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All season 3 leaked upcoming camos

All season 3 leaked upcoming camos

Welcome back to a brand new article, and in this one, we're going to go over all the unreleased camos that we have in the files right now and will be releasing very soon. We're also going to talk about the brand new season 3 camos. There are a lot of them, and we actually know how you're going to be able to unlock them, what they look like, and when they're going to be available.

I got all the details for you guys here in today's article. A quick reminder: I did a similar article to this, but with free operators, that you're going to be able to claim starting right now as well as in the future of season 3. We have over 10 different operators and bundles, and you definitely don't want to miss out on them, so I'll have that available in the description.

Check it out after this article before we get into it.

Golden cheetah $100 camo gameplay showcase

The very first camo that we have is called the Golden Cheetah. This is an early showcase of what that camo is going to look like; it looks really sick. Sadly, it's not animated; there's different angles that you can see here; it definitely does glow depending on the lighting and where you're at, and it's super bright in terms of the golden color.

It says free in-game content if you go over to the Call of Duty Shop website. This will pop up; it will say gold cheetah. Maximize your loadout and spend $100. Your gold cheetah weapon cam will arrive soon. Codes will be delivered via email to the email address provided when ordering. Delivery is not instant.

Codes will be distributed upon fulfillment of the complete order and may be delayed by product availability, so if you are interested in it, you have to go to the Call of Duty shop and just spend $100. And then they will send you a code, which you can redeem at {729}, and then you will end up getting this.

Allegiances animated camo early gameplay showcase

Allegiances animated camo early gameplay showcase

Camo The next camo that we have will actually be animated; this is called Allegiances. It has a bunch of different blue icons, and they're actually just moving all around. You can see this from the footage, and what to do to unlock it is to complete all eight weekly challenges, very similar to the rotten Inferno camo that was available in season 2.

This time, it's going to be this one, if you're interested in getting it. Start your weekly challenges early because once the last week of season 3 starts, you only have one window to complete the week eight challenges and any other weeks prior to that you haven't completed yet, and then it goes away permanently once the season 4 update starts.

This is what the animated cam will look like; we got early footage of it. The next thing that we have is war zone rank season 3 camos.

All warzone rebirth ranked camo early gameplay showcase

animated camo free

Depending on the rank that you place at your very peak, say, for example, the highest rank you placed was diamond, and then you fell down to gold, you will unlock the diamond camo, and every single rank will have a different color to match that theme.

Unfortunately, they're not animated until you get to Iridiscent. So you have gold, you have plat, you have diamond, you have crimson, and they're just flatout, solid camos, which are like a topographic type of style that they got going on, and then once you get the iridiscent, they actually start looking insane.

This might be an early preview of an animated version of it, and it looks like a 420 type of event; it has all these different colors, and it just looks really sick. I thought this might be an early preview of the new mastery camos that Call of Duty ended up announcing. If you guys don't know about that, I'm going to cover it in a little bit more detail towards the end of the article, but if this is what the iridiscent camo will look like, then there's the top 250.

That will also be animated, and in order to unlock these, you're going to have to be really good and place IR ricent or top 250, so this camo is going to be pretty exclusive. And not many people are going to be able to unlock it unless you're skilled enough to get to these rings. If you want to go through these camos and see them for yourself, you can go through the war zone ring tab and check them out.

2 season 3 warzone nuke camo early gameplay showcase

2 season 3 warzone nuke camo early gameplay showcase

The next camo that we have is going to be available on Rebirth Island, and this will require you to do the Rebirth New Contract Quest. If you fully complete that contract, you will be able to not only unlock that operator that we talked about yesterday, but you will actually end up getting this camo.

Unfortunately, it's not the best one—probably, in my opinion, one of the worst camos in this entire article—but you have to do some of the hardest work in order to unlock it. It's not animated, it's not reactive, and it doesn't even have bright colors. It's just like a regular, typical standard camo.

Yeah, that's it, but this is what it will look like in an orange and blue type of color. The good news is that this isn't the only Quest camo that you can unlock. If you actually do the nuke on your extend, there's a new camo called the nuking hazard that you're going to be able to get. This one is a lot brighter; you have pink, purple, and blue.

A little bit of yellow and orange It's not animated. I wasn't able to get any footage of it, but I was able to confirm that it's not an animated article, and these are the photos that we have of it. You think this one's way better than the other.

Daily login welcome to the mainframe camo showcase

The next camo that we have is called Welcome to the Mainframe.

In order to unlock it, you will have to do the daily logins. With the biometric scanners, there's 10 of them spread around the map on Rebirth Island. You have to go there every single real-life day, scan it, and get a key card. You don't have to do anything with the key card. As long as you scan that biometric scanner, it will count for the day.

Every couple days, you'll end up getting a reward. The final reward after 27 days of doing this will unlock this brand new camo, jumping into the next one that we have.

Binary morality animated camo early gameplay showcase

Binary morality animated camo early gameplay showcase

This is actually an animated article; this is called the binary morality event camo, and that's right, this is going to be a part of an event, probably one of the better camos that they've added with this update.

It's fully animated in red, black, and yellow, and on top of that, this is going to be a free camo that you can unlock. You don't have to do anything crazy; it's going to be a part of the virus. Mainframe, vortex, and event The event is currently scheduled after this high-trip event that we have going on right now, so you can probably expect it to be around 2 weeks from now.

ALL Season 3 FREE Event Camos EARLY GAMEPLAY Showcase Modern Warfare 3.
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