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This is the series where I go into great detail with all the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're going to be covering the striker—not the striker 9, but the striker 45.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

And starting it off as always, let's get into our damage profile. As you can see here, it's going to be a 4–7 shot kill; however, in order to get that four-shot kill, we will have to hit at least half of our shots to the upper torso or arm.

Now at mid-ranges doesn't really matter where you shoot them in the body it'll be a five to six shot kill and then in the minimum damage range at really long ranges you have to hit at least five of your shots to the upper torso or arms so it can potentially drop off to an eight shot kill if you don't, then when it comes to head shot in the maximum damage range head shots are literally useless they will never cut down the number of shots to kill, however in that second damage range if you mix just one head shot in with upper torso shots it will maintain a four shot kill potential , after that let's get into our rate of fire which is quite slow for an SMG at 645.

Rate of fire & time to kill

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Rounds per minutes and what this means is with a four shot kill it's going to kill in 279. Milliseconds which is a highly competitive time to kill however that will drop all the way off to 558.

Ranges & velocity

Milliseconds, in that seven shot kill range, and speaking of ranges let's have a look at it here as we can see that four shot kill range will extend out to 19 M.

Which is amazing for an SMG. This is actually the best maximum damage range out of any of the SMGs. You may notice in the advanced stats in game it still States it's like 9 M or so that was the pre PCH value and that doesn't actually apply I double and triple check this it is 19 m not that 9 M so you can pretty much just ignore that stat and on top of that our bullet velocity is 540, m/s, which is quite solid for an SMG at least if you keep yourself within the effective ranges of this gun that should never be an issue for you but if you start trying to stretch things out a lot you will start to notice that bullet velocity holding you back as for hardcore we get a guaranteed one shot kill anywhere in the body out to about 26 M, whereas we maintain a One-Shot kill potential to the head out to about 35 M, and this isn't so bad for an SMG.



As for hitfire, we're basically bang on average with both our standing hipfire spread and our maximum hitfire spread with this, and that's a good thing because SMGs have quite solid hitfire in this game.


And now let's get into our recoil, which is quite solid for an SMG in this game. One thing I will say that's a little weird is that after the first shot that you fired, it always tends to kick pretty hard to the left, and that may throw you off in some scenarios, especially at really long ranges against somebody on a head glitch, but outside of that, it does tend to itself, and then it just kind of very slowly zigzags upward from there with very small spacing between each shot, making the vertical portion of the recoil very easy to control.

Handling & reload add time

I would recommend leaning a bit into the horizontal recoil, especially for that weird recoil after the first shot that you fire , but next up, let's get into our handling stats, and we've got a great aim-down sight speed after the most recent patch with season 1 at 215 milliseconds. Finally, for handling, let's have a look at our reload ad time, which is quite nice at 1.39 seconds.



And then finally, for the base stats of this gun, let's have a look at our mobility stats. Across the board, this is right around average for SMGs.

Striker - all around accuracy build

There's just nothing out of the ordinary here; it's got solid movement speeds all around, but none of them really stand out in any way , and with that, it's finally time to move into some excellent attachment combinations, and the first one I want to share with you guys is a great accuracy build.

With this, we're using the T4 LR saber compensator, the DR6 hand stop, the Striker Elite long barrel, the Mark III reflector, and the Lochman Recon stock. With all of this combined, we get a ridiculously. accurate gun on our hands; it kicks basically straight upward. Now we've almost eliminated any horizontal recoil, and for an SMG, especially, that is an incredible recoil pattern, so even at really long ranges, you should be able to hit people just fine with this setup.

On top of this, somehow I managed to slightly improve the aim-down sight speed while also massively improving our recoil, which is amazing; it's now 210 milliseconds. Our Sprint out time is very slightly slower, but it's such a small change that you probably wouldn't even notice a difference, and I mean, it's still better than average for an SMG, and on top of all of that, we get a very slight range increase of 6.7%. So this one, while I call it my accuracy build, it's also just a great all-around build because it's not like you're really sacrificing much in order to gain this amazing accuracy, and this is definitely one of my favorite ways to use the striker, assuming I don't mind popping up on the radar, and that's where the second setup comes in.

Striker - stealth build

Striker - stealth build

This is my stealth build with the striker, and with this we have the shadow strike suppressor once again, the dr6 hand stop a 48-round magazine, the RB crois assault stock, and then finally. I put the Mark III reflector on here. I wanted to use this without an optic because it's designed more for aggressive flanking, for instance, but I just really don't like the rear sight on this.

Our sprint-out time has also improved a little bit to 92 milliseconds. And to top that off, we're staying off the radar; we've got a larger magazine, so you don't have to be reloading as often. You can just keep pushing through an enemy spawn, for instance, and killing player after player after player without getting a reload, and I just find this is a great way to run the striker if you want to play with that more aggressive stealthy play style, and then finally, this leaves us with one last build, and this is a much more niche build.

Striker - strafe build

Striker - strafe build

This is my Striker strafing build, and it also has incredible movement speeds across the board. In fact, our base walking movement speed is as fast as the base Sprint speed with this gun, which is ridiculously fast. With this one, we're using the striker stubby. Barrel The XRK Edge bw4 hand grip has no stock attachment.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the Striker.
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