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is aiming bad in modern warfare 3

I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to Moder Warfare 3, there have been a decent amount of complaints when it comes to hit detection: being able to land your shots missing shots that you didn't really expect, so on and so forth. But I just recently saw a article from True Game Data.

I can't believe it took me so long to witness this because the article is a month old. okay, but some of you guys have told me about this one. I'm like, holy crap, I cannot believe it. I did not witness what was actually going on, and the funny thing is, I got used to this feature within Mod Warfare 3.

You know, I've been playing it so consistently. I just don't think about it anymore. You know, I just naturally adjusted. So it's not really a problem, but now that I'm actually seeing it, you know, from his article with all the proof backing it up, you know I, even if I did, you know, overcome the obstacle and learn how to actually adjust to this.

It should not be incorporated in Modern Warfare 3, and it's probably one of the main reasons why a lot of people feel really off when it comes to aiming within this game, but of course, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead and dive deep, if you do enjoy what you're doing today, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell.


And last but not least, we do go ahead and live stream over on Kick pretty much daily, so if you guys want to check that out as well. So ladies and gentlemen, according to true game data in this article, there is something you know is considered a structural shift within Modern Warfare 3. Basically, while you're ad and you're moving left and right, your reticle bounces off the center of your screen, so when you're trying to track and you're trying to be consistent with gunfights, you're not really just fighting off recoil or recoil patterns; you're fighting off the actual reticle on your gun bouncing away from your target 247—something that you can't control, right?

modern warfare 3 aim problems

This isn't, like, a recoil pattern where you're just going to pull down and be able to figure out if you need to shift a little bit to the left or shift a little to the right while you're strafing. Your reticle is going to shift in the direction where you are strafing, and paired with previous problems where you know scope reticles, it will also shift while you're looking left and right.

I'm guessing this is for realism within the game, but again, for an arcade shooter, it makes it a tad bit difficult to stay very consistent. As you know, these games are based off of very fast-paced competitive games play reaction time is King you know you want to be right on target first come first serve you know what I'm saying, and when you add stuff like this it takes away from Variety in the game a lot of larger Scopes and a lot of different things that you would use become irrelevant because it puts you at a disadvantage, you know when these things are Incorporated a lot of people are just going to you know hyperfocus on putting on red dots or iron sights because it will be less of an effect compared to a bigger scope that you would put on your AR or if you want to goof off and put one on an SMG andb you know goofy whatever you're feeling man if you're just trying to be creative again it just puts you at such a huge disadvantage.

modern warfare 3 aim sway

But again, not even just for variety sake, it just comes down to gaml as well, because even when you are down to a simple red dot, you know on your gun, not a large four times three times 2.5 times, no, just a little red dot, you still get strafe reticular shift, so every time again while you're strafing.

It's going to shift your reticle in the direction that you're strafing once again, bouncing, away from the target that you're shooting at, and this wouldn't be such a problem in a game that's more msome like where you're probably not going to be moving when you're engaging, but in a game like Call of Duty where strafing is literally like it it's, it let me tell you this right now if you don't know that strafing is extraordinarily crucial for gunfights.

modern warfare 3 aiming guide

That needs to be number one for what you need to learn when it comes to COD. That is, like, you know, the Call of Duty Bible that's on the first page is understanding that strafing to avoid bullets to avoid, you know, shifting around in gunfights confuses the enemy, and then while you're engaging back, you know, that is key to success in COD.

If you stand still, you're an easy shot. You know someone's just going to plop you down again in a milsim, or you know a tack shooter where you're going to be staying, still while you're engaging with enemies. Stuff like this wouldn't be too bad. But in a game like Cod, where you're strafing every single gunfight—literally every gunfight you engage in—you are going to be strafing, even if it's at long range.

Unless you really want to line up a shot, you're probably going to be bobbing and weaving left and right because, again, you're trying to make yourself an easy target, so in a game where it's so relevant, a feature like this realistically should not be incorporated. You know, and I have no hatred for features like this in other games.

modern warfare 3 aiming problems

I'm a man of variety. I love all different types of games, but when I hop on COD, I look for that arcade fast-paced shooter, and again, things like this take away that arcade. From the game, you know it, it makes it more difficult to be able to maneuver and engage in gunfights like you could back in the day where it's snap and shoot snap and shoot snap and shoot with you know some minor recoil that might interfere or you know a lot of times you would have to tap fire or even burst fire, but at the end of the day, what you looked at is what you're going to hit if your reticle was on target, you know, minus the servers being horrifying, you are going to get hit markers.

You know that is just classic Cod, and that's just what a lot of arcade shooters, you know, tend to push towards even more competitive shooters as well. Think of games like CSGO, for example, one of the most competitive shooters out there. You know, it's very important for these games that are made for snappy reaction times and, you know, precision.

modern warfare 3 problems

To be hyperfocused on the center of the screen and not have randomness, you know. Incorporated, when it comes to, you know, what the center of the screen is going to be, and I don't know if I'm alone on this take, but I'm also a little tired of things like bullet velocity and, you know, not having hit scan anymore within Call of Duty multiplayer.

I know they added all this stuff in for the Battle Royale War Zone blackout and all that stuff for engagements. But when it comes to 6v6, I miss it like I really just miss the classic gameplay of snap and shoot hit scan. You looked at your enemy, you shot your gun, and it would either hit or not hit.

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