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Ladies and gentlemen. I just got done playing a couple hours of the official version of Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, which yes, has been released for quite a few people in the world, assuming you changed your region to New Zealand.



And yes I had a great time I'm really loving it but I wanted to go over my first impressions what I liked what I didn't like and of course as I play more I will experience more and maybe I'll have more negatives that'll pop up or more positives but for this article this is just First Impressions, so let's get right into it so of course the time to kill is perfection I'm very happy they went with a slow time to kill it still shocks me to this day that Sledgehammer decided to do this because I felt like Slow Time to Kill was only going to be a tra thing from here on out but thankfully Sledgehammer understood, that slow time to kill is where it's at and it just plays so damn well in this game I absolutely love how it flows, and I'm just very happy about that the movement is also really great the only issue I have with movement is some of the slower ads speeds on some guns and also slow sprads of fire on some guns but the general movement with sliding.

And you have the ability to slide and cancel as well. The sprinting feels good. Everything feels good. It feels fast. It feels fluid. That is all wonderful. I'm very happy with those changes, and again, changes that we weren't too sure were going to happen, but thankfully they did happen. Of course, the other general things, like having red dots on the mini map, are fantastic.

Having a dead silence perk is fantastic. I also really love the perk balance here; there's actually a lot of good perk balance in the classes. I generally find myself not being 100% sure which perk I want to use for each class. I'm generally kind of looking around, like, okay, this could work, but this could also be better.


I'm not just choosing the same perks for every single class, which is good. The vests, like I mentioned in my beta review, kind of like P 10, in a way it's not exactly like P 10, it's not as far as it should be in terms of how close it should be to picking 10, but the vests at least give you some more customization.

I'm able to run, you know, an extra perk, and in return. I don't get a lethal, and I'm fine with that because I don't use my lethals anyway, so it would be great to be able to just have an extra perk and then lose my lose my lethal so. I absolutely love the vest system. I think it's one of the best things they did in this game.

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The attachment options are a lot better than they were in Modern Warfare 2 of course I said this in the beta and yes it's the same thing here there's definitely a lot more options with the attachments you can see there's better balance to it there's not as many attachments that just completely, destroy the gun like they did in mono Warfare 2, and speaking of mon Warfare 2 The Way They carried over the guns I think is actually really great you still have all of the attachments available for them, and I love the fact that you can actually grind Orion.

From Moder Warfare 2 in Modern Warfare 3, so I have no reason to go back to MW2. Even if I want to get Orion, I can just do that here, and it works all the same, which is just fantastic. I absolutely love that. And on top of that, with the camo system. It's fantastic this is probably the best camo system we've ever had in a Call of Duty game where there's like an insane amount of camos to grind for you have zombie camos for the MW2, guns and the MW3 guns, then you have the multiplayer camos for the MW2 guns and the MW3 guns that makes four Mastery camos in total that you can go for assuming you don't have ay already, if you do already have a Rion of course it's only three but that's still so many different Mastery camos to go for and you of course you have the different versions of Mastery camos as you go up to it, a lot of stuff to grind for and the actual challenges, themselves are great none of them look too annoying none of them look too tedious.

They look like they'll be fun, and I'm going to have a great time going for that. I'm definitely going to be grinding the camos this year. I didn't last year because I enjoyed the game too much, but this year I'm definitely going to be doing it. They also slightly changed some of the maps, which I actually really like because, yeah, of course, the MW2 maps.

You know, there's an extra pathway on the map; it's just one little tiny thing. It's hard to notice, even though I personally didn't even notice it on some of the maps, but there are some places you might find if you are a really big fan of the MW2 maps you might notice. There are some additions.

I think these maps play even better than they did in the OG MW2. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I do think these maps play even better than they did in the OG MW2.



I used to think it was a minor thing, but I'm honestly starting to get really sick of it, and that is the UI. The UI is awful. It is the worst UI in Call of Duty history, even worse than Modern Warfare 2, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that the reason why I'm saying that is because there's so many more items in this game, which just makes the UI that much worse.

If there weren't as many items, obviously, it wouldn't be as bad, and that was in Modern Warfare 2, where yes, there's fewer items, but it's still bad because there's a lot of items. But this has so many things in the game that trying to navigate, like the Crea class menu, navigating the attachments, and navigating the camos, is a nightmare.

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There are so many things—so many that it's just too many. It's way too much. There's no reason for it to be this poorly optimized. Why does that exist? The menus, the settings, and everything like that, it's just so messy, and I don't think the UI, like in game, like with a HUD. I don't think it's bad; I think it's a decent HUD, but there's one big issue with the HUD, and that is that on the screen every single time I spawn in it has this long text that tells you what your vest does.

I do not need that information. I know what my vest does. I can see it in the creative class. That's all you need to show. You do not need to put it on the screen every single time I spawn in it. is so frustrating; it's just so frustrating. I just said the word frustrating. I was going to say, I don't.

I mixed the words refreshing and frustrating. I don't know why I was thinking of the word refreshing because it's not refreshing at all, but in general, it is frustrating, and I hate this UI, and it's like I said terrible. Next, we got to talk about score streaks, so obviously I'm happy to have score streaks available in the game, but it's still not good enough because unfortunately, it's just like an MW2.

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