News - This" Is Warzone 2 Without Sbmm & It's Amazing


The free weekend event is now over. To which we all pretty much collectively, agree that 10 B10, here within Modern Warfare 3 feel feels really damn good not only does it feel like skill-based matchmaking is virtually turned off within this game mode kind of similar to the war game mode but also 10 V10 in my opinion makes the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer a bit more fun, because of the old school Modern Warfare 2 maps just because a map was good in one game does not mean it's going to necessarily be good in another game right the OG Modern Warfare 2 was a much different title it had much slower movement killstreaks were much more of a factor guns were a bit more lethal the game in general just fundamentally fell a whole lot different as compared to Modern Warfare 3 so when this game came out and we jumped into it and we're running around in 6v6 especially on a map like rundown here.

The game just felt slow. Maybe it's because kill streaks are a non-factor and you're not really focused on your kill streak anymore, but rather you're just focused on running around and getting kills and doing whatever. I'm not sure, but like a lot of these maps, in my opinion, they just don't feel as good as they did back in the day, but when you jump into 10 B10, suddenly, these maps do start to feel good, in my opinion, and on top of that skill-based matchmaking, when you play in 10 B10, it really seems like it's virtually non-existent.

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Whereas before, you would have these people on the other team who were all just using MCWS and CDL skins and things like that. I mean, now just look at the kill feed throughout the entirety of this article. Here, just keep an eye on that, like, in general, you're not really going to be seeing many MCWs; you're going to be seeing a whole bunch of random ass weapons, and also, just pay attention to the people I'm shooting at, pay attention to my teammates, and pay attention to the objective, like checking out the gameplay in general.

I've been waiting to post this footage because, honestly, this is my favorite match I've had in Modern Warfare 3. So far, it was a pretty competitive match all throughout, but it wasn't competitive. In the new sense, it was competitive; in the old sense, like in the new sense of competitive, everybody on the other team's a freaking god; they're all trying their asses off, like everything just feels sweaty; it feels like you're playing ranked play even though you just queued up for some quick match, and no one's really having fun whatsoever.

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Well, here, this kind of felt like old-school Cod, where the other team really wasn't all that good. In a game that has such thick skill-based matchmaking like 10 vs. 10, I genuinely don't believe that is even really a factor. That's where I play it all the time; that's where I have the most fun, and, honest to God, Cod feels a lot better when you're playing 10 B10 because lobbies feel a lot more normal.

Now, a couple of caveats before we go too far into the gameplay here: this was not even recorded during the free weekend event; this was not even recorded during season 2; this was at the very end of season 1; you're going to see the final score and everything, like everybody's going to be around level 250 or lower; this was at the end of season 1, no free weekend, nothing like that; and in general, like everybody in the lobby, it just felt like.

This sounds like a stretch, and I know people are going to make fun of it, but it actually kind of felt like Cod used to back in the day, not so much in terms of the movement or things like that, but just in terms of the quality of the players in the lobby, the gunfights I got into, and the fact that, well, yes.

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I'm obviously trying to do my best. I'm just using a blueprint that got off the battle pass with the MTZ, which is not exactly the best gun in the entire game; it's just a blueprint that I liked. I like the fact that it gets all orange and glows the more you hold down the trigger. I like the fifth-year round magazine and stuff like that, but I'm not trying my absolute hardest in this match.

I'm trying, but I'm not sitting here like there's money on the line or anything. I was literally live streaming, just bullshitting with people in chat, talking to my friend Nate, and trying to play the objective before we quickly realized that basically nobody on the entire team besides pretty much me were even playing the objective, like it's 10 vs.

10 i understand that a lot of people go into this game mode and just want to chill. They're probably going to try to level up their snipers. They might be going for a couple of long shots. Maybe they're trying to use guns that are not exactly good at close range, like your light machine guns or maybe some Marksman rifles, a couple battle rifles, or whatever.

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It's just a chill environment, and I can't believe I'm saying that my favorite match of Modern Warfare 3 so far has been played on rundown. Of all things, to me, rundown is an absolutely, god awful map, and it kind of goes back to what I was talking about earlier, where a lot of the maps here in this game just feel different, right?

Just because a map was fantastic in one game does not necessarily mean that a map is going to be good in another game; it's just that's the very nature of things, so maybe I should do one of those articles where you know you make a tier list or whatever those are, like last year. I don't think anybody gives a [ __ ] about them anymore, but then again, to be honest, nobody really gives a [ __ ] about Modern Warfare 3 content in general, and it's very tough out here being a YouTuber, trying to entertain people with a game that nobody really wants to play or even really wants to watch, like blame truth put the best on Twitter the other day he said he watches me, he watches Marksman, he watches a couple of other people, and we're all making good articles in his mind, but unfortunately.


This year our dance partner is Lieutenant Dan, and that's true, like when you're a Cod content creator, like it takes two to tango here, man, the game has to be good, there has to be interest in the game for your channel to work, and everything else kind of comes down to you, your personality, the content you're putting out, and things like that.

And honestly, to God, it sounds self-serving, but you know I've been doing YouTube for 13 years now. This is going to be my 13th year here on YouTube, and I feel like almost every day I get better at what I do. If you go back and watch the old [__] that I posted, like the old Moab Mondays and Moab Fridays.

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