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I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen, say whatever you want about Sledgehammer. Freaking delivered; they did such a tremendous job, and again, we're going to be going ahead and testing it out, and by the time this article goes live, if you're watching it right away. I am streaming, so if you guys want to go ahead and check out my live impressions of this brand new season and see what I have to say about it before we make a article tomorrow, diving deeper into the changes here and, you know, really discussing it, by all means tune into that stream.

With some of the best information I could possibly deliver to you guys, ladies and gentlemen, let's go ahead and get right into the discussion here. Funny enough. I just put out a article today, talking about my worries when it came to the feeling of the mouse input and how the weapons feel as well, and how they did talk about in a previous post that they were going to touch upon it, but you know it's been over one season, months, and we haven't had any discussions.

But yes, ladies and gentlemen, season 2 has some big changes. As you can see right here, today's update includes substantial adjustments to the core attributes of weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. Prompted by player feedback and internal review, these changes intend to improve the precision and responsiveness of aiming, particularly while using a mouse.

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Although these changes may be observed regardless of the input device, again, like I said, this is for the console as well. I know they're saying you know definitely specifically for the mouse too, but you know console players will definitely be 1, 0%. Feel a lot of these changes here, but ads Idol sway while players aim down sight Idol sway is active.

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This mechanic discourages players from holding their sights for an extended period of time with a constant, subtle motion that introduces slight and inaccurate ads. Idol sway now initiates shortly after aiming down sights rather then immediately introducing a delay to the sway curve that is generally 5ms long but varies by weapon note sniper rifles are not included in this change, after the initial delay ads idle sway now gradually increases over a 3 second period before reaching Peak speed rather than beginning at full speed upon aiming down sights again sniper rifles are not included in this change ads Idol sway now consistently begins, from the position of the players's hitfire across hair rather than along the sway, curve ladies and gentlemen once again this is absolutely huge and ladies and gentlemen it doesn't just end there it goes on to say hipfire Crosshair sway the trajectory of weapon bullets is represented by the hipfire Crosshair position on the player screen previously the Crosshair was influenced by the direction of the weapon causing the firing direction to deviate from the center of the screen today's changes eliminate the resulting compromise to accuracy.

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Without sacrificing weight or reactivity. This motion added hiire cross hair will no longer sway from the center of the screen while players move or rotates the camera note we're aware that certain stock attachments May reintroduce this Behavior this is unintentional and will correct these artifacts in future game updates weapon bullet trajectory is now truly aligned with the hipfire Crosshair, and thus the center of the player screen these changes reward skillful aim simply put where you are aiming is where your bullet will go guys again I don't know how many times I don't know how many times I can go ahead and say this but this is freaking huge now I'm not sure you know after reading this I can't really tell if they're talking about while you're adsing remember you know when you ads with a gun and you move left to right when you're strafing.

The actual reticle itself shifts left and right as well, taking you off the center of the screen, so I don't know if that's going to be fixed again. I'll test it out while I'm playing the game today. You can stop into the stream to see what I have to say, but regardless, these changes are absolutely huge, and hopefully they will make the game play feel so much better, especially for the people who are saying the gunfights are feeling inconsistent; they don't feel good.

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That is exactly why cuz Call of Duty is an arcade shooter and you know you want your bullets to go exactly where you're shooting but if the more you're looking around the more you're strafing, the more your reticle moves away from the center the less accurate you're going to be and it's not going to be a twitch Snappy shooter anymore it's going to be more of you know I guess a realistic style shooter and you know people do enjoy that type of stuff but at the end of the day I think what people want out of this CoD game specifically and just cod in general is a nice arcade style shooter, so you know again that's phenomenal but the next one is even better ladies and gentlemen bug fixes addressed an issue causing field of you to be set higher than intended after infill so I'm assuming this is that 200 or whatever fov glitch or bug that's in the game you know that you know is really annoying for a lot of players next one players will no longer die while using the slide only option on controller that's good but this is where it gets really juicy, decreased delay before Health regeneration begins from 4 seconds to 3 seconds minus 25%.

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Right there that is, huge ladies and gentlemen, that is huge. That's what people have been begging for since the beginning of this game. It's 150 HP, you know, and there's going to be a lot of gunfights where they're going to be really compact. You've got to be able to heal faster, and we've been begging them to allow this to happen.

Finally, we have some changes, and after that, the health regeneration rate increased from 40 HP a second to. 75 what are you kidding, plus 88%? on that bad boy, so not only. Are you going to be able to regenerate your health quicker, but you're going to be able to do it at a faster rate, guys? I am so curious to see how this is going to make the gaml feel like this is going to be freaking absurd to test out, and I cannot wait to see the outcome of these, you know, changes to the health, and they said we've adjusted health regeneration to better match the pace of gameplay.

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