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These are going to be my honest first impressions of season 1, after having played it for a couple of hours now. We have a bunch of new content to play around with, two new multiplayer maps, and three new weapons. Well, one's a launcher, but you know, three new multiplayer weapons, new kill streaks, a new Assassin vest, which I think is going to be ridiculously powerful and probably overused, and a whole bunch more, so let's just go ahead and jump into it and discuss everything that came out with today's update.

So first things first, the map we're playing on is meat. What a name, man! This map! They were putting it together before they even had the art team go in and add anything. They were probably play-testing this map, and they're like, man, this map is an absolute slaughterhouse because it's really fast, it's really small, and it's really chaotic.

And they probably thought to themselves, You know, what if we were to make the map an actual slaughterhouse? And that's basically what they did here. I'm just going to come out and say it. I know I'm going to get some flack for this, but I think meat plays better than rust. I'm just saying, I know it's saage, and I know I'm going to get some [__] because people love the OG.

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Modern Warfare 2 maps, but in my experience, rust has really not been that fun so far here in Modern Warfare 3, whereas meat is a much more balanced map. I feel like you're getting spawn trapped as much as you don't have people camping on the very top of the freaking tower anymore shooting down at you or things like that.

Meat seems a lot more balanced. It's still a slaughter. I mean, I'm able to use lmgs, pistols, shotguns, or snipers; it doesn't really matter. You can use whatever you want on this map, but it's definitely going to be the kind of map where you can farm out a bunch of XP very quickly, level up your guns very quickly, and most importantly, do challenges very quickly.

And for the kind of player I am, I adore that. I'm definitely a big fan of meat; it just has such a weird name. When I'm done with this article, I'm going to be grinding meat for the rest of the night. Going to meat 247, just grinding—that's what I'm going to be doing pretty much because of the other multiplayer map, unfortunately, Greece.

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I'm not really the biggest fan, in fairness; I have not played it a ton, but it's a giant map. It's currently active in the 12 V12 playlist, which just came out today, so check that out if you guys haven't already seen what you think of it, but 12 V12, in my opinion, is good. I think it's fun, but the map of Greece is giant.

Man, it just seems like it feels like it takes forever from when you spawn in to, like, when you actually get into a gunfight, you have to just run and run and run. It just seems to take a long time, and I'll definitely say that in the middle of the map, it's more like SMG and rifle. Focus on the outsides of the map, or definitely sniper rifle focus, and then you get the water going through the entire map.

I feel like grease is going to take a lot longer for people to get used to meat. You learn the entire map within the first half of your first game on it, like it's not a very complex map whatsoever, whereas grease is a lot larger. There's a lot more to it, a lot more sight lines, and things like that might be great for Search and Destroy.

modern warfare 3 honest review

Really, I'm not sure, but so far, I'm just honestly going to say I don't like grease that much, but I do like meat. You guys know me; I freaking love meat. So definitely a big fan of that map, and then of course we have another map coming out with season one reloaded, which should be nice. I mean, having original maps to play on once again is definitely a good change of pace, especially if you're somebody like me who played the OG Modern Warfare 2 back in the day, and therefore you know all the maps pretty much inside now, like it's nice to have new things to play on new things to explore new things to try out now.

Speaking of new things, we have new weapons that came out today; they're currently on the battle pass. We have the Ram 7 assault rifle, and then we have a new sniper rifle as well, and then a launcher, which basically shoots little emps out, which is interesting. So if you want to try out the new guns, you can do so in a private match.

modern warfare 3 review

That's why I did it right here. I just jumped into a private match. I was running around getting kills and trying out different things, and it seems like the Ram 7even assault rifle has a ton of recoil. Right away, I mean, I have no attachments for it yet. It's a private match, but it does seem to have a lot of recoil.

The new sniper feels really good. That's going for me, who doesn't even really snipe all that often, like when it comes to the camo grind. I think I'm going to skip that KV inhibitor, or whatever the hell the name of that sniper rifle is. I think I'm going to skip that one and then use the new sniper instead because the new sniper has only 21 weapon levels, whereas it's like 29, or something like that for the other one, so I might end up using the new sniper and then the new kill streaks.

As well, you're going to see some footage of that here; they added the EMP and the swarm. In Modern Warfare 3, they're two of the biggest streaks in the game. I think the EMP is a 13-kill streak, and the Swarm is a 15-kill streak. The EMP looks pretty damn cool. It's hard to get footage when bots are freaking shooting at me in a private match, but you know the EMP looks cool.

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It's going to take out all air support, all equipment, and things like that. I don't see it being that useful or why people would run it that often, but it's pretty freaking cool, and what's even cooler is the swarm. When you call in the swarm, all these mosquito drones come in, and they fill the sky.

I saw some footage on Twitter of somebody calling it in on a shipment and just looking up in the darkness of the shipment in the sky and having all those drones be everywhere. You're seeing some footage of it on Grease right here. Like, it's just crazy. It's a really cool kill streak. It gets a bunch of kills.

I don't know. It's hard to describe. It's very atmospheric, like as soon as it happens, you hear it coming. It's loud It's really loud, it's a little creepy almost with all those mosquito drones, and being up there in the sky like that, it's just a really cool kill streak, but again, it's like a 15 kill streak or it costs like 1600, score something like that, so you're not going to see it too often in your games, at least not in my games.

mw3 honest review

Man skill-based matchmaking has made it so if somebody calls in an OverWatch helicopter, it's like [__] he must have gone on a good kill streak because no one ever calls in higher kill streaks than that in my games; usually every match is UAV Counter UAV. Because that's just, I don't know, SC matchmaking; it's not too often you see people going on 15+ kill streaks.

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