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It has been 2 years since we last saw one of the best finishing moves in Call of Duty Vanguard, and today, just like Palpatine, somehow it's returned and it looks even better than the old one. This guy is the Kong Tracer pack, a seven-item bundle worth 2,400 C points. It comes with the Kong armor skin to scorch the description on the back, which is to embrace your inner beast and wreck havoc with this operator skin.

I really like the design of this skin. It's a big, chunky boy, but it's got some nice subnet designs along the body, and it says Kong on the back, which is going to look really good in third-person mode. But let's not waste any more time and check out Kong's knuckle sandwich finishing. Easy, so that is the Kong finishing move.

Absolutely peak gaming right there. It is easily one of the top five best finishing moves in Modare 3 so far. Also, I want you to take a look at what it looks like if you're the one being executed, because I think it looks even better from the enemy's perspective. For the camos, in my opinion, mastery camos don't look at all that great except for maybe Interstellar and Borealis, so I'd recommend sticking with solid-color camos if you want to change them.

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Moving on, that leaves us with the bow to no one large decal. Here's a better look for it on the riot shield, the mini Kong weapon, and the new Empire loading. Screen, right now I'm going to jump into some war zone with the weapons and try and pull off some finishes and hopefully get some cool reactions, and hopefully, of course, okay, go face our final opponent, eh, in the water.

That is actually a horrendous spot for him, because I got shocked, so if they get a shock charge in the water, they will take damage. CU, you know electricity and water are conductive, and he is. Thanks for sticking around, boys. If you like the article, make sure to give us a like and give us a sub.

You know all that jazz and all that fun stuff.

Godzilla X Kong The New Empire. Kong Tracer Pack. Operator - Kong Armor. Bruen MK9 - Titan Tech Rifle B.
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