News - Timthetatmans M4 Build Shreds Warzone 2 Zombies Season 3 Op Gun


Today we're going to be looking at the M4 here in Modern Warfare zombies, and a little bit more specifically, we're going to be looking at Tim the Tatman's M4. We're going to be testing this thing all over inside the red tier zone, and then we're going to go into the dark ether and complete that. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today.

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Use code Ghost to check out for 5% off your entire order. My initial idea for this article was to come in here and take a look at the M4, but I figured, what the hell since we're going to be looking at this weapon, why don't we take a look at one of the best blueprints from one of the best bundles that we've ever gotten in this game that was unfortunately taken away from us?

We came in here with a legendary ether tool and a refined crystal to throw on this thing, and it was doing some really good damage, like we were able to take care of those HVTs. In the second tier zone pretty well, and I figured since this was doing pretty well out here, we might as well go into the red tier zone and try it on an hvt in there, and what do you know, we got this Mega Abomination right off the bat now.

Yes, we do have that legendary ether tool on here, but keep in mind that this thing has only popped up to level two so far, and it's already doing some pretty decent damage on this thing, from what I can tell. I was already getting pretty excited to get this thing popped up to level three so I could see what it's doing, and I can tell you guys that this build isn't going to be the greatest for zombies.


I like my builds to be a little bit more stappy, but I think that with how good this M4 is with this blueprint setup the way it is, this gun actually seems crazy good, and you guys could probably make some insane builds with this thing. You guys are about to see what I mean about that streamer loot.

Look what I get from this mega-abomination! Not only after killing this hvt did he end up dropping us a refined crystal on the floor, but after I checked the reward, he had a flawless crystal in there. Man, this guy just said you need some pack-a-punch crystals. Here you go. He just wanted to take a quick second and show you guys how this thing is handling the red-tier Zone zombies, and we are just deleting these guys and going through them instantly.

What I'm really liking about this gun so far is that it really just seems like it's going to be good for everything; it's good for taking down bosses; it's good for dealing with zombies and higher-tier zones; and I know that this is definitely one of those comfort weapons for a lot of people, for sure, but check this out, guys.


Watch how fast this thing absolutely deletes this mega-abomination. Yes i know that napon burst ammo mod definitely helps out a little bit, but the M4 definitely is doing a lot of the work now. Yes. I know there are a few guns in the game that can take care of the megas this fast, but there's not really a whole lot of taking care of these leftover zombies that are around this thing, just taking care of all these guys really easily.

I'm loving this gun so far. It is definitely, by far, one of the best tracers, and I like the death effects that any of these weapons have. I also love the fact that the zombies explode into tacos, waffles, and donuts. That's just awesome. Does anybody else feel a little bit heavier when they're carrying this thing around, or is it just me?


I would actually love to see Tim make a run in zombies, at least once, like maybe join up with like waffles, or Mr. Jic JD, or just somebody like somebody bigger, maybe kind of show them the ropes a little bit or take him into the Red Zone and drop them off and watch him freak out. I think that'd be kind of funny.

Here we are, we're getting ready to go into the Elder Dark Eternity, and I'm going to have something happen to me in here. That is yet another first for me. This game is just full of surprises, I swear, so at first everything started off like normal. I went off and grabbed my very first bunny contract, and of course it gave me the Mega Abomination.


Like usual, I was somewhat prepared because sometimes when we test guns inside the red tier zone, if they're melting Megas in there, that doesn't quite mean that it's going to take care of that hvt. Mega in here, because this one's a little bit stronger now. I have to admit, at first. I honestly didn't think I was going to have to use the jug; this gun was actually handling the hvts and health quite fast, but after having to deal with all of these zombies that are just completely surrounding me, they really did buff up this ether pretty well, and having him repeatedly run back down into the fog and regenerate some health.

I said. You know what? Screw it, let's just throw out this jug and get this guy over with, and apparently he had some other plans. When I got in my jug suit, I started to take a look around, and I'm like, Where did he go?, and I started shooting at zombies because I was kind of confused for a second.

I'm like, I don't see him anywhere, and then all of a sudden I realized he was underneath the map. Not only was he underneath the map, but he kept respawning, climbing up, and then falling. Back through the map, I tried shooting at him a couple times just to see if I could maybe get some damage off of him, and it just was a noo.

So eventually, I did have to walk off and cancel this contract. Sadly enough, with the loot that we've already gotten out of farming a little bit inside the red-tier zone and with the stuff that we're about to get out of these next two contracts, trust me, guys. I was definitely not disappointed.


With this run at all, we're going to go over here and start our holdout mission, and this one is going to show us how this gun is just handling. The regular zombies that are going to be coming at you in hordes when you're in the dark ether, right now there are some guns that can handle doing this by themselves without any help pretty well, but I would still recommend that you guys at least bring in one sentry gun to set up in here to help you now.

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