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I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you probably already know the cheating problem in Call of Duty is at an all-time high. I mean, it's pretty much the hottest topic within the community right now. You know, everybody's talking about it; everybody's exposing Clips and footage are live streaming with cheats 24/7.

Nobody's getting banned; tons of people are getting false shadows banned all around. It's a really bad time in Call of Duty, but boy boy, when I tell you guys the information I'm about to tell you today, you might not want to go ahead and touch Call of Duty for quite some time, but of course, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead and dive deep, if you are interested in more content just like this, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell.

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Showcasing. How easy is it to go ahead and hide cheats when it comes to current-day Call of Duty? But there's no way you can deny the fact that cheating is definitely something that is very relevant in modern-day gaming. From just the point of cheaters being able to hide the cheats and be able to make sure that they're not detected, and you know they turn off when Ricochet detects some, and you know if someone wants a live cam and sees it on the screen, they can find ways to, you know, mess with them so the cheats don't show up so others can, you know, so on and so forth, it gets so much worse as you can see right here from a TOA.

modern warfare 3 anti cheat

This is very, very bad if true cheaters have allegedly gained access to developer tools within Call of Duty and can activate bands and shadow bands on other play players in their lobby with the simple click of a button. As you can see right here, you are basically showcasing what it would actually look like to be able to just load up a player's name, and you can go ahead and do pretty much whatever you want to this individual, but ladies and gentlemen, this whole situation is giving me massive flashbacks.

Was it a Black Ops cold war that this happened in where people were getting falsely banned for logging into the game for some strange reason, which was the Call of Duty game? Because it was one of the Call of Duty games, it's giving me such a flashback. But here we are at the current date, and it's not because, you know, a ser server malfunctioned or something; it's because cheaters are now gaining access to development tools.

This is just getting completely out of hand in my personal opinion, and the fact that we can even get to this point with cheat software is absolutely absurd; there's no excuse for this whatsoever; no other game has to deal with this type of stuff. This right here is what you would see in a classic game that isn't being supported anymore, like Call of Duty 4: The Black Ops 2; even though you know Ghost and the Jetpack Cod and all the OG stuff, this is the type of stuff that you would see.

modern warfare 3 ban appeal

I've had one of my friends drink to a certain point where it wouldn't even allow him to get into the game of World at War because he's not a recognizable level. You know, the fact that he was below level one made the game not register him, and he couldn't get into the multiplayer experience. You know, in those classic games, anything, absolutely anything, can happen.

It's literally the Wild West, but I kind of understand it, even though it absolutely stinks. I wish it wasn't that way. I understand it because the game isn't supported as much, but going to a current Call of Duty game, the most recent title, the one that just dropped, is the one that is getting all of the support.

It's not acceptable if you ask me, at least. For cheats to be the equivalent of a game from back in the day, this is completely out of control; no other game deals with this. Even some of the indie-developed games that don't have the most insane anti-che still have a better, more polished-off experience than Call of Duty does.

modern warfare 3 cheat program

If cheaters can get development tools and code, then what's next? What's the next possibility that they can do here? and I obviously get it. You know they're going to go ahead and work around it, and the anti-cheat will eventually be able to counter this, and you know then the cheaters will go ahead and go behind the scenes and counter it again.

I'm totally 1%. I get how it goes. I know it's like a ring around the rosie for these people, and it's just tedious. But the point still stands: regardless of how much dancing these guys got to do here behind the scenes with one another, they're able to get to just an unbelievable level when it comes to cheats.

You know, I appreciate that they're going to go ahead and counter it at some point in time. You would think that would be logical, you know, because all these other guys If you're a developer over at Activision or one of the studios, you get clan tags, you get calling cards, and so on and so forth.

modern warfare 3 cheat software

You know there has to be something in the system that registers that you work with them, right? 1, 0%, so it should instantly know that person is not registered in their system and boot them out and ban them for life if they open up a Dev tool, but no, not even in the slightest this right here. Is a prime example of the worst anti-cheap you'll ever witness in your whole freaking life.

Like I just said, indie games have better anti-cheap than Call of Duty, and indie games don't even have the budget that Cod has. Think of that: for a second, Call of Duty makes millions, hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, okay, and they won't even cough up money for a better anti-cheap than an indie developer.

What's the point? What's the actual point? With all honesty, this is probably a good thing. Hear me out. I know everybody's going to say what you know: cheaters getting the tools How's this a good thing? You know this isn't logical. Hear me out. It's a good thing because maybe it'll open their freaking eyes and they will finally see that, you know, this is cheating.

modern warfare 3 cheaters

The problem is maybe a little bit more of a problem than they thought it was, and they shouldn't be investing money into an anti-cheat that's made for trolling people; they should more so be investing that money into an anti-cheat that will actually detect this BS, and get it out of the game as soon as possible and the only way that their eyes will be open, is if the cheating problem gets worse and worse and worse to the point where players just stop playing the game you know I hate to say it.

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