News - The Real Reason Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Is So Bad. Shotguns Take No Skill

There's a lot of people in this game who think there's a skill issue when somebody has to talk [__] about something or make a rant article. This game play right here shows you that this game does not require any skill. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Tell me if you agree or disagree as you watch what you guys think about this, but I'm going to just go straight into it.

Man, this game, if played this way, like in this game, takes no skill whatsoever. There's many things in this game that absolutely require no skill, okay, and we're going to have two separate articles on each one's camping, and one is shotguns. Both absolutely ruin this game absolutely ruin it. If you think that shotguns are good for this game, you're an idiot.

If you think camping and having maps that promote camping are good things, you're an idiot. Both take no skill, and both take no brain cells to do Point Blank. Simply put, whatever you want to call it, it's the absolute truth. There's no debate. This game shows you everything about using a shotgun.

There should be no reason why I just won that gunfight. Right there, he got the first shot, and I was not looking at him. All I do is turn around and pop him with an aim assist, helping me hip-fire dead. There is no reason why this should be in the [__] game it promotes. People do not even want to play this game.

This is a great map for me 24/7, and I think it is one of the most phenomenal maps they have made in a long time. It's a very good close-quarters map. It's a very good small map other than shipment that allows us to get high-killing games, but shotguns absolutely ruin it, and so do snipers. Man, I'm going to even throw snipers into the mix.

You can have a sniper and just hold down that [__] left hallway, or that or this right Little Lane right here back there near the truck. You can hold that down with a sniper. In the middle, if you have a shotgun, you're winning almost every single gunfight. It's just that simple. It's that simple, and both of those things ruin this [__] game.

I know everybody's going to say it's a skill issue; it's a [__]. You know, if you don't like it, use the gun. I'm using the gun right now, and I'm showing you that it takes no skill to make this happen. And it's just a waste of my time to even have to show this article, but I wanted to show it because I know people are going to be like, Why are you talking?

Just use it [__]. I'm using it in the game I'm using the game and I'm going to show you how easy it is to do this. Man, I still miss shots, and I'll still get the [__] kill, like what the [__] is all about. This game is so promising, yet people like me are exposing people. As this is not this is not what I do, I don't go out here and use this class every single [__] time I make this article because I wanted to make a point.

I was even doing it in some of my streams in the past. I'm making a point at how easy it is to do well in this game with the [__] shotgun on this map. It's the same thing if we were playing Shipment; it's the same thing if we were playing any other small map. This class right here, with an SMG on my back and a shotgun on my back, makes this game so much easier.

I could be, I could still be fullblown wasted eight beers deep, and I could still be better than most of these people in this game because of just how overpowered they are. It's the same thing with camping; it takes no skill. I'm not going to go camping too much because, like I said, that's another article, but these shotguns, man, they're ruining the game; they're ruining small maps, which are awesome, and they're ruining just the game play itself because the second you get in a lobby with a guy like me in this game play, you're going to want to leave.

You're not going to want to play it if you actually want to have a good game. Get good XP. get kills and not die to stupid ass. You're not going to want to play against somebody like me who just hangs around this middle area, uses all the movement to his ability, jumps, slides, etc. And just right when you walk in, you're obliterated; you're absolutely obliterated.

There's nothing you can do about it. You have to keep your distance, but if you keep your distance, you're not going to kill me. You have to use grenade launchers. You got to pull their [__] out, which might kill me once in a while, but when I get back in that building, you're absolutely fried. You can't run up the hallway because I'm waiting there for you around the corner.

If you run into this building, I'm waiting with a shotgun for you around the corner. That's how people play this game; it's not what I do. I'm just showing you guys how easy it is, and I'm glad I was able to make this game play because Overkill makes it even easier. You can have an AR and hold this hallway if you want.

If you want to go back to the middle building, you just pull out the shotgun. Now they're kind of taking me out of it, but the second I get back in there, it's another [__] obliteration. Fest, it's that simple. I'm just going to go the other way now. Jump on this little side. Maybe go around the back.

Who the hell knows? But I'm going to get back in here. I'm going to take you out just like that because it's that easy. This game should not be I've been screaming for this for years now, and I know it's going to happen. People are going to say you're trying to take out the fun for other players; that's fine, but there should be no reason why.

Someone like me can just pull this gun out and just go to town on these players, and people are saying it's a game: stop bitching, stop whining like a little baby. Think about what we're talking about out here. If you want to get decent game play, if you want to get a lot of XP, if you want to get a lot of kills, and if you just have one guy on the other team that's playing like me, it's over for you.

It's absolutely over for you because he's going to take you out on a kill streak, and he's going to make you not be able to use about a third or half of the [__] map. That just does this to everybody, but then you're going to have the people who say. What do you want them to do? Make a shotgun a two-hi; no one's going to use it.

That's fine with me. Shotguns ruin the [__] game; that's the whole point of the [__] article. It ruins the game. Snipers ruin the game; shotguns ruin the game; grenade launchers ruin the game; stupid ass kill streaks stuns. All that [__] on small maps ruins the [__] game; you cannot play shipment without getting stunned the second you spawn; you cannot play meat without somebody using a shotgun or a sniper; you cannot play any of this [__] without any of this stuff happening.

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