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Mistakes to avoid!

And second, there are only three teams and nine players alive in Zone 4. I start off the clip by poking at the team on High Ground, and while moving deeper into the building to avoid getting the wall banged by an air strike, my teammate gets knocked. Now, from here, my other teammate smokes to revive him, and I start to run up the stairs to try and help, but by the time that I get there, the other team has already pushed, and at this point.


I try to make a run for it, but we all get wiped, so let's break down what went wrong first. Of course, getting knocked isn't great, but here in particular. This is a really bad spot to go down now why is that well the other team has high ground on us which means that they can easily fly over and push us after they get a knock but what also plays into this is how many people are alive in the end zone if there were a lot of other teams or the other three man was closer and posted in a nearby building, the team top prison wouldn't be able to push because they would get beamed by that team but since that team is far away, this team up on top of prison can do whatever they want whenever they want to but okay even if someone goes down it's not the end of the world it doesn't necessarily mean that we all die what really seals it is the next mistake and there's actually two parts to this one my teammate tries to revive and in doing so throws a smoke, at his feet but why is this a mistake isn't it always a good thing to smoke when you're trying to revive.

Well, in this case, given that the enemy has the freedom to push us whenever they want to from a higher position, meaning that they can do it quickly by flying over, smoking ourselves blocks our line of sight to them and gives them the free opportunity to fly at us without worrying about getting shot in the air, but also since our teammate has a self-revive.

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We need to let him just use it here. That in particular is a very common mistake I see a lot of players make: trying to save or keep the self-revive of their teammate when, in a lot of cases, it's better to just let them burn it. So what should we have done differently here? Well, first of all, don't get knocked, but if you peak like I did at the beginning, you can do it safely.

Second, after a teammate gets knocked, regardless of whether they have a self or not, you should immediately be punished for the other team pushing, and if they are pushing, they have to be punished for it. The third thing is, until we have ensured that they can't push us via a crack or dropping a kill streak on him, only then can we revive our teammate once it's safe.


Now, I was looking into what my teammates could have done differently there, but let's look at what I could have done differently. Well, what I was trying to do down low was remember where the ladder is to climb up and get height over the team from the top of the lighthouse. That way I could force that top prison team down to the bottom floor, which would give us the advantage going into the next zone, so I need better map knowledge, and I also should have tried to do this sooner, either right after I got into the building or after I put some damage in on them all right, so let's move on to clip number two.

Here, my team and I are set up in a pretty decent spot to rotate from in zone six. Now watch what happens: first, we get pushed by a solo player who gets quickly taken out, and then we focus down on that player's duo. And this is where we break down. We all do something different here, which is not what you want to do in the end game.

I myself jumped and flew across the roof. One of my teammates flies down and into the house, where there's already another team. My other buddy runs down the hill and shortly after goes into the building where Big Lindy just died. At this point. I jump down from height looking to help my teammates out and try to clear out the squad, but then I get horrible timing on a solo on the edge of Zone and die trying to jump into a window.

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I don't know how you all feel about it, but for me, dying while trying and failing to jump out of a window is one of the most frustrating ways to die in the war zone. But anyway, there are three things that I want to point out here, and this first one is incredibly important. In the late game, you need to have a plan for where you're going to rotate.

Before, you had to rotate. Now I knew where I was going to go on rotation for our position, but I did not communicate that to my teammates, which led to us all getting split and losing the game. Second, in end games, you should always be trying to play for height at any opportunity that you have, and I probably should not have gotten off of height here to try and help my team.

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Third, make sure that your gameplay settings are correct; for me, the exact game before I had turned off grounded mantle, and I can probably win this game if I get through the window. I personally have been going back and forth between having grounded mantle on and off, but just to avoid a situation like this again in the future, I'm going to have to put grounded mantle back on.

Here, me and the fellas are playing for a fourth win in a row, so we're playing super slow and tactically for the entire game anyway. We're set up in a zone in a pretty good spot and have a nasty head glitch to shoot a team from. To set up this breakdown, I want to point out a couple of things. First, keep an eye on how much ammo I have and the fact that I have an ammo box.

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Second pay attention to the mini map and how many players are alive on the top right so at this point in the game there are three teams us one other team of three and a solo and at this tree that I'm looking and shooting at there's a solo and two of the three players on the full team one of the two from the full team dies by the tree and then I get a high alert ping from my right, now I want to stay here on this head glitch since zone is pulling to us it would be free licks, but I know that this guy on the right if he pushes over to the wall above us I'm dead so I smoke and pull back into the building trying to get to high ground but right as I climb up the ladder I met with a player who puts me weak.

I immediately repulse, just in case he tries to push me, but he pulls back, and I can only get a crack. I try to get the knock with my drill charge, but I run out of ammo. Everything here is good because he's cracked and the drill charge would force him to move, so if I had ammo here. I could have probably gotten Peak again and knocked him while he's running from the drill charge.

In this video, I do a step-by-step breakdown of some tragic mistakes and amazing game winning plays my teammates and I have made since Rebirth Island returned. By using the tips in this video, hopefully you all will be able to start making less mistakes and start winning more games.
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