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With all being said, guys, let's jump into today's article and discuss everything in regards to this event. So Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone season 3 did begin as mentioned on April 3rd, and with that being said. Modern Warfare 3 season 3 is here, and it comes with tons of new events as mentioned now with new rewards to win in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone.

Today we'll go over, like I said, all the newest events and their rewards you can use and earn in Modern Warfare 3. Ready to see what's next for Modern Warfare 3? Then here's what you need to know about the 420 event release date, guys. That is literally tomorrow. And this was supposed to be coming on Saturday, I believe, but it has been brought forward to tomorrow, so on Wednesday, the 10th of April.

With that being said, we are going to get the Grow House 24/7 playlist timer, which confirms that April 10th has the launch date, while the battle pass timer reflects a challenge event that also begins this Wednesday, obviously with the blaze 20 and the blaze up 420. The event, obviously, is going to interact with the absolutely awesome Grow House map, which is a pretty cool-looking and fun map to go ahead and play now.

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Season 3 is adding several 6v6 multiplayer maps, including Grow House, which is basically the SFIA from Call of Duty Vanguard, and the map is currently available to play in private matches in the recent season 3 Creator call sled. Jammer confirmed a 420 event was originally planned and cut for Vanguard, however, which resulted in the map's athletic being changed to sphere, and I really liked the maps for you in Vanguard as well.

That was a very good map. Now we are going to be getting the new get high limited time mode game mode, and this is going to be similar to the free run from Black Ops 3, a parkour experience that is coming to Modern Warfare 3, which appears to imply the player is absolutely cooked for 420. Now we are going to be getting some bundles for the 420 Blaze Up event, so we're going to get two 420-inspired bundles, and these are scheduled to release in the first half of season 3, including a crossover with cheek and Kong, so we are going to get a cheek operator.

blaze up event challenges

Kong operator still smoking tracers uping smoke def effect danst MTZ 556, assault r aing. HMR 9 SMG. Mellow and mild hay makers shotgun secondhand smoke finishing move B Mello and cheek, Chong's Seltzer weapon charms, and Blump Bod's loading screen We're also going to get Stony Sloth as well. Now that Stony Sloth is going to be priced, it does look like a pretty cool-looking operator skin.

In all fairness, you will get the blazed traces, ding dong, your bong death effect, High-hitter WSP, Swarm SMG, Toque and Smoke XRK, and stalker sniper rifle leafy greens. large Deco Slow Rolling weapon sticker, slow and unsteady animated emblem, letter-rip weapon charm, and 1 hour of battle pass XP token So the blaze-up challenge event, then, guys, is exclusive to Modern Warfare 3.

A challenge event called Blaze Up is scheduled to launch on April 10th, as mentioned, allowing players to unlock an animated blueprint. Now players can preview the animated D's blueprint via the bottom right of the Modern Warfare 3 Road M map or within the screen that you'll see as well. I'll try and get some footage of it so you guys can see that right up on screen.

cheech and chong mw3 bundle

The list of challenges then has been leaked, so you'll need to stay tuned for further updates as new information is discovered, so you'll be able to get 25, so 25 operators kill with an e-cup frag or thermal grenade. Get 40 operator kills with a dragon's breath attachment equipped while sliding or crouching, and 25 operator clean kills with a Kimbo attachment.

Equipped 10 operator quick scope kills with the stalker boots perk equipped 20 operator kills well in smoke with the Jack purifier, attachment equipped 20 operator kills with tear gas with the T The mass perk is equivalent. Use the stutter or battle rage. 15 times, get four operator kills within 20 seconds in one life; two times, get 10 operator stuck grenade kills with the grenade vest equipped.

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Get 20 operator direct impact launcher kills and also deploy an inflatable decoy field upgrade. 15 times with the engineer vest equipped now—that's something you'll need to do for multiplayer zombies. You'll need to get 250 kills with the stamina active to kill three Abominations. Kill 50 hellhounds with shotguns.

Get 80 critical kills with snipers, Maxman, or battle rifles. Get 200 kills shortly after reloading with speed. Coler is active and has completed four contracts. Destroy four vehicles and get 400 kills with a well-known weapon. Destroy three harvester orbs. Get 50 brain-rot zombie kills. Get 30 mercenary critical kills.

Now there's also going to be a high trip. Limited time mode, so according to a leak, War Zone is getting an exclusive playlist to celebrate the 420, currently named High Trip. Then, guys, with some events, challenges, and rewards, you'll be able to go ahead and get them all, so reduce the reaction timer to a total of 100 seconds.

In a single resurgence, match trade two key cards from a biometric scanner at a buy station or 20 loot catches in a single resurgence, match on Rebirth Island, and activate the boot horn near the factory on Rebirth Island. Use Squad Rage on all your teammates at once to complete five spy drone contracts during infill or redeploy.

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Landing the gondola using the parachute on Rebirth Island eliminates eight players while having an active Power Up Gummy in High Trip Resurgence. Have all four power-up gummies active at once in a high-trip resurgence. collect 50 gummies in high-trip Resurgence, and buy four players back from the by station in Resurgence.

So all the blaze up event rewards, then it appears there's a total of 11 different rewards for the blaze up event players have the choice of unlocking in each reward in either of the three modes, so the rewards you can get then guys are double XP token consumable. Hot out of the oven weapon sticker weedon.

Wilson kill streak skin high as a duck weapon charm seeing sound weapon sticker utterly inspiring, animated emblem, you're out of this world animated calling card double weapon XP token every second an hour weapon Deco. You'll get a battle pass in Tscape and a double battle pass XP token, so that's a lot of rewards that you guys can go ahead and get, but as a reward for winning a match in the war zone.

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High Tra Limited. Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted. I'm back at full-time work, so I am pretty tired most days, but there's going to be daily content coming back. I finally worked out a schedule anyway, guys.

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