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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. I'm T captain X in today's article, we're going to be covering the best assault rifles for Rebirth Island War Zone in season 3. Also, I am going to be including battle rifles and LMGs in this mix as well. So for the first part of the article, I want to compare the strengths and weaknesses of my top ARS.

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I know the thumbnail said the top five actually include six honorable mentions. That way, we can include at least one MW2 AR, so in order for us to take a deep dive into some of these stats, we're going to be using the website I've been helping to develop. A against that's ggs thatai want to point out that you guys can get on this website yourself find the best loadouts compare stats log your games track your personal stats and much more all yourselves if you're interested basically we've created an AI algorithm that takes all the stats and data from these weapons and it ranks these loadouts, from 10 out of 10 meta all the way from a to F tier also I do want to give a quick shout out to True game data as he did help us out with a few extra stats like damage range values in some specific attachment data as well so if we click on our weapons page we can sort by different, play Styles balance aggressive casual tactical this basically just changes the algorithm to fit your play style we can sort by range long range versus Close Range Guns weapon type and also what tiers we want to include so I'm going to leave it on balance and of course in this article we're going to be focusing on long range I'll probably be covering the close range meta in tomorrow's article so the only two guns that rank as meta right now is the MTZ 556, and the S SOA.

Subverter, however, a lot of these tier weapons are great as well, and depending on the situation, they might even be better than some of these meta guns. Now, if you click on the drop-down, you're actually going to get multiple different builds, and we normally have these categorized by creator builds, aggressive builds, balance builds, and tactical builds on some weapons as well.

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To be able to look at these multiple, different builds, this is a premium feature on GGs. And just to kind of explain and be up firm with you guys we have thousands of hours into developing this website and it literally costs us thousands of dollars just to run and maintain it per month, so that is why some of these features are premium of course I love to be able to have all this information for free to you guys but we do have to kind of at least make nsme at the end of the day but we do have a bunch of super cool features on the horizon for ggs, so if you want access to this stuff and if you want to support us I'd encourage you to check out GG's, iridescent, which is our premium subscription so when you drop down you can then hit the compare details button that's going to add them to start comparing the stats if you want to do this yourself so I'm going to add our MTZ 556.

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As a SOA subverter. I've also added a SVA 545. Build I've added a BP 50 build I'm going to skip some of these lmgs right here and the reason for that is because we're focusing on rebirth Island for this article some of these slower lmgs. I don't think are quite as good specifically, on rebirth, on like ersan, or maybe the bigger maps like maybe like a fortune keep in some situations they would be good but for rebirth I don't like these as much I've also added a hogre 556, and I did add a STB.

556 as the sixth build, this kind of has an honorable mention here, so if we scroll down here, we're going to look at the time to kill chart here, and you're going to have two features: DK on paper, which is just if you hit every single shot. This is a combination time to kill where it looks at different body parts and the damages.

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What's the time to kill? You can expect. We also have an expected time to kill, and this factors in accuracies. Like your recoil and whatnot we have a pretty complex algorithm for figuring out the recoil and what accuracies you can expect to get we can also adjust the range as well I'm just going to look at the paper dtk, to start here so the first gun that's going to jump off to you is in the blue line the SOA subverter has the fastest time to kill up to about 26 M mid-range it is great as well long range SOA subverter, is the fastest killing gun of these six weapons I have choosed here and that is why overall I've got kind of the SOA near the top of my guns simply because of that time to kill now the MTZ 556 in the yellow line at close range it's a little behind it's not quite as good it's about half a test of a second behind some of these however mid-range.

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It is great and it's really competitive here in this mid-range area which this 25, to like 50ish meters is a very common area you're going to be using your AR and it also has low recoil as well another gun hogre 556 you're going to see mid-range and the orange line is also super dominant bp50, in the purple line is great up close to about 25 M but then it really kind of starts to fall off but at long range it's actually the second fastest so it's great up close eh at mid-range and great at long range bp50, is one of my favorite kind of just versatile kind of doit all type guns and then the SVA 545 on burst is the green line here this is a gun that has literally no recoil it's time to kill is significantly, slower than everything else but with how little The Recoil is you're going to be more accurate and you can expect more faster ttks.

Because of that low recoil, and then finally, the stb 556 in the red line is very competitive up to about 36 M. It does fall off kind of hard after that, but it's also very low recoil, so that's why I wanted to include that in there because it is a great MW2 AR option. Now you can also switch us over to the DPM chart, which is damage per mag, and this is how much damage you can do before you have to reload.

Guns like the SVA 545 burst and the SOA are great in this area, which means you can take out like an entire team without having to reload if you're accurate and you hit your shots, whereas guns like the BP50, the STB, really struggle, and then also the MTZ and Hoger 556. They're okay, but they're okay, but they're not going to mow down an entire team without having to reload.

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Now this time, right here, is the expected time to kill. This is a premium feature, but this stat is like, if you want everything put into one stat of a gun, this is it. Basically, what this does is take in the damage, the damage ranges, the recoil, the accuracy, all of that, and it says what's the time to kill.

You can expect that in most situations, the MTZ 556 is the fastest. Here, the MTZ 556 is close behind the SOA; we have the BP50 and STB, and then the SVA is way down at the bottom, but again, remember that this one is subject to change based on your recoil. If you have bad recoil control, this one might be a lot better for you.

TCaptainX has the TOP 5 Assault Rifles for Rebirth Island Warzone Season 3. With the Call of Duty Season 3 Warzone Update, you have a TON of meta class setups to choose from, but these 5 AR's stand out as the BEST loadouts you can run on Rebirth Island. Become a YouTube Member to receive exclusive perks.
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