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best 1 shot sniper 3

Welcome back, YouTube. It's i m in today's article, I'm going to be showing you some BR solos, as always. We dropped the war zone. Victory: We have hit 27 wins now for the season. Season two is coming to a close, which means I better get a move on because I want to hit the big 30 for a nuke challenge with my community.

If you want to see that, come over to {683}, McDonald, Or check me out on the YouTube live streams. I'd love for you to be part of the channel. So guys, the XK stalker, as we know, has been dominating the sniper method now for quite a while. The catar is very good; it allows you to make one shot at any range; however, the mobility feels sluggish.

With the X stalker, you're going to feel quick on the feet, and with season 3 fast approaching, we have Rebirth Island coming back. If you remember how good the K98 was on Rebirth on Fortune's Keep, the XK stalker can mirror that. However, the gameplay we're about to see is from VR solos, and the XK stalker is essential for Big Map Zikan.

I've got the best load out, so let's talk you through it. We're using the Sonic suppressor XL, the Defici 60 Barrel, and the SL Razor Hawk Light. This laser is crucial because you want to boost your ad speed, and Sprinter fires the Sonic suppressor, and the fishing barrel actually nerfs your ads and Sprint of Fire, so the laser is crucial.

We then use the no stock again, boosting ads, and Sprint to fire speed. Last but not least are the 50-cal high-grain rounds, which allow us to have that extra damage range. So when we hit our shots, say around that 73-meter mark, it's going to be a down; it's going to be a kill. Subscribe for future War Zone content. We're posting game plays, live streaming, and meta-loadout, so stick around for that, and I'll catch you guys for the next one,.

Step into the realm of the elite snipers with the XRK Stalker in Warzone 3. This video unveils the sheer dominance of the BEST one-shot sniper rifle on the battlefield! Gameplay from big map Urzikstan BR Solos. Inside This Video.
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