to push from this side of bridge up to the top keep in mind that you can hold down your mantle button, which allows you to double mantle the second ledge getting you up top Bridge even faster, and you can do the same thing on the other side as well just hold down your x button as you're climbing up here in you there's a bunch of off angles that you need to know if you're playing Search and Destroy trying to defend the bomb site that's here the first one on this right side you want to hop on the couch and then on the sign, then you can back up onto these signs right here.

Watch Your Flank this way. The better one, I would say, is just holding the sign and looking towards midway. That way, anybody that's pushing midway to the bridge will not really expect you to be that high up and out of their line of sight. The same thing goes for the other side if you hop on the couch and then this ledge before jumping over here.

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You can watch all of mid you can even walk over to the other side which gives you a closer and better angle towards anybody pushing, mid another great spot for P1 you can jump on the very top of the small wall right here, which allows you to look at your left esys cross, and your right stairs cross and I promise nobody is checking for you to be that high and that close as they're pushing towards P1 another great spot in P1 to hold people off from these stairs is to hop on the trash can here which gives you a better line of sight towards this side of the map you can also Crouch and watch your left before standing up and challenging your right and P1 you can also hop on this spot right here the first thing you need to do is walk up to the ledge which gives you a little bit more height, then you jump up, and you're here to watch your left.

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And your right side back to box Cut you should know that you can go on this entire ledge which is a great way to hold this cut without fully challenging it you can even peek between the boxes to see if people are pushing it before you challenge towards the right if you're trying to flank this wall if you line yourself up with a bike you can jump up on top, and challenge anybody that will be here and from this side of the head glitch you can actually jump into the AC unit, which if you turn left allows you to look if anybody's on top of the cop car or pushing towards P2 you can hop on this ledge right here which gives you a nice head glitch over these boxes, so that you can CH anybody at cop car or pushing up to the right side of the street and if you're trying to watch flank from box Cut you can walk into this cabinet.

Before laying down and turning to your side, and from your opponent's POV, you'll actually be stuck halfway in the wall, and I promise nobody pushing from this side is going to expect you that deep in that corner, so if you plant towards this side of a bomb, you can of course back up into the garage and check from here; however, this is mostly predictable when it comes to Search and Destroy on Rio, so another great angle is actually to back up further into a garage.

Rio MW3 Ranked Play How to Get Better in MW3 Ranked Play on Rio, get ready for modern warfare 3 ranked play TODAY with best MW3 Ranked Play Gods Spots, Spawns, Nade Spots, and MW3 Ranked Play Callouts. Hope you enjoy! Call of Duty Modern Warfare III.
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