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I always find it really fun and enjoyable to try something totally different, and that's what many of these aftermarket parts tend to offer. So in today's article, we're going to be taking a break from my typical fact-based breakdown sort of article, and this one's just going to be for fun. I wanted to share a list of a bunch of aftermarket parts that I would love to see going forward in Modern Warfare 3 at some point.

Now I'm not necessarily going to be tying this to specific guns and saying that I want this gun to have this kit; instead. Also, another thing I want to point out is that most of these are actually inspired by guns that we have already seen in the past in the Call of Duty franchise, but some of these we haven't seen for many, many years.

And I do think it would be interesting to see them added to Modern Warfare 3, or at least something like them. Let's dive right on my list is the first thing I would love to see added to the game that I thought was really interesting: we saw back in Call of Duty ghosts, and it returned with infinite warfare.

This is a kit that would act like the Ripper SMG. So I would like to see this on an existing SMG in the game, but effectively, with this, you were able to toggle between SMG mode and assault rifle mode, so that made it a hybrid gun that you could toggle on the fly if you're going into a close-range engagement situation and swap over to SMG mode.

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If you want to take a gunfight at longer ranges, you can hit a button, and a different site will even pop up on it when you swap over to that mode. And now it's in assault rifle mode with different fire rates, different damage profiles, and everything, and that's just something I'd love to see return.

I think it would fit well as an aftermarket part, potentially, or who knows, maybe even just a brand new gun in the game. In either case, it's just something I really enjoyed playing with back in those days. It made for a really interesting gameplay experience to be able to swap between those modes on the fly.

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Next up, let's get into the lmg category, and something that I feel is really missing from the lmg category in this game is a three-shot kill super slow fire rate lmg. And that's something I feel could fit quite nicely with a kit as well, so have that rate of fire balanced. I don't know roughly 430, 450 rounds per minute with a three-shot kill, which will give us a very competitive time to kill potential assuming we're hitting our shots, but with a super slow fire rate, it would also be extremely unforgiving where the moment you miss one shot, your time to kill now skyrockets.

I was actually very surprised to see that we don't have anything like that in this game, and I think it would be an excellent addition and something that could be really easily tacked on to one of the lmgs that we've already got in the game. Next up, let's move into the sniper rifle category, and something I was thinking about with sniper rifles is that we don't really have any sniper rifles that have an interesting firing mechanic as of right now; they're all pretty basic; you fire your shot, you get your kill, and this got me thinking back to Black Ops 3 with the p06.


Sniper rifle, and with this one it was a charge three-round burst sniper rifle, so there was a bit of a pre-fire delay where you had to sort of hold down that trigger before it would actually fire, but then when it did, it would fire a really quick three-round burst and a very tight grouping, and that had a tendency to lead to some very consistent one-round burst kills with that even at really long ranges, and I really enjoyed using that gun.

I thought it was very interesting; it was a nice change of pace from the typical sniper rifles, and there's a nice extra tracking skill. Gap with that as well, because the shot doesn't fire immediately when you pull a trigger. You have to stay on target as you're pulling the trigger and track your target until the gun actually goes off, and I think this is perfectly suited to being added as a kit to an existing sniper rifle in this game.

I don't think you'd need a brand new gun or anything. Just add a kit like this, and honestly, it doesn't even need to be a three-round burst, even just a charged onot, sniper rifle with a really good one-shot kill potential. I think that could be a lot of fun, and it could really mix things up and add something interesting to the sniper rifle category that we don't currently have.


After that, let's talk a little bit about shotguns and something I think would be interesting. Edition is a kit that forces you to use a slug, but in doing so, it could actually be a very solid method of using a slug, like better than if you were to just select the slug attachment. Because honestly, in this game, the slugs on shotguns are just generally not that great for Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer.


You can kind of make them work but you're generally just going to be better off without the slug, so I think adding a slug kit to like the model 680 for instance and making that a really solid choice so you could actually be quite consistent, with it but then of course balancing it appropriately, by maybe locking off certain other attachment slots cuz you can do that with the kits in this game or just providing key downsides that compensate for the fact that you'll actually have a very consistent one shot kill slug shotgun that's just an area that I feel is pretty severely lacking in this game currently, and I mean when you look at something like the Longbow and how powerful that is as a sniper rifle, why can't we have a slug shotgun that's at least reasonably, good I'm not even saying it should be as good as the Jack Tyrant kit on the Longbow but just something that's at least a whole lot more viable than we currently have access to when it comes to slug shotguns.

Next up, getting back into the LMG category, something I feel is lacking that would be really well suited to an aftermarket part would be a chainsaw kit, so you're always locked into hipfire, but you can kind of aim down sight but not actually aim down sight for a slightly tighter spread. I think that could be really interesting, especially if they balance some of the other stats accordingly.


Of course, a big thing that pops into my mind is that we have stance in this game, which in a way means that you can kind of turn any gun into the same sort of performance as what we saw with the previous LMG chain. Hits in the past where you had your regular HP fire or your slightly tighter hit fire as you tried to aim down sight, CU, you couldn't get fully aimed down sight.

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