News - The Sad Truth Of Warzone 2 Ranked Play. End Of Road To Iridescent


All right, so from that article, I was able to construct. To and No. From that article, I was able to make a chart about the two most important terminologies that I heard in the article that really just break down everything in simple terms. And the most important thing right now is the hidden MMR in Call of Duty.

The hidden MMR is a system that is used to match players of similar skill levels in rank play. Each player is assigned a numerical MMR based on their performance and matches. The matchmaking algorithm uses these values to create balanced teams. What factors into MMR? What is your win-loss ratio?

Individual performance metrics such as kills-death objectives are completed, as is the MMR of the opponents you faced, and then the ranking system is that the MW3 rank place may have a visible ranking system alongside a hidden MMR. So the visible ranking is like what your rank is if you're bronze, silver, or gold.


Whatever the case may be, that's your visible ranking, but your hidden MMR is whatever numerical value they're using. Value you as a player in the lobbies that they're going to be loading you up into now, this is all. Important information because, no matter how good or bad of a player you are, you're going to always be constantly matched with people that's around your skill set or wherever they want you to be in that particular moment, if that makes sense, for example.

If I'm in a bronze lobby with an A, no, let's not use that example. I'll say if person A is in a bronze lobby and person B is in a bronze lobby, but person A is just getting started off with rank play and is a casual player that's making the transition into public matches, they're most likely going to be matched up against people who are on a beginner scale.

Or to see, like, where they're at and all of that. All this information that I just read is important because it really frames my personal rank-play experience. I was always wondering why this particular MW3. Rank play was so difficult for me to rank up in, but it's because of the previous success that I had in the previous rank play system for MW2.

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I believe it was. Like I was able to solo queue up to Crimson, so me solo queuing up to Crimson leading up into the new season of rank play, my anticipation is that I'm going to be able to get to Crimson fairly quick because I've already gone through that process, so now I'm established that I'm a Crimson player, so I'm thinking that in MW3.

I'm going to be able to climb the ranks at least back up to Crimson against where my skill set and my skill level is at and I'm going to be competing against those people which ultimately is going to make me better and which ultimately means that I'm going to be meeting people that's around the caliber that I'm expecting to play the game at which means it'll be easier for me to hit iridescent, because now I'm matching up with people that's taking the game as serious as me or playing the game as capable as me so even if I'm loading up as a solo queue I should have the expectation that my teammates are going to be able to perform on a level because we've all reached this High prestige rank which at the time for me was.


Crimson, but with that being said, that was literally the complete opposite because now that the new MW3 rank play system is out and they have this hidden MMR system in place, which might have been in the last one too, but I just didn't know, but now that I know that there is an MMR inside of this rank play system.

I now understand that my lobbies from bronze to where I'm at now, which is platinum 1, have all been difficult because. They're loading me up in lobbies where it's designed for me to either win or lose because of my MMR. Ranking whatever it is, I'm assuming that it's good that they're matching me up against people that are also good in these lobbies, which are bronze, silver gold, and diamond platinum.

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whatever the case may be it doesn't matter that I'm in these lobbies because I'm going to be constantly playing against Crimson iridescent, level players in these lobbies so I'm wondering why I'm hard stuck at such a low level when I flew PL past this level in the previous Call of Duties or previous rank play whatever the case may be now I understand that the way that the game is designed is that it doesn't matter what division that I'm in I'm going to be playing against people that's in my skill Gap or in my skill range regardless of rank which means that my visible rank, which is what is platinum right now it doesn't even matter because, technically I've been playing against Crimson level players all the way from bronze all the way up to platinum and I've been solo queuing and why this is messed up is because.

I'm suffering for being good at the game because I'm not getting any reward from it. And that is what leads to the next big thing. That is what the article explained, which is. This system is called Eomm, and that is engagement, optimization, and matchmaking. This adjusts matchmaking parameters to optimize player game engagement and retention, and it also analyzes player engagement metrics like playtime skill level and social interactions.

Adjust parameters to create more competitive and enjoyable matches. The primary goal is to keep players engaged and satisfied, increasing player retention, and the concerns about this are fairness in the transparency and the potential advantages and disadvantages. So essentially, they're trying to keep players in each division around where they see fit, in my instance, since I'm more of a competitive player and I've been able to play at a considerably high level.

I'm going to be constantly playing against people that's around, whatever my mmm r is, whatever the case may be. And then that also explains why I'm running into so many hackers because in every lobby that I load into, I'm playing against a hacker, which means that. The people that are hacking on the game are going to obviously have a higher MMR rating because they're performing at such a high level each game because they're hacking.

Im still going to play because i want to be on a CDL Team but im only interested on self improvement and not rank.
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