News - Did Activision "nerf" Sbmm. Warzone 2 Has Been Weird


Of course, it's everybody's favorite topic here in the Cod Community. Recently, it seems like it's been tweaked here within Modern Warfare 3. It doesn't seem nearly as intense; it seems like lobbies are a bit more fair, a bit more random, and a bit more enjoyable. Over the course of the past week or so, which has raised a lot of questions from the community.

Now, the thing about skill-based matchmaking is that it's very hard to prove, and everybody's situation is going to be different. Some people are going to say. You know, this past week was not easy for them at all; it was just as sweaty as ever, maybe more so, whereas other people might be saying.

Well, this past week was actually pretty chill. I was kind of enjoying it, and then everyone else is going to be somewhere in the middle, right? It's always very difficult with all this anecdotal evidence surrounding skill-based matchmaking, but we do know that it does exist. Recently, Call of Duty Activision went out and made this entire statement about skill-based matchmaking.

Basically, they're like, yeah, it does exist. We have been working on it for a number of years, and then right there towards the end, it says talking about this topic in detail can be hard, and we haven't spent the time to pull together all of our work to share with you our insights and improvements.

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Over the many years, we're looking forward to doing that in the coming weeks after season 1 launches. So season 1 is about 2 weeks old right now. It's been a couple weeks, and we've still not heard anything from the Cod team about skill-based matchmaking, about how it works, why they have it in the game to begin with, and why they believe it's good for the franchise.

We're still yet to get that entire statement from them; hopefully it's a blog post or maybe a development interview. I'm not entirely sure exactly what they're going to be doing, but they have to know that no matter what they say, they're putting their hand right in the horn's nest because Cod fans are rightly fed up with skill-based matchmaking, but you're watching the game here, right?

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Does this look like skill-based matchmaking was really kicking in for me? No, this is like one of the chillest lobbies I think I may have ever played, and I think it's due to the fact that we had a recent free weekend. Well, maybe that's because a whole bunch of new people are showing up; they're all free players and whatever, but that's not really the case because in most lobbies, every person on both teams was level 55 or higher.

You know, rarely did you see somebody even below level 55. Even in this lobby right here, there's only two people under 55. We have one on my team, one on the other team, and everyone else is 55 or higher. Keep in mind that Modern Warfare 3 is kind of buggy right now, and for some reason it'll show people in your game as level 55 even though they might be level 200 or level 89, or whatever the hell, so that's been buggy since season 1 came out, but the point still stands.

It was a free weekend, and during that time it really did feel like C was a bit more enjoyable; it felt like it was a bit more relaxed, and my question is, did they lower skill-based matchmaking during the weekend? If you think about it, if you're somebody out there who's on the fence about buying Modern Warfare 3, up until this point you have not purchased it.

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You're kind of done with Cod. You're tired of skill-based matchmaking and all the [ __ ]. If up until this point you have not bought the game but you did, however, play Modern Warfare 2, you did play Vanguard, you did play Cold War, or whatever, then all of your skill-based matchmaking and your algorithmic nonsense is still going to be tied to your Call of Duty account.

There's a reason why people make new accounts. There's a reason why people make Smurf accounts to soft-reverse boost and join their sessions and things like that. Everything about skill-based matchmaking is tied directly to your Activision ID and to your account, so if you're one of those people who did play Modern Warfare 2, you did play Vanguard and whatever, and then you jump into the free weekend of Modern Warfare 3, and then you see it's just as sweaty as usual.


Then you're likely not to want to play the game if you waited this long not to get the game, and then you play the free weekend and you don't have fun. Well, then you're probably never going to buy Modern Warfare 3. Is it possible? I know we're getting to tinfoil hat territory here, but it really makes sense knowing Activision.

Is it possible that they lowered skill-based matchmaking during the free event to draw more people in? Did they pull the old bait and switch to get these people to play the game again with lower skill-based matchmaking so they can actually enjoy themselves for a change, and then once they actually purchase the game, they go back to regular skill-based matchmaking?

Is that entirely possible, because I think that it is? I mean, just this week has felt pretty chill. I mean, internet issues, connectivity issues, and Packa burst issues aside. I need to figure out my entire gaming setup, man, because everything is just falling apart as of right now, but when I can actually play the game, things are running smoothly.

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This past week has felt pretty damn chill, and I definitely do think that the recent free weekend had something to do with it, but on top of that, it could be a number of other factors, which is why skill-based matchmaking is so popular. It's so convoluted, it's so shrouded in mystery; it's why we're waiting on that official statement blog post or whatever they're going to be putting out, because skill be matchmaking there's so many factors to it right so I have Interstellar camo, and as such my stats are not very good.

I mean, if you're running around trying to get double kills with the freaking RGL, if you're running around trying to do all the challenges with the light machine guns and the sniper rifles, and this and the other W skill-based matchmaking is bending you over a barrel, your stats aren't going to be amazing, or at least mine weren't, because if I cared about my stats while also using bad guns in a game with heavy skill-based matchmaking, then I would just want to tear my hair right out of my head, and I have a lot of it, so that doesn't sound fun whatsoever, so I just didn't care about my stats.

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My KD is around 1.2. Right now, my loss is negative if I get into a lobby and my team isn't trying to help or we're getting spawn trapped or whatever. I'm right out, man. I don't care to be up. I got the fastest back out in the west over here. I can leave a lobster. That doesn't bother me a bit, so my stats are not very good, and my stats were a little bit better—not much better, but like a little bit better before.

MW3 has been feeling really different lately, and we're supposed to be hearing from Activision about SBMM in the coming days.
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