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In today's article, we are going to be running one of my all-time favorite snipers in Call of Duty history, the l96, A1, aka the victus XMR. I don't know if they have some similarities; maybe I'm tripping regardless of the comparison. This thing has always been my favorite sniper, even when it didn't even get one shot, and out of all the snipers, this is the only one I haven't done a singular article for, so I figured for all my victus XMR fans out there, it was finally time to turn up for yall, and that's exactly what we're going to do in today's article.

By the way, if you guys ever want a chance to be featured in one of my YouTube articles or just run some games with me and my community, I am live on Kick every single day by 11:30 a.m. EST, and I would love to meet you guys in chat, but all right, guys, make sure to pay attention to the entire article, because I'm going to go over a few different things in the middle of it, and then, of course.

I will give you the full detailed class setup at the end. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my family to yours. You guys have done so much for me in 2023, and I cannot wait to just keep pushing and keep building our community in 2024. But all right, guys, I love y'all.

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Let's get into the article. What the hell was that, all right? So we're going to start this article off by running some big maps, and granted, this is the LTM, but honestly, it's a pretty fun LTM. I'm not going to lie, plus it seems like there's a lot of bots in there. I'm going to be straight up with y'all, but the reason that I'm going to show the big map first is because I want to show you that it is viable at a distance.

Asika Island and Vond will come next, but for the most part, those resurgence maps are pretty close quarters, and since the explosive rounds do give a huge drop on the bullet velocity. I'm going to show you how to lead your shots from a distance, so enjoy, and I'll catch you at the end of the game; no one else is taking our place.

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HS, get the. Ghost, good job where the you at kid talking all that where Show Yourself Timmy, do the Truffle Shuffle. How about you, monkey? Sorry, I have to make it racially motivated, pal. Jesus Christ, ass who says that louder, so your mama here downstairs don't whisper it, say it with the. So the biggest thing to keep in mind when you are running a sniper in War Zone 3 is the bullet velocity and how you are going to lead your shots, like I was saying in the intro, and if you guys do want that one shot at Max Health capability with these 50-cal explosive rounds, you're going to have to adjust how you would take your shots with this ammunition type versus running something like a high velocity round.

Again. I have no idea why they're doing snipers that are dirty, but this is what we got, so if you guys do watch my articles, you know that a common attachment that I'm always running on the sniper builds is the Sonic suppressor. XL. And no, this does not make up for that massive bullet velocity drop that the explosive rounds give, but it definitely helps, and it does not take away from the ad speed.

If you guys know me, I'm all about that aggressive sniping play style, so keep that in mind when you're running the big map, but honestly, you guys are going to see it. This attachment is for this Sonic suppressor XL. It's pretty clutch, and I actually run it on Vond Del and Asika as well. Now there are other options you can run for bullet velocity, for example, the Mac 8 33.5.

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Super Barrel, but again, it's completely personal preference. If you guys don't find yourself sniping as aggressively as I do and you kind of find yourself sitting in the back supporting your team, if you're going to take the tactical approach to it, then I mean, hey, throw the Mac 8 barrel on there with the suppressor.

It's completely up to you guys, but like I said, I'll go into more detail at the end of the article, so let's get into the rest of the game. Baby, we're vulnerable in the enem, Nink, station there. kill confirmed enemies are dropping into the always been that, way enemy destroy, your, down get hunting the enemy is no track you lost Lo Network, good kill marking the rest of that squad on your tag map.

Go get hun enem. Dropping into the AO is active. Station prices are adjusted, and enemies are destroyed. Use yours to hunt down the rest, something like this. All right, all right, like I said. I was going to give you guys a full detailed class setup on my victus XMR, and due to popular demand.

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I will be including my WSB Swarm Sniper support, so let's get into it. By the way, a little plug for all the people who skip to the class setup. I am live on Kick every single day by 11:30 a.m. EST, and if I'm live over there, that means I'm running games with you guys, so if you want a chance to be featured in one of my articles, that is the best way to do it, but all right into the class setup.

So for the muzzle, we have the Sonic compressor XL, which, like I was talking about in the middle of the article, has a very clutch attachment, does not hurt the handling, and gives you a very nice buff on the range. For the laser, we have the VK laser 7 m, which for obvious reasons has a huge buff to the handling, and I am all about that up in your face-sniping play style.


Now for the optic, like I say in every article, it is completely personal preference, but hey, for me, I'm running this bad boy. This is the 6.3x. 14x carra optic, and it gives you a very nice blue dot right in the middle of your scope. Hey, if the crack optic isn't your personal favorite, then the sx80 is definitely a nice optic to go with for the rear grip, which is very similar to the reason why we run the VK laser; we have the Broom Q900.

It's definitely nice to have a huge buff on the sprint of fire speed because if you find yourself in close quarters, especially in a building, against an enemy player, you're going to have to get a shot off, and fast CU sniping in War Zone 3 isn't like sniping on Rebirth Island with the K31. Swiss man, if you miss that first shot more often than none, you're going to get a beam, so you got to make sure you get that first shot off and you got to make sure you're accurate.


Now the obvious last attachment that we are running is the 50-cal explosive rounds, and I'm still going to say in every article that I don't know why we have to run these things. Hopefully, Call of Duty changes it. If a Call of Duty developer does happen to watch this article, hey do with snipers a solid we could really use a w after these last two years but anyway we have the 50 cal Explosive Rounds huge Nerf on the bullet velocity, but it does give the one shot capability that we are all looking for and that is it for my l96.

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