News - Warzone: The Major Rebirth Island Update

The major rebirth island update in warzone

The major rebirth island update in warzone

ladies and gentlemen. Reportedly, in just a couple of weeks, we are going to see one of the most highly requested updates in war zone history drop, and that, of course, is the return of Rebirth Island in War Zone. By far, rebirth and verdansk are the two most requested maps to ever come back in the war zone every single day.

It's hey any news of verdance coming back or any word on rebirth coming back, and with season three, all the leaks and rumors up until this point are saying rebirth is returning with the seasonal update, which is set to take place on April 3rd, so yes, we are just a couple of weeks out potentially.

The rebirth island return date for warzone 3

If all things come to fruition, from playing on Rebirth Island , once again, and today I wanted to go through and break down everything we currently know about the Rebirth Island update and various different things to expect some good Some may be potentially bad or rough depending on how exactly you view them, but hopefully, it all pays off in the end and is maybe the best resurgence and rebirth experience that we've seen to date, so as we jump into all the details If you are new to the channel, every single day I get you covered with all things going on in Call of Duty news updates.

Rebirth island map rotation with warzone␙s playlist updates

Rebirth island map rotation with warzone␙s playlist updates

Offering to date, and that to me says that, well, yes, we've had a lot of controversy recently with the various playlist updates and map rotations between. Resurgence, specifically with Ukhan. POI Ashika vondal and fortunes keep that rebirth is just going to be added to the mix if they're saying it's going to be the Lar largest war zone map pool ever or map rotation ever, that would imply that yes, we could be cycling between rebirth and fortunes keep and vondell.

I'd love to not go in underman or with squad fill if it's quads only or if I've got a squad of four going in myself. I'd love to not be limited because rebirth is only duos or trios for that week now, usually with the new maps. When they do drop, they offer them to all squad sizes, at least for the first week or two.

That's what they've done with all the maps in the past, so I would imagine that with Re, that's going to be the case, but long-term. I am admittedly a little concerned with how they're going to approach them, the rotation there, and their availability. Of rebirth, resurgence to all squad sizes, hopefully though they're gathering their data and it proves that we want all squad sizes at all times, but let's talk about the.

The new rebirth island map updates & gameplay changes in warzone 3

The new rebirth island map updates & gameplay changes in warzone 3

actual map itself, rebirth has obviously evolved a lot over the course of time we had it back in alcatra in blackout it obviously returned in war zone and that's really where it blew up and it also evolved throughout the different eras you know it was different in the Cold War era versus the Vanguard ERA with certain buildings being built up things like Control Center and whatnot, you know destruction being added into some of the buildings and creating new Pathways, the lighting changed a lot like for instance some of the gameplay I'm using in this article, very bright in some cases and kind of awkward to see in certain fights but we have actually seen a leaked loading screen drop for rebirth unfortunately just out of precautionary measures I'm not going to show anything on screen in this article.

modern warfare 3

I don't want to get copyright struck or have the article taken down, but you can find it. I'm sure you've probably seen it if you're active over on Call of Duty, Twitter, and whatnot. And with this loading image, it looks very similar to the Vanguard-era Rebirth Island map, meaning there is going to be a big hole in the top of the prison with smoke coming out of it.

It's going to be more built up and established with the control center as a POI instead of construction. I'd also imagine that means the same sort of Ascender system that we had before is going to be new and improved, and the weapon trade station would be returning as well as various different redeployments.

Balloons that would circle around the map and float around the map and rotate in as the gas came in would all be returning in a similar way, just based around a lot more of the war zone 3 mechanics that we have now and then. Also, with that, it seemed to be more of a daytime setting rather than a sunset setting, or, you know, even at night, like what we've seen before with rebirth, it seemed a little bit more standard; there was good visibility across the board, not blinding, with the sun, or anything like that.

modern warfare iii

So from that perspective. I think that's really solid; it's an improved and refined version of rebirth, and we've got a lot of new additions, with War Zone gameplay, now as opposed to what we had back when rebirth was last available in the Vanguard era, and some of these could be good and some of these could be bad.

The main one that I'm looking at here is the addition of swimming. Now obviously, things like mantling and the new system are going to be very applicable to a lot of the buildings here. Same deal with the ledger hanging and whatnot, but swimming around the map. It's something that is involved with Fortune's Keep now, obviously.


And that's an island as well, surrounded by water, so it's plenty accessible. With rebirth. I'd have to imagine it's going to be the same deal, and I don't love that just because water fights can be really cheesy; it's almost a get out of jail-free card at times just because fighting someone who's in the water is so inconsistent, with the hit Rag and where they actually are, and the damage you're dealing so little concern about that, but that is something to expect; it's going to be an iteration of rebirth.

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