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Hi, I'm Breadman. My main thing is sniping, and today that's why I'm going to be teaching you everything that I've learned about snipers in the. 1, 467, Days that I've played War Zone, let's get into it. First, let's start with the basics. For the sake of this article, we're only going to be considering one-shot snipers, as they are the meta currently.

In order from best to worst, we're looking at the cat AMR, the extra K stalker, the McPr, the FTX Imperium, and the Victus. If you've been in the war zone for a while, you'll remember the MCPR, FGX, and Victus all making their debut way back in war zone 2. These dipers do one-hot, but only if you run the explosive mag attachment.

This comes at an extreme loss of bullet velocity, therefore making them all part of the war zone. 3 snipers, the cat AMR, and the xrk stalker that comes with the catch, though the xrk stalker can only reach up to 83 M Max with the best build possible. Taking everything into consideration, this leaves the cat EMR as the best sniper in the war zone.

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Not only can it one-shot infinitely, but one-shots, no matter what—zero attachments, five attachments, ground loot load out. This gun is a beast; that's how I've racked up $3,000. Since War Zone has been out, let's go ahead and take a look at the different builds for each sniper. I've gone into my loadout and categorized the snipers from best to worst, and again, we have the cats XRK.

MCPR. FGX, and Victor, so if you're going to follow along, you can pause the article as I'm showing these builds, but do make sure you get these builds down as these are the number one builds for these meta snipers in War Zone currently again for this cat. This is the best sniper in War Zone. It may not have the best bullet velocity, which you'll see come into effect in the next category, the leading category, but it does have everything else.

It has one shot with zero attachments, and three of the snipers say that one shot needs explosive mag This is not something you can shoot infinitely in one shot, which the XRK stalker cannot do, even though the XRK stalker doesn't need an explosive mag. It can only shoot up to 83 members or meters, which we'll talk about here in just a second, but this sniper has it all.

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All its ads are not that bad; it's a tank. Its bullet velocity is great, so when you're advertising, people from range say 300 M out, it's very easy to get your target down, and again, we'll be looking at that in the leading category, but for now, just get this build down, and we'll talk about the other snipers here in just a second heading into the xrk, now for the xrk.

Keep in mind that this sniper does one-shot. This is a Modern Warfare 3 gun, but it only one-shots up to 83 M, so if you're using this build and you're like, yo, bread, the gun's not one-shotting. The people are probably more than 83 miles away, or you could be hitting the neck. This sniper does one-shot, and I do want to say you could be missing.

I know a lot of great players run this XRK build, and they run a laser on it. The laser that a lot of people run is this SL Razer Hawk laser light that came out most recently, and I believe it was the season 2 update, I will say. I am a massive laser hater; I don't think lasers belong on any of your guns, and that's just because lasers are very visible now.


When you're looking at someone and your lasers are going all over their forehead, they're scrambling like an egg, folding like an omelette, and they're trying to figure out where you're looking at them, which should not be like that. If you're looking at someone, they should not know you're looking at them because it makes the shot a lot easier for you.

So what I went and did was make a build without a laser. I put the XRK stalker factory rear grip on there instead of the laser, which basically does the exact same thing but gives you that added stealthy advantage, and you'll notice none of these builds have a laser on them. I'm a big proponent of not having a laser, so that's the XRK build.

Let's go and head into the MCPR, and again, I will say this is an example of a war zone 2 gun. The MCPR, victim, and FGX are, but you'll see these all run explosive mags, and you'll see the explosive mag. It makes the bullet velocity terrible; you can see minus 48% bullet velocity here for this explosive mag, and this is the only way that the gun will oneshot.

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The reason that it oneshots with the explosive mag is that the base damage to the head is 299, and this explosive bullet does one damage, so when you headshot someone, you do 299 damage with the sniper to them, but you also do one D damage with the explosive, which downs them now. This at the start was not intentional, but they left it in the game because they enjoyed the one shot towards the end of War Zone 2 with this explosive bullet feature, and you could see that with that killed bullet velocity, it made them a little bit balanced.

But there's absolutely no reason to run these guns. Now I am giving you these builds so that you have them because maybe this is the only gun that you have leveled up, but I mean, if you go and look at the XRK stalker's bullet velocity, you'll see that it's absolutely insane. I mean, this has 1200 M per second bullet velocity in one shot, and the caliber is around a thousand.

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There's no reason for you to be running the other ones, but again, if you want the builds, here's the build again. Here's the fgx. I don't mean to focus on these guns too much, but these are the ones that one shot, and they are good because they one shot, but again, the bullet velocity just makes them not worth it.

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If you're a big fan of the way these guns look or the OG feel of some of these guns, especially the Victus, which is next, then it makes sense but I did want to at least provide builds for these guns for you but I do want to say, taking everything, into consideration here the catr, is really the only sniper that you should be using if you're going to level up any of these it's definitely the only one you should level up but the extra ke stalker is also good if you are pretty aggro and you know you're slide canceling around you're taking fights like that but all these other guns are just in case you have them you know and naturally the only reason you should use them but let's go ahead and look into our next category here for the snipers, sometimes it's tough to know where to shoot at to accurately headshot people consistently.

Whether they are 50 m away, 100 m away, moving, staying still, or whatever, finding consistency is the key to being a good sniper. I've gone ahead and made a legend that shows you the guide to your snipers in the war zone. This legend was made in paint, so please don't roast me, but it gets the point across.

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