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I want to start off this article by saying I have absolutely no hate towards Infinity Ward, even though I absolutely despise their game design in their last two Modern Warfare titles. I don't think it's fair to just say that they are awful developers; they're not talented, like a lot of people on Twitter have been saying over the past few months.

I personally just don't think that's fair to say, and it's definitely not okay to be, you know, signaling out specific developers who probably don't even have much say in how these games go; they're just doing their job, and honestly, they're good at it. It's just that I don't like the job that they're doing; it's as simple as that, and most of the stuff I will discuss in this article probably has nothing to do with the individual Infinity War developers either or even the studio as a whole; it's probably just the higher-ups, the higher executives, maybe even just people at Activision.

Shg frustrated with iw


But I want to talk about this regardless because I think this is some really crazy news that recently came out from a Bloomberg, report and even Charlie Intel was able to corroborate some of the information that was there and one of the pieces of information here says that Slammer gam staff was frustrated with MW 3's development, because they had to run Decisions by Infinity WS leadership who took a while to respond to feedback and even stepped in to make their own changes, now this was crazy for me to hear because of course this isn't Infinity Wards game this is Sledgehammer, game, but when you really start to thinking about it of course Infinity Ward probably does have a sense of ownership over this game because it was built off of their engine it is of course attached to the application that was made off of from Modern Warfare 2 which again is their game and of course they also made the campaign or at least made significant portion of the campaign, so it's not like out of this world to hear that Infinity W would have some ownership over it but I just don't like the idea of them trying to take hold of certain decision-making. Choices within the multiplayer experience, because well, that's not their time to make the multiplayer; they made one last year; they did it; they did a lot of things that people didn't like, and now it's Sledgehammer's turn to make something, and the fact that they were stepping in and changing things just kind of sounds weird to me , and then Charlie Intel comes out and says that they have heard that one of the things that Infinity Ward made Sledgehammer Games change within Modern Warfare 3 was actually removing.

Pick 10 being removed

Pick 10 being removed


A p 10 Loadout system, and then instead we got the system that we currently have today which of course like I've said I do enjoy the whole vest idea because it at least makes it more like P 10 it's not exactly P 10 but it's at least more like it but it's crazy to me that Infinity Ward had enough pull over Sledgehammer, to make them literally remove a entire gameplay feature that they wanted to have within this multiplayer experience, and when you really start to think about it yes okay it makes sense because they want to make sure this game flows seamlessly, with modern wafare 2 because of the whole carryover feature I'm sure Infinity Ward was very happy about this carryover feature because it meant more people buying modern wafare 2 bundles I for one only bought the homelander bundle and the season 6 battle pass because of that carryover Fe feature if that carryover feature was not going to happen I would not have purchased both of those things so I completely, understand why Infinity Ward would want them to make sure this game is kind of seamlessly connected.

But that doesn't mean they have to completely remove gameplay features. I think there could definitely be a way for them to compromise. With a p 10 gunsmith hybrid, and yes you can argue the vests is already making that a gunsmith P 10 hybrid but I don't think it's as far as it should be and there's definitely more changes they could have made and the fact that Infinity Ward is able to just change that to me is just again kind of crazy this is actually something I heard from a leaker, months and months ago and I kind of always assumed it was probably true, and yes of course this does confirm that it was true now we have more news about the development of Modern Warfare 3 here it has nothing to do with Infinity Ward though at least not much to do with Infinity Ward it's mainly Activision Executives deciding certain things, and this is information most of it's not new honestly most of it stuff I kind of already knew but this is just confirmation of it so Modern Warfare 3 reportedly was only made in 16.

Mw3 being rushed

Mw3 being rushed

Months, which is shorter than Black Ops Cold War, make this the least developed Call of Duty of all time, which makes sense why it's reusing so many assets from Modern Warfare 2, and I felt this from the beginning when I heard that Hammer was going to be making a game in 2023 after just making Vanguard in 2021.

I said yeah, right, okay, that's not going to be much of a game, then it's going to be very jumbled together, very messed up, and I said from the beginning, okay. Cold War was made in 18 months, right? Well, for the most part, I guess you could say it probably had a little bit of work even before that, but in general, it was only really fully developed for 18 months.

black ops cold war

And now we have this, so I was thinking to myself. As long as the game is good and there's good ideas there. I'm going to be okay with it, and I think they can definitely put together a decent mode, and that's exactly what happened. I think the multiplayer of mod Warfare 3 is fantastic. It's not amazing, but it's pretty good; it's pretty solid; it's way better than Moder Warfare 2 was, even though Moder Warfare 2 was made in 3 years, so that goes to show that it's not really about the development time as long as you have good gameplay design and good gameplay philosophies intact.

But, of course, it can cause a lot of issues, mainly in terms of the campaign. If the campaign was made under 16 months, then yes, of course it's going to be rough and rushed; it's going to be, you know, just kind of cheap, and that's exactly what the campaign experience was for me. I really did not enjoy Mod War 3's campaign, and then even going on further with the co-op mode, although this mode essentially is what Try was working on, or at least most likely what they were working on for COD 20124, but kind of just pushed up as like an early access version of it, essentially.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 MWIII Leaked Information from Bloomberg and Charlieintel about the development of Modern Warfare III Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies.
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