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It has been addicting, so enjoy the dub we got here on Ashika Island. It was a crazy game.

The curtains are closing on dmz.

The curtains are closing on dmz.

As I mentioned previously, it's no surprise that DMZ has not gotten much content over the last couple of months. The last major update, at least in my opinion, for DMZ was the beginning of season 4, where we got introduced to Vondal as a new war zone map. We got DMZ support for the map on day one, featuring a new weapon case, a new boss, and several other quality of life features that really made DMZ feel like a new game.

Yet again, I think every major title update following the mod's launch in season 1 made the mode feel like it was a completely different and just revitalized experience. Every time we hopped on, then after season 4, we just didn't really see much added to the mode, and I think the real last update that DMZ got, which is permanent at least, is the introduction of the serpentine mastery camo, which I'm going to be going for live on stream later today.

It's a cool update for the most hardcore DMZ players. I've talked about that camo before in length, of course. There are flaws with the way that Quest works, but aside from that, we've gotten very minor things on our road maps, like equipment and Faction mission updates, but we haven't even gotten a wipe in DMZ for our inventories. In quite some time since I believe season 4, clearly support for DMZ has been coming to an end.

Dmz staying in beta for modern warfare 3

Dmz staying in beta for modern warfare 3

Now, although I think DMZ deserves even more support through the MW3 life cycle, the curtains are clearly closing on the mode for one reason or another, and right before the codn event. I knew there was crazy marketing going on for Modern Warfare 3.

I was making a ton of other articles at the time, and then I flew out to LA. While all that was happening, a statement was posted by the team over at Call of Duty, where they went ahead and wrote MW2. DMZ Community Update Although DMZ won't be showcased by Cod next week, we're excited to share that we will continue to support the DMZ beta players.

They will have continuing infiltration opportunities for Aza Ashika, vond as well as Building 21, and the Kosai Complex. We will share further updates closer to season 1. Now, when I first read that statement.

What happens to dmz when urzikstan replaces al mazrah


I interpreted this as saying they're not going to shut down DMZ even when Mon Warfare 3 comes out, but they're going to have more information about DMZ, closer to season 1, and when that update drops because clearly something is happening to where Alaz is going to get cycled out for the new war zone map, and don't forget the DMZ is currently attached to the war zone and is a free-to-play experience.

Although it's like a Modern Warfare 2 mode, it's not tied to the Modern Warfare 2 application; at all, it's tied to War Zone because, again, it's free; it's a live service experience. Now, I know some folks out there took that statement as yeah, the mode is still going to get updates throughout the Modern Warfare 3 cycle, and they're going to talk more about that during season 1.

I think it's reasonable to have drawn that conclusion after reading this statement, but once Kodex happened, we learned even more about what the statement actually meant, so during the pre-brief that I attended right before Cod next, it was confirmed by the studio that the only war zone maps that are going to be playable once the Modern Warfare 3 integration drops in December with season 1 are Ukhan.

Vondal, and Asika Island. Those maps will support the Battle Royale resurgence and plunder. It's unclear what happened to lockdown, but those will be the only three maps you can play in War Zone now.

Optional al mazrah download with dmz exclusively soon

Optional al mazrah download with dmz exclusively soon

Obviously, this doesn't account for DMZ because DMZ supports Alaza again. Ashika Vondal Building 21 and Kosai Complex, so if Ersan is meant to cycle out Al Mazra for Battle Royale, what would that mean for DMZ since DMZ is attached to the war zone application?

Is it possible that Alaza It still remains an add-on for DMZ, an optional one, so for those out there that maybe only want to play War Zone BR, they can choose to, of course, uninstall DMZ, but if you weren't able to optionally uninstall DMZ from your War Zone application, then things would get complicated if you wanted to go in and just play BR on Ukan vondal or Resurgence on Asika.

Why would you have to be forced to keep all Mazra when that map's not even supported by War Zone? Obviously, through the Cod H2 application, you can get rid of DMZ if you want, but I'd say if you guys want to keep DMZ, it's very likely that Almaza will come with that, which would increase your file size quite a bit now.

Rebirth & fortunes keep in 2024, but no dmz support

dmz cancelled

Don't forget that Rebirth and Fortune Ke are joining the Resurgence rotation later in 2024. It's unclear if either Asika or Vano are going to get swapped out for those two maps or if we'll have four resurgence maps playable at a single moment in time. That's crazy to think about, but with all that in mind, if you choose to keep everything installed, that's going to be pretty hefty on your hard drive, no matter if you're on a console or PC.

I mean, on console. I don't know how you can even fit all that without an extra external drive, but that's going to be a lot of maps through the war zone application, but seriously, imagine if we did get DMZ support for Urzikstan or some of the later war zone maps coming in 2024. Rebirth and Fortune Keep would be really cool to see.

I really enjoy DMZ, and I've had a blast covering it over the last year. All always support DMZ whenever it gets updates, of course, and we'll talk about it as often as we possibly can, but for now, it looks like Moder Warfare 3 zombies are going to fill that void that DMZ is leaving behind with the beginning of the MW3 cycle now.

New movement, weapons & mw3 overhaul not in dmz

New movement, weapons & mw3 overhaul not in dmz

Don't worry, a lot of content creators, including myself, did ask for more clarity about the future of DMZ, and the response we got was pretty clear, so DMZ is staying tied to Modern Warfare 2.

If you guys are like, Wait, DK, what does that mean? It's not even tied to Modern Warfare 2 tied to Modern Warfare 2 in the sense that content-wise, gameplay-wise, and move-motion-wise, it's tied to Modern Warfare 2, but when it comes to MW3, it's war zone integration, which will incorporate all the gameplay movement and mechanic overhauls that we currently have in multiplayer.

All that's going to be incorporated into War Zone with season 1 None of that, however, is transferring over into DMZ. No new movement, no new weapons, no new perk systems Nothing new with Modern Warfare 3 or the upcoming war zone integration is coming to DMZ at all. DMZ will stay as is and will remain in beta.

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