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This is a series where I go through my routes for Search and Destroy on the various maps in Modern Warfare 3. Today we are doing Vista. Sor, I think off with offense; we're going to swap T kn. If we're going to go up middle, we're going to cook a frag nade. Over the Top If you have one, then we're going to cut left through the glass.

Once through the glass, we're going to take a hard shot and shoot enemies that run through this door. We're going to shoot them down before we'll check the corner. We'll check here, and we'll check back here. If enemies are back here. I usually cut back inside; if they're just right here, though, then I'll jump over the top and jump around, which gives me a good angle of people watching the door, which I can then use to flank through the spawn.

Swap your knife; we're going to go up middle once again; this time we're going to hit a though, so we'll throw that same nade. If you have it, throw a stun. You get up here and can shoot any enemies pushing, but then you're going to come and cut sideways inside of challenging enemies on the site.

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Checking down here as well, we're going to hit this corner, and then we're going to flank through to the spawn. Swap your knife; we're going to go up the middle once again. Basicly, you run the same route we just did a minute ago, but instead of going on the site, we're going to cut down on the inside, challenging enemies that are pushing right here, and we're going to check our corners and then flank through and shoot people that are on the site before pushing to the spawn.

Swap your knife. We're going to head toward B. We're going to go to this left side, and we're going to go up these stairs. What we're going to do is hit the top; we're going to cook aade; we're going to throw this right over the top so it hits the bridge; then we're going to jump down; and carefully, try to use this cover right here to get yourself onto the bat bomb site so you can flank into the spawn.

There are lots of long-range angles you can hit that will help get people up here, but besides that, it's going to be up to you to methodically make your way through here. There are a lot of places to get shots from, so pushing is always a little scary on this map, but it is worth your while if you can pull it off correctly.

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Swap your knife. We're going to head through the tunnel towards B. We're going to coat over here. Cook a nade, we're going to throw that nade over on that bridge, then we're going to cut on the inside, getting inside the building and Ching, before pushing through to the Spawn, swapping things over to defense, we're going to swap your knife, we're going to head up middle, and we're going to throw our nade over the top, and we're going to slide in.

Use this head to challenge enemies right here for pushing down the bottom. Challenge enemies that are pushing down bottom, then we can do one of two things: push here and go through these stairs through this hallway and go up and flank. Like so, or you can also, if you know somebody's in the building, hop up top here and challenge them before then pushing through to the spawn and flanking, so we're going to head straight for this time.

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What we're going to do is throw a stun over the top. I like to cook immediately inside the building, then I'll cook right here in here before pushing up top and flanking the spawn. Swap your knife, we're going to head towards B, and this one's actually really nice if you have a nade, so we're going to hit this corner, we're going to jump three, cook the nade right there that'll blow up snipers pushing, then you're just going to harden this door for a second and let people pop out before cutting to the side, and then hopping into the building, and you can do one of two things.

You can go up the stairs and push that way directly, or you can pop through the back of the spawn and flank up top and shoot them in the back. Either works for you, all right? I have one more route I want to show you, and I can't show you the normal way because it doesn't work in customs; it just works in the normal multiplayer, so it's kind of glitched out because it's a buggy route.

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So what it basically means is that if you run that B-route that I showed you instead of going in the window, you can drop down here. And you can run up these stairs and hop up top and flank now, but in customs, it isn't working. It isn't working, but a normal, public match does, so I will play a clip right now of me doing that so you can see what I'm talking about.

This is a first for the Rush Route Series. We're running a route in real time in an actual lobby because this route doesn't work in poms because of a glitch, so the last route in the article is on Vista, and we're going B, so we're going to head right. If these guys get out of my way, that'd be great.

We're going to ignore the nade for speed just so I can dodge and get here as quickly as I can. Immediately, I hop down, and we go up here, hop up top, and we can flank enemies back here. There's nobody here that sucks, but you get the gist of it: you can get a full-blown flank from running straight to the spawn.

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There we go; get the pick right there; come around and get this guy; anyone else looks like one more in the spawn. Let's go chase him. Down, there we go. That route is definitely going to get patched at some point, but until it does enjoy the secret flake route on Vista, the route's pretty fun. It's been around since, I think, season 3 came out maybe a little earlier.

It's just a bug. I'm sure they'll eventually patch you, but until then, it's a hilarious flank route you can run, and it makes for some pretty cool Clips, Squad Those are my rush routes for Vista. I've done it. This is the best rush route for Vista searches. Destroy Mod War 3. We're going to swap our knives, and we're going to head towards B.

We're going to do a secret flank, and we're going to drop. Down, we're going to cut to the right side, we're going to go outside of the map and go up the stairs, climb up top, and get the nastiest flank of Our Lives, goodbye, never saw that one coming did you buddy, pushing straight down. Reload, hello AFK, hello person in spawn Okay, teammate got him; we're.

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Good, let's keep it. Going, he's hiding, he's hiding; only you remain. Finish the mission. What are you doing? I bet I like trading spots with this guy. I did yep, there we go. Hold that there we go; they're already Unstoppable at that point, it would just be a criminal UAV that's bad for. Imagine having a shotgun that doesn't have mid-range.

He thought he had me; he thought he had me out. He played, he didn't, and he definitely didn't call me garbage. Get this garbage, go get him a helicopter, and let's go, baby. I'm blocking my body, and I'm not going to say any names. Okay, sneak around and build that up. Top bye, sir, team Hello, sir, guys.

Modern Warfare 3 BEST Search and Destroy Rush Routes on VISTA! MW3 SnD Tips. Rush Playlist.
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