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in this article I'm going to be showing you guys the war zone 2 reverse boost method that you can do on console and PC and then we'll also be showing you guys a Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, way of doing reverse boosted lobbies at the end so I will be leaving time stamps to each specific part this is 100% safe to do since Activision does have skill-based matchmaking when you go into games doing this method right here is going to make your lobbies way casual it won't feel like you're playing ranked play you'll be playing lobbies of War Zone just like how all the OG cods did before skill-based matchmaking existed now if you guys want your own customized controllers, also modded controllers with back panels Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 2 bot lobbies and OG bundles like Damascus Heat.

T-Man Nick Merks, and also some monster and little Cesar codes Make sure you guys check out all the links. But that's enough talk. Let's get straight to.

Warzone 2 method


In order to do the War Zone 2 reverse boosting method, you will need at least two systems, and these systems can be either a console or a PC, or they can also be a laptop.

Any system that can run War Zone 2 now with two systems is just minimum; it isn't the best; you start getting better results once you start at least using three systems, but you can use up to four systems with this method, and on all systems, you'll need to load up War Zone 2 and make sure you have yourself added to each different account, and for your first system, it needs to be your main account, as you guys see right here on my main screen.

This is my main account, and in your case, it'll be your main account—the account that you want to play the reverse-boosted slash, no skill-based, lobbies on—and then the rest of your systems will all just be bought and need to be low-status accounts. It either needs to be a fresh, newly made account or it needs to be an account that you won games with and got multiple DEPs over and over again.

activision sbmm

It can be any account, like a second account that you probably don't use. Each system will make your lobbies easier and easier, so what you need to do first is join one of your bot accounts, which will be another system that I just joined. So this is another system that you guys can't see yet, and what you need to do is have all your systems including your main account that's using these lobbies all needs to join up on one dummy account the dummy account needs to be the host so on my main account I'm about to join one of the dummies right now, you guys see I just joined and remember this works for two through four accounts but in my case example I'm going to be doing three accounts so now I'm about to connect another account to the lobby so now joining up on another B account and you guys see it's joined so now I got all systems joined up on one bot account now on the bot account that's the host click on the game mode that you want to play don't start it yet and make sure that Squad fill is on Squad fi needs to be on so you can't have random, teammates.


Now you can do this with friends too. You guys see how I had three players in the lobby. You can invite another friend. You can put them in one of the Extra Spaces, but you just need to have the bot account as the host for this to work once you have Squad field on go ahead and start the game mode that you want to play and you have to do this next step quick cuz once you get into a Lobby you have to leave on all the bot accounts, but only keep your main account in the lobby so you're going to have to do leave without party all right now it's connected to a Lobby remember we got to do this fast so leave without party and then now on your other.

Device i left, and then on the other device. I left without partying as well, and then that gives it time for the game to connect you with some new teammates, so if I were to have a friend in the lobby with me, it would connect two more people or three; it'll connect another, [__ ] I'm watching this door right here.

You have the guardian right there. Okay, cool hey, we need to watch. Everyone needs to watch the spot, right? Damn f pushing in pushing there's two down there's two down's coming.

Mw3 method

Mw3 method

cod mw3

Easier All right, the Modern Warfare 3 reverse boost method is similar to the War Zone 2 method, but what's better with this one is that you do not need to use as many systems as with the War Zone 2 method. You guys see that I use three systems to do the war zone 2 method but the Modern Warfare 3 method I'm about to do this just with two systems which the system is the main account, as you guys see and then now the second console now it is the same just like the war zone 2 method can use two through four systems to do this and the more systems you use the better it will be but for skillbase to be disabled and for reverse boosting to actually work you can do this with just one other console so you don't need to have three consoles plugged in at the same time, or four consoles, this works real good with just one other console so if you don't have as many consoles, this is also a better option as well then on each console you need a second account instead of just one dummy account in the lobby so you guys see there's a option to add split screen.

So go ahead and add the split screen. Make sure you add another account that's on your PlayStation or Xbox. Sign into it or you can just make a new account it needs to be another dummy account that has no kills no stats or low stats or an account with a lot of deaths, now for this example you guys see I'm only doing it with two systems which is my main account that I want the reverse boosted lobbies on and then the second system which is the two Bots then on your host account what you're going to need to do is add yourself, add those two Bots and then before starting any games make sure you do have yourself added you will need to have your account that you want the reverse boosted lobbies on the host of the bot system added and once you do have yourself added you're going to need to go over to player actions.

cold war

And then click on ADD as a favorite. Now I already have my account as a favorite, but you'll just need to click add as favorite, and instead of you having to scroll through and search where your friend is every time, it's going to be at the top guarantee every time, and then you will need to be on this screen where you're hovered over to join party, so you or if you have any friends doing this with you, everyone needs to make sure that they're hovering over the join party on the bot account, and on the bot account that's the host.

warzone 2 no sbmm warzone and mw3 reverse boost method. In this video, ill be showin you How to REVERSE BOOST and DISABLE SBMM in Warzone Multiplayer FULL GUIDE.
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