News - Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded. Hows It Looking. New Maps/guns/modes & More


New content is finally on the way; season 2 is reloaded. We'll start tomorrow, March 6th, and today we're going to be quickly covering all the new content that's going to be coming to the game, so let's just go ahead and jump right into it. First things first, we have a remaster of Dos House from Vanguard.

It's going to be completely remastered; it's not going to look anything like the original one, which is one of those weird situations where the new map looks fine. The theme is kind of uninspired, in my opinion, and honestly, I almost would have enjoyed having the original appearance back, having that like World War II dark and creepy vibe to the map.

Do you know something about Doss House? Maybe I just played too much of it, but something about Doss House was really fun back in Vanguard; it was one of the few fun things about Vanguard. And now they're bringing that map back, which is fine. The map plays well, but at the same time, it's just a little bit weird that we now have a game that has shipment, it has rust, it has Doss House, and technically, it has Shoot House if you play the Modern Warfare 2 playlist.

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It basically has all these tiny ass maps from Cod's history in one Call of Duty game. They're really trying to get people to want to jump into Modern Warfare 3 by just bringing back all the small, fast-paced, chaotic maps that everyone seems to enjoy. On top of that we're going to be getting two map remixes for skid r as well as terminal and I've got to say just looking at the trailer here I mean a trailer is meant to Hype you up but some of these shots on skid R just look beautiful, like I kind of wish they would have done this when it comes to just reimagining all the Modern Warfare 2 maps to begin with like that feeling of going back to this really old map from all those years ago and now it looks like the map is kind of old and overgrown, and the area was forgotten like something about that theme, seems really cool to me it's kind of like The Last of Us in the way when you look at some of the areas on these maps and they're going to be used in a specific playlist we'll be covering that here in a moment but on top of the map remixes as well as the remaster of Dos house there will be two new weapons, in the form of the SOA subverter battle rifle.

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As well as the Soul rendering melee weapons, so I did mention a new playlist. Let's go ahead and jump into that. There's going to be a playlist in season 2 reloaded called Doom's Realm, which actually sounds pretty cool. This is something they should have done a long time ago. In Doom's Realm, we're going to be able to play Team Deathmatch, kill confirmed domination, and hardpoint.

It's going to be a mosh pit, but it's going to be on the vortex maps. Remember the vortex maps that were only tied to the Vortex game mode for some stupid reason, even though nobody really liked to play that game mode? Well, all three Vortex maps are going to be there, as well as the new map variants that we're getting for Skid Row as well as Terminal, so that's going to be pretty fun.

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If you ask me, having these remixed maps is going to be interesting. It's a bit sad we can't play game modes like Search and Destroy within that particular playlist, but regardless, it's going to be fun playing actual game modes on these remixed maps because they do look incredible. And believe it or not, just changing up the visuals a little bit does add a good amount of replay value to the game, at least in my opinion, and there's also going to be an in-game event surrounding this playlist as we get further on in the season to reload, so that should be pretty cool.

There's going to be a couple new game modes as well. There's going to be Bounty, which is going to be kind of like Team Deathmatch. But the highest-scoring player on both teams is always going to be on the mini-map and be worth a lot more points, so that sounds okay, but then we have Jugger MOS, which is just kind of crazy to me, so in Jugger MOS, we're going to run around.

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As these Warhammer Space Marine dudes in a Halo-style game mode, there's going to be a one hit kill melee weapon in the middle of the map similar to the Halo sword, and we're going to be running around these giant suits that will hurt enemies if we were to jump down on top of them and things like that, so it should be a fun meme game mode.

You know what I mean. We've had a bunch of game modes so far here with Modern Warfare 3 that aren't really meant to be taken seriously, well Jugger MOS sounds like that and it could be good for a couple of laps it could be fun to play around with it's going to be a limited time mode anyway so you might as well just jump into it and experience it while it's here and see what you think of it now that's pretty much it for multiplayer unfortunately, but when it comes to zombies, we're going to be getting a new story mission, a new dark Aether Rift, a new warlord, as well as a few new schematics.

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I've seen a couple of zombie YouTubers, especially on Twitter, mention that they're pretty much done with zombies so far here within Modern Warfare 3. Like is that the general Vibe like I haven't been playing a ton of zombies since the game first came out like I was really into it when the game first came out I got all the way up into like act three somewhere in there and then some of the missions just became downright, tedious like the mission I'm still on and have been on for like well over a month is the one where you have to go kill like a 100 zombies while in your ather shroud which lasts all of what 3 seconds so you get to kill like 10 or 15 zombies and then you have to go run around and refill up your bar and then wait until you can use Aether Shrout again, try to get a big train of zombies going use your ather rout maybe kill 10 more repeat the process then you have to do the same thing on Mercenaries.

I'm just like, This is not fun; you know what I mean? This is tedious; you're giving me chores to do. Right now, this is kind of how it felt for some of those missions, and I'm seeing that in general, a lot of the zombie YouTubers are starting to pull away from the game because it hasn't really gotten a whole lot of updates.


I mean, the new trailer looks fine here, but, like, where is the Zombie Community right now? I've not been playing a ton of it, but it seems like the perception of zombies recently has been pretty negative, whereas it was so positively met back during the launch of the game. There's going to be a brand new boat.

Season 2 Reloaded for MW3 is right around the corner, so today we take a look at everything that is coming to the game.
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