News - This Could Be Very Bad For Warzone

This could be bad news for the future of warzone

This could be bad news for the future of warzone

ladies and gentlemen. There's no denying that, you know. War Zone's always got some controversy going on, whether it is skill-based matchmaking, the servers, cheaters, or some crazy stupid broken gun. There's always something that people are hunting for a reason to complain about, and some of it's justified, some of it's definitely reaching in some cases, but there's been a new topic of discussion within the War Zone Community since the launch of MW3.

War Zone, and I think objectively. It is not great news if it's something that continues to evolve and eventually potentially comes to fruition. So today we're diving into the details and breaking down how it could potentially be very harmful for the war zone's future.

The new bot controversy in warzone gameplay

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are bots in

Patch notes meta breakdowns All things going on in COD are right here, but what we're talking about today is AI and bot players in War Zone, and you might be saying, Why are we talking about AI? It's been in the game for some time. Obviously, War Zone 2 sort of completely revolutionized the war zone because we had the implementation of strongholds, where those were actively patrolled by AI players.

We had the black sites with like the Juggernaut in them, and we've had AI players in War Zone for the better part of, you know, the past year, and obviously that's not really something that exists much here in MW3. War Zone, while there are still strongholds, and whatnot; they're not as frequent by any means, or the black sight's not as frequent, and whatnot, so it's not something you're constantly seeing in the game.

However, what we're talking about here is a different kind of AI. This is far, far worse now. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of there being any AI or bot players on the map to begin with. You're like, Am I getting shot at? There's a team behind us. We got to go push them, and then you go out of your way to do that, and it's just bots, and then you've exposed yourself on the map, and another team's going to come in as a third party, you right, like there were just so many negative associations and connotations with the AI and the bots from War Zone 2, that they're just not something a lot of players enjoy seeing in the game, but now there's been.

Does warzone have ai bots replacing players?

Does warzone have ai bots replacing players?

There have been a lot of rumors recently about AI bots replacing actual players in a match of War Zone. So say you have 99 players in a game, and suddenly it's not actually 99 real players; it's 95 players and maybe four AI bots. Well, that might not seem like much; it's something that, personally, I don't view as a good thing whatsoever.

If it were to come to fruition now, keep in mind that, like I said, this is rumors and speculation. I know there's been a lot of conversation about this with people claiming they have, you know, hard evidence that there's AI being put into the multiplayer games or that they found an AI player in War Zone because they weren't shooting back and they were just like running in circles.

are bots in mw3

James Crowder pro Player Crowder posted a tweet the other day about what he thought was an AI bot in War Zone that was shooting a shotgun, just missing everything, not even resembling, you know, a competitive player whatsoever, which is who you know. Pro players like Crowder should be finding it in their games with the cranked skill-based matchmaking that we have, and players actually dug deeper and found the account in question and realized this is actually a real person; they're just an Xbox player, and they're not very good at COD it is right.

However, that tweet has since been deleted from Crowder, but Modern War Zone initially quoted it with some interesting information. Modern War Zone said this has been evidenced for weeks now that the framework for AI being added to the war zone is at least being worked on. I wouldn't be surprised if AI were already in war zone matches at this point.

This seems to be the standard for all BRS now, so this has been something that has circulated throughout the past year. I want to say there were some other insiders that might have been valves. I might be misremembering that, but I know there was other information that came back, you know, a couple months ago, saying that Call of Duty was potentially looking into adding in AI to replace players in Battle Royale, and as Modern War Zone says in that tweet, other battle royals have done this.

Most notably, Fortnite has AI bots in their game that you can actually fight, and they do behave somewhat like usual players. And that, at least to my knowledge, has not gone over great for those who actively play and enjoy Fortnite, and if we are in this scenario where this would exist, keep in mind that we've only known that there's evidence for the framework of it according to Modern War Zone, so this means that they have done work to potentially implement this; it's not something that's confirmed to be in the game, so definitely don't you know mix up those two and base your conclusion off of that; it simply is something they've looked into and at least built up a framework and a groundwork you know blueprint for.

Ai bots could be very bad for warzone␦

Ai bots could be very bad for warzone␦

I guess you could say and see if that scenario does come to fruition. It's just not going to be great for War Zone, in my opinion, and if you go and read the response to that tweet, it seems like it's the mutual opinion of a lot of players. Basically, it takes away from the point of the game.

I know for one, I'm not a big Fortnite player. I do think they do awesome things, and they're definitely very innovative in the space, but in the few times that I've gone back and played Fortnite in the past year or so, whenever they've added in bots, you can play these games, and it's like. Okay, there's a squad in front of us.

We're going to push him. We take him out. It's like that felt really rewarding. They weren't real players; they were bots, so those kills don't really mean much to me anymore. I thought I was doing something cool, like actually outplaying someone and outbuilding someone or out maneuvering someone, and I wasn't.

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