News - The Schematic Cooldown System Warzone 2 Zombies Is Bad. Here's Why

Why they are a problem

Why they are a problem

So I've been pretty behind on schematics in Modern Warfare 3 zombies due to a really horrible bug that I was dealing with for over a month where I couldn't progress in any of the missions, and I was just spending my time trying to fix that bug, so I'm definitely quite behind, but I've been trying to catch up and just trying to find all the best ways of getting schematics as fast as possible, and it's very obvious that besides the ones that you get through the missions, the best way to get schematics as fast as possible is just by grinding tier three contracts, again and again and again, until eventually you get lucky enough and you actually get those more difficult-to-earn schematics.


From the Tier 3 contracts, the more I've thought about this schematic system and how it actually works itself with the cooldowns, the more I've realized how badly designed it actually is, especially for a console game. Cooldowns are now a pretty standard thing in mobile games. If you have ever played any mobile game, you know about cooldowns.

Are a big part of that but it's very different thing because first of all it's a mobile game so to be honest we don't really have much standards for them to begin with but even then because you have your phone always with you if you need to wait for a cool down on a mobile game it's fine because your phone is always going to be on you can have an 8 Hour cool down for something, wherever you are 8 hours from now you're probably going to have your phone on you so you can pull out your phone when that 8 hours is done and just do the little thing you have to do in the game real quick and then you're good to go like that's completely fine but in a console game where obviously you're not going to have your Xbox Your PlayStation, your PC—it's not always going to be there; it's not always going to be something you're going to have access to, so when you have a cooldown, by the time the cooldown is up, chances are you're not going to still be playing the game.


By that time, chances are, unless you do this for your job, like, let's say you're a content creator on this game, then that's different, of course, but chances are you're not going to be setting your entire day's schedule. Around, based on, this game you're not going to be like okay I'm going to play right now going to use my items and then the cool Downs are going to be done within let's say 5 to 6 hours for some of the items, so in 5 hours I will play again so I can use those items again you're not going to do that if you're an average person like you're not planning your day around Call of Duty zombies now that's obviously different like I said for Content creators but most people are not going to be doing that so chances are that 5H hour cooldown is really no different than like a 24-hour, cooldown because let's say you play every night that's like your thing you play once a night and that's all you have time for because the average person's probably only going to have time for once or twice a night so you do that, and you have to now wait the next night to play again so that 5-hour cool down is really no different than a 24-hour cool down which there are some schematics in this game that do have a 24hour cooldown even some that have a 48 and up to 3day.

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Long cooldown, which is insane to me and I understand why it exists, but I just don't think it should the insured weapon cooldown is less of a problem because you actually get to keep that weapon assuming you don't die, so if you get to xfill successfully you're going to keep it anyways so it's not like you're only able to use those ins insured weapons you know once in a blue moon well that's assuming you keep that weapon with you and the insured weapon cool down is only like 2 hours or something so it's really not a big deal and you can get multiple of them as well so once you have three insured weapons, it's never going to be a problem and obviously taking in schematic items is not required, but it significantly, makes the game more enjoyable just because of the fact that there's a 45 minute you know countdown timer when you're playing so going around getting best your best weapons, pack-a-punch.

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All the perks and everything like that, it just takes way too long, and so by the time you're able to get everything you need, usually the timer's up, and you don't really have much time to actually enjoy things like the Tier 3 Zone and doing contracts and such, so it is in your best interest to bring in some perks, some, you know, ether tools, maybe even some ether crystals, so you can actually pack-a-punch your items and level them up as fast as you possibly can, and also your stash items.

You can use some of those as well, but you only have up to 10 available items at a time, which is ridiculous. Obviously, you also have the items that are and your person itself, the ones that you carry with you, but still, it's just never enough. For what you kind of need within the match, schematics are really important, and they're fun.

I do enjoy being able to spawn in with those things, but aside from a few different items, the cooldowns just really ruin the schematic system, so of course the cooldown exists as a way to balance out the system, so they have to put something in place of it.

First idea

First idea

So here's my idea of what could replace it. I have a couple different things. I'm going to bring up the first one being simply a system, where the more you play the game it makes the cool down go faster, so of course, let's say you have a 5-hour cool down on an item, and normally if you just stopped playing it would just still take 5 hours, but the more you kept playing it would decrease the time it takes to actually get that item back, so let's say you played another two games in a row right after that and they each took about an hour long, making for about 2 hours of gameplay. That should speed it up enough to the point where after those 2 hours that 5H hour cooldown is now finished because you've been playing actively, during that time this will just incentivize people to play more because currently the cooldown system honestly does the opposite of incentivize you playing more it just makes you want to wait an extra day to play again so if they were to do a system like this it could make people actually want to play even more so instead of them waiting 5 hours to get the next item they could just grind the game out for another 2 hours, and then that should be enough be able to get the item again for that third game they could also do it, so let's say you don't die in that game where you use these items and you successfully xfill.

The MW3 Zombies Modern Warfare III Zombies Schematic system needs a massive rework. Here are a few of my ideas! MWZ Schematics Rant.
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