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Early gameplay of a new weapon update

Early gameplay of a new weapon update

Now, speaking of aftermarket parts Warzone Mobile actually gave us a bit of a preview of an upcoming aftermarket part that'll be for the BP50 assault rifle. This part will actually turn it into an SMG kit, in which it'll then fire 9 mm rounds through a 60-round drop. But I think it's interesting that One Mobile has often given us a bit of a preview of upcoming content before it's actually been either revealed in a blog post or revealed through the main Call of Duty series, you know.

Modern Warfare 2, 3, or even the regular war zone experience. So that's something cool to look forward to. I'm sure it'll end up being a reward for completing some weekly challenges, or they'll throw it into maybe the classified battle pass sector. Eventually, we'll just have to wait and see how this other aftermarket part does end up getting dropped, but the BP50 is a ton of fun in season 2 and one of the best weapons in the game right now, so I can't imagine what this SMG kit is going to be.


New release date of warzone mobile␦

actually do to it, but speaking of War Zone Mobile, in case you guys were wondering what is going on with the release of that game. I've gotten questions about War Zone Mobile quite often, actually over the last year and a half if you guys aren't aware. Back at COD next for Modern Warfare 2, which was a long time ago, they ended up revealing the War Zone Mobile experience, and they showed us gameplay of Verdansk, and the game wasn't nearly ready to release.

But it looked a lot different at the time compared to what it looks like right now, and then, in the beginning. I think it was, ah, maybe March or April of MWW's life cycle somewhere around there. Wars Mobile started rolling out in very specific regions, but we just never got confirmation as to when that was going to end up dropping in North America, so we've been waiting a long time for Wars One Mobile.

Then, what do you know over at COD X for Modern Warfare 3? I actually got my hands on the War Zone mobile experience for the very first time, and I absolutely loved it. Verance looked better than ever; the game was incredibly smooth, and it was played on a more recent iPhone launch, so still, at Kodx MW3, we didn't have an actual release date for War Zone Mobile, at least for North America.

Season 3 wz mobile integration for mw3

Season 3 wz mobile integration for mw3

However, it was slated for spring 2024. Launch: we didn't get a specific date from that, but ever since then, the game itself has rolled out in just about every other region or at least a lot of populated regions that play Call of Duty, so almost everybody around the world is able to play Wars on Mobile just except for North America, but it does look like Wars on Mobile is finally just around the corner as leakers have found references to the fact that game is going to be dropping close to season 3 of MW3, and War Zone, which right now is confirmed to launch on April 2nd, so with that in mind, we have something called the Operation Day Zero event, which actually will be live across War Zone Mobile.

Operation day zero event coming soon

Modern Warfare 3 and regular war zone So in terms of the description for this event, it just surfaced a couple of days ago that War Zone Mobile will launch with the Day Zero event, which has players working together to unlock community rewards. In the game, you have to join Operation Day Zero and fight your way through the War Zone alongside the War Zone Mobile community. So this may be a community event where there's just certain milestones that have to be hit, and then as a community we hit those together, but maybe there's also a series of challenges you have to do specifically while playing War Zone Mobile, where you have to go in to get x amount of kills, get a win, or whatever the case is, and then you'll unlock a series of rewards.

Rewards include skins, a camo & more

Rewards include skins, a camo & more

I have an article on detonated doccom, which will end up being updated over the next couple of weeks as we get more information here, but the rewards appear to include an OP operator skin and even a universal camo, which reportedly is tied to the event, but again, it's not confirmed, and there's some other cosmetics in there, like.

I think it's weapon decals; we have emblems. I think charms a colony card, so it's going to be a pretty cool event that I don't believe will have us actually doing anything within Modern Warfare 3 or War Zone but rather something as a community in War Zone Mobile that'll give us cool rewards for MW3, in War Zone, but once the game fully launches globally.

The wzm launch is crazier than you think

It's of course a free download and everybody has a phone so I don't think it'll be a problem just hopping onto that while you're on the train on the bus on the toilet in bed, just do a couple of easy tasks like get kills or whatever the challenges, so we can all get some badass rewards together for the main Call of Duty Series , so that's what's happening with operation day Zero but I also want to mention when it comes to war zone mobile, the leaks are going to be a lot more rampant moving forward at least for the next couple of years data miners already go through war zone mobile quite a bit and there's people out there that have found certain methods to play the game early even if they're not in North America but live here so I think it's only going to get crazier like I said even with the launch of Black Ops 2024.

Everything has a shared database now, right? Everything's essentially spawned from the MW engine, so there's leaks inside of One Mobile for Black Ops 2024.

Vaulted maps coming to warzone mobile?

Vaulted maps coming to warzone mobile?

I mean, if they end up which they're going to cycling asika or vondal in whatever way they want, I know they'll still be playable for DMZ if you have that downloaded. Then I figured maybe they just go ahead and throw all the VAED maps into War Zone Mobile, and I mentioned this to War Zone Mobile developers back at Codex.

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