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I never thought to see the day where I'm making a War Zone article, but here we are, the Santa Sligh Ground event is going on, and I got to tell you guys it has been a lot of fun; it's making me rethink. How I feel about war zone 2 an extent right I feel like I was wrong about certain aspects of this game but I still feel like I was right about other aspects which we're going to be covering all of that here in this article today so the Santa slay ground event brings with it this entire Sligh Ride game mode right which I think is really fun because of three things, number a there are Christmas trees that award you presents for holding them and over time you get a bunch of different rewards, number B you have reindeer who of course will drop you gas masks as well as redeploy flares if you kill them and then number c the biggest one of all the train right and I'm not even a big fan of being on the train or hunting down the train or whatever but the fact that the circle follows the train throughout the entire map really keeps people moving and with all the chaos of it being Resurgence.

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That makes it that much more fun and that much more interesting. I truly believe that resurgence is where war zones shine, especially if you're playing normal war zones like on the big map and everything normal. Battle Royale it is like the slowest, campiest online experience I think I have ever played and mostly that just comes down to map design I mean the weapons feel good the movement feels good kill streaks are fun which is something blackout never really had all of that is fantastic but when you take all of that and then you throw it into an area like this I mean obviously it's the war zone map I got this footage in Zombies because it was a lot easier to get the footage but you guys see what I mean right downtown especially I personally cannot find any fun playing, actual Battle Royale in an area like this you take the incredible feeling weapons and the movement and the killstreaks and all that and then you throw in like 15 20 story skyscrapers, where every single story can have somebody in it all the windows are access and then you have the rooftops on top of that like it just isn't fun for me it's like it's literally finding rats like cockroaches hiding in corners.

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And to me, I'm always going to think that the blackout map was Peak for actual. Call of Duty Battle Royale I mean I'm looking at the downtown here in urzikstan and this just sucks I mean there are hundreds of Windows and dozens and dozens of rooftops so many places for you to hide and camp and the worst part is I really think that war zone fans are not willing, to have an actual discussion about design because either of revisionist history or maybe just the fact that they're the kind of rat or cockroach that likes to hide in these skyscrapers all game I mean I had this one guy come at me on Twitter the one day right saying that downtown is fine I mean people camp in construction back in blackout it's the same thing there's nothing wrong with having a bunch of buildings and stuff like that it makes the game fun, but my actually said that downtown in urzikstan here what's it called zeran City or wherever the hell I don't care he said this is literally the same.

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As Construction and blackout i mean the two are night and day different and I never really mentioned this here in the channel but I have had a few conversations with a blackout Dev at Treyarch back in the day around when the original war zone came out back when we were playing on verdance, well one of the big things that we talked about in our conversation was map design right I was saying like the reason why I don't like verdansk and I still to this day did not like verdansk was because there are so many buildings and so many hiding places the map was so dense in certain areas other areas weren't so bad other areas the map was actually pretty good but like when you had to move towards the cities and stuff it just felt terrible and the Treyarch Dev explained to me that there are basically two, maybe three big dense areas on the blackout map and they were all very intentionally spread across the map for a reason we have areas like cargo and construction maybe even Hydro, they were definitely dense but still they're nothing compared to war zone and the reason why they were spread out from each other is because they wanted the focus to be on organic.

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Fun gunfights in smaller areas right I mean the blackout map was 12 of iconic locations you have new town Island firing range array Asylum I mean raid your list goes on and on basically throughout when you're playing on the blackout map you had a couple of dense areas on the outskirts of the map but in general, mostly you're running through Woods going up hills going through valleys train tracks and then you're playing on iconic Call of Duty maps, and as such there weren't a ton of rooftops there weren't a ton of Windows you were basically just playing on normal multiplayer maps whenever you stumbled upon a POI for the most part the focus of black out was moving throughout the map and having boots on the ground gunfights.

And reaping the rewards, of those fights and I think that's the biggest strike against regular war zone for me I mean you drop in you get your cash you get your load out and that's pretty much it I mean no looting for perks no looting for guns no looting for attachments, no looting for anything really I mean you might be happy if you find a medic vest, you might be happy if you find a couple Precision air strikes or whatever but in general you just walk your happy ass over to a buy station buy everything you need and then you have no reason Reon to move until the circle makes you, with no incentive to make your kit any better then where is the incentive for moving that's my issue with like normal war zone right like you already have both of your meta guns you have your meta perks your meta attachments.

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