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So season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 just dropped, and it's completely zombie-themed, unfortunately. Right here at the launch, we got zero new content for Modern Warfare Zombies, but we did get a couple of new weapons, and I did make a few runs today with the new SMG, so we're going to check it out. I think this thing might surprise you guys, and honestly, it might be one of my new favorite guns to run here in Modern Warfare Zombies.

This thing is absolutely insane and probably one of the best weapons to use in the red-tier zone. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. So as you guys can probably tell in the intro, we ended up taking out an hvt, Mimic, in the second tier zone, and this thing was just instantly deleted.

Then I kind of went around, and I just wanted to show you guys what this thing is doing to the zombies that are just in Zone 2. This thing, especially with a legendary ether tool and a flawless crystal, makes these zombies look weaker than the ones in Zone 1. We found ourselves over here in the red-tier zone finally, and this mangler Man, it's me.


I love this SMG. He was gone in just a few seconds. Look at the damage output that this is doing to the zombies in the red tier zone, just slicing through him like butter. Now here, I ended up getting an HVT on a disciple, but of course he had a mega-abomination buddy that was hanging around with him, so I had to deal with both of these guys at the same time.

Luckily, this gun actually handled it pretty well, and then I think it kind of glitched out right there, because they both ended up exploding. I'm not really quite sure what happened there, but we did end up getting a Sigil out of this contract, which is pretty cool. I don't know if you guys noticed this yet, but the dark ether has been buffed up since the season 2 update.

I actually ended up going down in there a couple times today, so just a warning for you guys. I absolutely love how this thing takes out the manglers in the red-tier zone, and I don't mind the jumping. I've been playing a lot of War Zone the last couple days, so yeah, the sheer damage that this thing is doing is absolutely great.


It takes care of the bosses awesomely, like even the mega bomb combinations. As you can see here, it pops off the head with absolute ease. Mobility on this thing is great. The power is amazing, but the only downside I would say with this SMG is that it only holds 100 rounds after it's been pack-a-punched.

And that could be up just a little bit more, which would really help this thing out, but it doesn't really need it at the same time, as you guys can see here. I was fighting another Mega Abomination, and it had another disciple, but I don't know why these things like to hang around each other for some reason in this match.

This one did end up taking me just a little bit longer, but we were finally able to kill both of these guys. Look at this big ass horde of zombies behind me. It's like World War Z. This thing takes care of them absolutely no problem, though this just might be. The best SMG to run here in Modern Warfare Zombies for the red tier zone right now.


I'm not joking, and especially for a single SMG, like maybe the akimbo swarms are still going to be a little bit more powerful. I'd have to do some testing on those, but I mean especially for the singular weapons. Though this thing is amazing now, you don't need to come in here with a legendary ether tool either or get it all the way up to Pap 3, like in this round here, where I only had it up to Pap 2, and it was still taken out like those Mega Abominations.

And everything is really easy now that this Mega Abomination is down here by the gate. I was fighting this mega-abomination. And I had somebody else is hvt. Mega Abomination came up and kind of got in the middle of the fight, which was all right because when he exploded, he ended up dropping me a Flawless Crystal, which, hell.

I mean. I'll take that personally. I think the mega-abominations lately have been dropping a lot of better rewards. I mean finding a lot more like legendary ether tools out of these things and a lot of like Flawless, crystals, and stuff like that, so be sure to try to farm these things. That's going to be about it, guys.


This gun is amazing. I recommend you try it out in the red-tier zone. It definitely makes coming out here way easier, especially for solo players. I'm going to be working on a top weapon to use in Modern Warfare Zombies for the season 2 article here very soon, and this [__] I think it is definitely going to make that list, so again.

I appreciate all the support, guys. Drop a like on the article. If anybody is new, have a great rest of your day, and I will catch you in the

Today we look at the new RAM-9 smg in MW3 Zombies and see how it does. I appreciate all the support everyone thank you! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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