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So I'm giving you guys the top five best meta loadouts for Rebirth Island War Zone. These are going to be everything that you guys need, especially after the buffs and nerfs, so we're going to get right into it. We're going to start out with the RAM 7even, and then the second thing is the Renetti.

We're going to start with it. Throw on the cast's break for horizontal recoil and firing aim stability. You do lose some aim-down sight speed, which is not a big deal. I think that this is the best choice overall until they Nerf it, and I honestly don't see them Nerfing it, like the caste break has been in the game and solid for a long time, so if they Nerf it''s really disappointing.

Next, put on the Cronin headwind long barrel for bullet velocity, range aiming out, and firing aim tability. You lose some hip fire and tact, spread aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed. But here's the thing: if you don't want to use that, you can use the XRK, Cor Mark 40 heavy barrel for gun kit control, aiming out way, bullet velocity, range, and recoil control.

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You lose sprint to fire speed, hit fire, and attack stance spread at a smaller amount. Aim for walking speed and sprint speed. If you compare the two, it kind of seems like this is more optimal, but you get way more bullet velocity in range with the Cronin headwind-long barrel. As you guys see, it's 25, 21, and 22, versus 13, 12, and 15.

It's completely up to you, whichever one you want to pick. Put on the Brun heavy support grip for gun kick control. Amy's horizontal recoil and firing aim stability come at the cost of aim-down sight speed and vertical recoil, which are already taken care of with this gun's absolutely amazing build.

Put on the 60-round drum for magazine emmo capacity. I mean, there's just no better alternative. I think overall, no matter what game mode you play, you should honestly use a 60-round I know in previous articles I've said well you can use the 40 if da, but nah. I think overall you should use the 60 round drum; it's honestly the best possible choice, and the last thing is the HS 3.4, pad for gun kick control and recoil control.

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At the cost of sprint speed and sprint of fire speed, this weapon is still ridiculous and busted, and despite any sort of damage that was done to it, it's just an absolutely amazing weapon. It takes no effort to use this gun. I know a lot of people are trying to cop out and use this other gun that I'm going to show you guys in the article, but honestly, this thing still gets the job done very easily.

It's still my number-one choice, but I see a lot of people using the other gun that I'm going to show you guys. So here's the entire class setup for the RAM 7; please take a picture screenshot or anything. Along those lines, if you guys have made it this far already. I want you guys to comment that what I made next is the renetti, and this is actually taking over the war zone right now, like everybody I go up against now is using a renetti, which is kind of sad and really sucks.

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I think they're going to Nerf this pretty quick, but here's the class setup for it: throw on the zon 35 compensated flash header for shorter radar pings, vertical recoil, horizontal recoil, and firing stability at the cost of aim downside speed and bullet velocity in a 50-round drum This is just the best possible choice you can have.

30 and 24 aren't worth it. Make sure you guys have the 50, considering this is an SMG (Bron Onslaught assault grip) for firing aim stability guns. Ki control and Reco control at the cost of aiming idle Sway, and this is my personal preference for the NER model 2023. If you guys don't need sight, then feel free to throw on anything else that you guys want to, and I think this is obvious, but you guys need the aftermarket parts, which is a Jack Ferocity Carbine Kit.

This makes it fully automatic, helps with stance, and increases bullet velocity and range substantially. And aiming out of sweat—this is the big thing. Check this out; it increases the range for everything by over 30%, which is absolutely ridiculous and makes this honestly the best SMG in the game.

best smg

So here's the entire class setup right here. This is exactly what you need for close-range gunfights, and I honestly don't think anybody can lose with this SMG going against another SMG. I don't see any other weapon beating it, like HRM, which is really good, but I don't think that it's going to beat the Retti.

I think this actually has the fastest ttk. So make sure you guys, like I said, take a screenshot. Whatever you guys have to do, number three is the subverter. I absolutely love this weapon, and I made it optimal for people that want the absolute meta build, though on the cast is break L for horizontal recall and firing stability at the cost of aim-down sight speed.

This is the best choice overall. I mean, you can use the VT7 spirit fire suppressor L for being undetectable by the radar recoil control and bullet velocity at the cost of aim down s side speed, aim walk con stain this, and sprint of fire speed, especially if you want to stay off the radar but C this break L.


I just think you should make sure you have no recoil. Well, yeah, overall no recoil, but this keeps you off the map, so whichever one you want completely up to you, put on the Dozer 90 Lan barrel for bullet velocity and range firing aim stability and gun kit control well and recoil control at the cost of aim walking speed spit to fire speed aim walking stus and aim downside speed.

I have no reason why I would ever choose the fervor, 762. I just think that this is the best possible choice overall, Jack. Glassless optics: this is what a lot of people are running now, especially for this gun. I think a lot of people like it for the meta, so throw it on there; it helps with precision sight and firing aim stability.

You lose some aim-down sight speed, but you won't notice it. A 50-round drum is the best possible choice. I really do not recommend using the 30-round mag. I don't see a reason that you would ever use 30 over 50, so make sure you guys have this on there, and last but not least, the motion. B2 heavy stock for recoil control and gun kick control at the cost of aim-down sight speed and sprint-to-fire speed I cannot wait to show you guys how broken this weapon is.

meta loadout 3

It has no recoil and it's absolutely insane, so right here in the firing range. I just have to show you guys that it doesn't take any effort to actually use this gun; it's ridiculously good at all ranges, especially with the fact that I guess the ram got nerfed for the legs. This is pretty optimal because it didn't get Nerf to the legs.

TOP 5 META Loadouts in Warzone Rebirth Island! Warzone Best Loadouts - MW3.
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