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Is, and it feels more rampant this year than in previous years, but at the same time, the game is still new and fresh, and the people that are playing currently are usually going to be the most hardcore Cod fans out there; they're not waiting for Black Friday; they're not waiting for Christmas or anything like that, so the lobbies are incredibly sweaty, and we just learned the other day that Modern Warfare 3 was actually thrown together in about 16 months, and as such, there are a number of bugs and balance issues, but hopefully those will be resolved sooner.

Rather than later, but that all being said, let's just go ahead and jump into it. We're going to start off with the fact that the game feels sweaty. Like, holy hell, the game feels sweaty, and it's fast. I mean, after playing the Infinity WS game Infinity WS most recent Modern Warfare 2, where everything was slowed down, you know, going from that, jumping into Modern Warfare 3 feels like almost a whole different game movement has been cranked up to infinity, and with skill-based matchmaking.

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You know it feels like almost every match everyone is just Tony Hawk Pro skating their way across everything the time to kill is slower as well so you got these people sliding and jumping constantly and you're putting shots into one person and this other guy comes jumping out of nowhere and he's putting shots into the you and it's a lot it's a lot to take in and it's a lot to adapt to, but over time I've gotten kind of used to it if that makes any sense like I am not somebody who typically slides around the map or anything and I really still don't do it really that much but you watch the gameplay here occasionally I'm starting to move around a little bit more I'm typically not somebody to be jumping or sliding or whatever but you kind of adapt to it over time as you get used to the faster feel.

That Modern Warfare 3 has, and one other thing that a lot of people are having a hard time adjusting to is going to be the time to kill along with an assist. I've seen so many people say that an assistant feels dumbed down. Everybody collectively now has to redevelop gun skills, which I will admit was difficult to adjust to at first.

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I mean, it did feel weird, but now I'm getting really used to it, and it feels really good when you're outgunning your opponents again. It's not quite that time to kill that we had back in Black Ops 4, but it does feel good knowing that I'm outgunning my opponents. It's not just that I saw him first; I flicked onto him faster or aim assist helped me out, or whatever the hell you know, it actually feels good knowing that I won that gunfight, and the more I play Mon 4are 3, the better I get at it, so that's definitely something I've really been enjoying.

I will also say that, so far, weapon balance has been the usual launch window. Basically, I mean, it's the launch window. People are just trying to figure out everything. Right now, assault rifles and battle rifles really seem like the move, and SMGs overall feel really weak outside of niche circumstances.

And I can honestly say that with the return of the OG Modern Warfare 2 maps, which on average are larger than what we've seen in recent years, rifles really seem to dominate. It doesn't matter if you're in a Close Quarters map like Skidrow or maybe scrapyard like SMGs; they just don't seem to really do all that well compared to assault rifles, and when it comes to other weapon categories, like the more niche things out there.

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I can't tell you if I've died to like a marksman rifle; I'm not sure if anyone's even using them as a shotgun. I really don't know if I've died to a shotgun so far here in Modern Warfare 3. I can probably count on two hands maybe the amount of times I've been sniped, which you would think you know the OG Modern Warfare 2 maps were great for sniping, but this is not OG Modern Warfare 2; this is the new Modern Warfare 3 where movement has been cranked up to infinity.

And as such, people are constantly sliding and jumping and things like that, and it's kind of difficult to use a sniper when people are always playing that way, so just in general, right now it doesn't seem like people are really trying out different weapons all that much, but I think again, that's because it's a brand new game.

modern warfare 3 honest impressions

For me personally, right as I hit Level 55 and I got to the max level. I think my last 10 matches going into that I was only using the MCW assault rifle because it takes a long time to level up your guns. I'm basically out of double weapon XP tokens at this point, so you know it takes a long time to level up your guns, and as such, you're just going to use the same gun, game after game after game, and so I'm assuming a lot of people when they first started playing, they're in the same boat, they pick an assault rifle that they like, and they're like.

Okay, well. I have 30 weapon levels to get through. It looks like I'm only using this rifle for a while, and I feel as if that's causing a lot of imbalances. I'll say with the multiplayer and gun balance, but over time, things are going to get better, and we're going to start seeing a lot more variety.

modern warfare 3 honest review

Especially as people get used to the maps once again and speaking of maps my goodness they are absolutely, beautiful, the attention to detail is incredible you can even take maps that previously weren't so goodlooking in the OG Modern Warfare 2 and they're now beautiful here in Modern Warfare 3 some examples I can give you rundown here for example man like rundown, honestly looks gorgeous it looks more like a Black Ops 4 map with how much color there is here but they also still remained pretty faithful to the original rundown design I'm definitely a fan of that and apologies for the cinematics here I tried to record nice ones but there's something wrong with the spectating feature in private matches where it kind of gives you that little stutter.

Yeah, there's not really much I can do about that, so unfortunately, I can't get the best cinematics in the world. You take another map like Underpass; previously, that was an ugly ass map in the OG Modern Warfare 2, and it's still pretty faithful, like color-wise, here in Modern Warfare 3, but I definitely think it looks a lot better, and it's just fun going through all the OG Modern Warfare 2 maps again.

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The attention to detail is incredible, and the ambience is wonderful. I feel like I feel like so many people are so focused on butt sliding around the map and trying to get clips for their Tik Toks that they don't really take the time to appreciate the ambience. That we have here in Modern Warfare 3, so I really do encourage you, when you're playing, to kind of stop for a second and smell the roses soak in the atmosphere.

Here are my first impressions of Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, now that the full game is out and everything is available.
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