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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. I'm TCAP X, and the retti SMG was finally nerfed, which means we once again have a pretty open close-range meta in War Zone season 3. So in the first part of the article, we're going to be comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the top five SMGs to be using for Rebirth Island or just War Zone in general, because especially at the top three, you can make a case that any of these are the number one SMG.

It really just depends on what you prefer, and the SMG meta is in a really good spot right now, so to compare the different stats, we're going to be utilizing our website. Doai, which I would encourage you guys to check out yourself as well if you want to take a deep dive and compare different loadouts that we have ranked by an AI algorithm that we've created if we go to the weapons page and then we sort by close range SMGs.

And that is because the build we have for it has such amazing movement speed. There's also casual in tactical, so casual. Striker 9 ranks as the number one tactical wp9. Ranks number one and tactical is more like focused on better recoil control in casual is casual if someone who you know doesn't play the game a ton they jump on and they just want to be able to do whatever, and kind of just do well with anything when we open it up here you can hit compare details and we can add these guns here so I've got a build for the HRM.

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W 9 Striker 9 and Striker I'm going to skip the ram 9 and I'm actually putting in a build in for the wp swarm at my number five the reason for that is the ram 9 after the Nerf it's still, okay. But it's just all the other SMGs do better in every category so I don't think it's worth really including I wanted to really quickly explain why I'm not including a few SMGs though so first I've got the hram 9 in green, which is one of the best SMGs still just as a baseline the ram 9 in blue here you can see after its Nerf has a much slower time to kill it used to be a much faster like A5.8 now it's a 65, you can still get a faster ttk pretty easily with it if you mix in head shot but it's just not going to be as consistent the amr9 got murdered in this in the season 3 update it used to be the fastest ttk SMG now it is one of the slowest the retti, did get nerfed thank God it's still pretty decent its time to kill is only just slower, than the HRM it used to be way faster though so I think it's a great pistol if you want to run a pistol for some reason but I don't think it's worth running over other SMGs, and then finally I wanted to point out the fjx Horus Clos range ddk right on par with the HRM but then the range really falls off it also has a lot of recoil not a lot of good damage per mag the only good thing about the fjx is really good Mobility but the wp9 belt I'm going to show you guys is way better all right so let's actually get into my top five SMGs.

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Here and let's start here with the fastest one out of all of these I'm going to hide a few is actually the wp swarm and wp9, have essentially the fastest ttks up close the Swarm if you build it the right way you can have this ttk up to 10 m but then it's horrible after 10 m it's really good in really close range situations and you can put that 100 round mag on it so that's why the Swarm I still think is very viable on rebirth Island but it just struggles at mid-range now the striker the regular Striker 45 in purple I think is super underrated I would rank this at number four it's time to kill is just okay all around but it has ultra low recoil, solid range so if you struggle with recoil control the striker 4 5 is one of the best SMGs to use then there's the striker nine in Orange which I'm ranking at number three although this is kind of my personal favorite like I said the top three I think are essentially.

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Tied with one another, and let me bring in my top three TTKs. Here, the orange line is a striker that has a little bit better range than the HRM 9, and then it kind of follows the same at very long ranges; it is better, but you're not really going to use an SMG past about 25 M wp9, though it is a faster time to kill and has way better range all the way up until 17 M until that range drops off, but the wp9 has that open bolt DeLay, so if we change this from TTK on paper to expected TTK, let me hide the striker and the wp swarm now, the wp 9.

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In blue, the time to kill gets much slower, and the reason for that is because we're factoring in that 50 millisecond open bolt delay. An open bolt delay is when you pull the trigger, there's a 50 millisecond delay until those bullets start to come out, so when you use wp9, it's important that you want to try to like pre-fire as much as possible because if you do get caught where you're like running straight at someone and you start shooting at the exact same time in those situations that can kind of burn you, and then finally, the HRM 9 is in red; it did not receive any damag Nerfs in season 3; it is still a phenomenal SMG; its range got nerfed slightly; I think it was season 2 reloaded.

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And that's where the striker 9's a tad better and the wp9 is better as well for range but still HRM is just a phenomenal SMG all around now we can also switch us over to the DPM chart which is damage for mag and this is where the wp swarm really excels because it has that 100 round mag the Swarm I mean you can easily take out an entire Team without reloading, the hr9 and Striker 9 a little bit lower in the damage per mag category you can definitely take out two people without reloading, maybe three if you're really accurate but the wp 9 and the striker, have really good DPMS, and are going to do better in like trios and quads just because of those little bit slower shooting guns they are if we scroll down a little bit the waited expected time to kill is a great stat that essentially, factors in all of the stats for a gun the damage the range The Recoil the accuracy and it says what's the time to kill that you can expect to get in most situations, and the HRM 9 does come out on top Striker 9 close behind we have the wp9.


Then Striker and then WP swarm which is pretty much exactly how I have these guns ranked in order basically you can also look at a few other stats here like adding in Sprint to fire so that pretty much keeps everything the same as well but this is important, when again if you're running eon of Sprint to pull that gun down this is the weighted damage output which again is basically just like the damage for mag the wp form says you can get up to five Downs in one magazine, but WP 9 and Striker up to four maybe three for the hr9 and Striker 9 assuming that you're relatively, accurate expected accuracies, basically it looks at how much recoil a gun has so the more accurate the less recoil this is where I think the striker is super underrated especially as like a sniper support because it is so low recoil.

With the NERF of the Renetti meta, TCaptainX brings you the Best SMG class loadouts for Rebirth Island Warzone Season 3. These truly are your best loadouts for rebirth island and your Warzone 3 meta loadouts for close range fights, fast movement, high TTK, and great support for a sniper or AR. Become a YouTube Member to receive exclusive perks.
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