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Good morning, good afternoon, and good night. Whenever you're watching this article, I hope you're having a great day. This is Rick Man, and I had to make this article. I don't want to make this article, but I have to because it's keeping this game great. This game is good. I want to start off from the beginning with all the [__] that talk [__] about me, but they don't.

Watch my articles to understand what I'm trying to say about this game. This game is good. This game is fun. I love the gunplay. I love the movement. I love a lot of the maps, but what's keeping this game from being great and amazing is skill-based matchmaking. I've been playing 12v12 cuz skill-based matchmaking is easily non-existent or at least way lower than 6v6, but I've been sick and [__] tired of having to dodge snipers all [__] game peak one corner they're holding ads down and they absolutely [__] me, so I was like, you know what, maybe I'll get a smaller map.

I'll go to 6v6, play normal 6v6 Call of Duty, and hopefully they're not playing like a bunch of [__]. [__] So I load up 6v6 man, and I'm telling you my 12v12 KD the past few days has to be anywhere from a 3.0 to a 4.0 Kitty, and I'm not you. I've been playing extremely well, and I've been just streaking up like there's no tomorrow, so I'm just being honest with you guys, anywhere from a three to a 4K.

That has obviously caught up to me in 6v6 skill-based matchmaking. My first game back, I had to sweat my ass off to go 22 and 18, 22 and 18, in a team death match on subbase. I am stressed out, and the fact I even got into Team Deathmatch was a problem. I went back to domination because, one, I don't want to play a short ass game; I want to play the game for a while, so I went back to domination.

I was like, okay, let's try a dominance game, 1.2, KD. Playing my ass off and trying my ass off just to get to [__] a UAV was a huge struggle, and it is keeping this game from being one of the best cods in a very long time. I'm telling you right now that it is something that has been the biggest issue in Call of Duty in the past.

I don't know how many years, but yet Activision and those [__] boys at that office don't want to change anything, and I want to make a article talking to you guys about the three main reasons for this game. If we changed skill-based matchmaking, this game would be so much better. Here we go, number one.

You will be able to play with your friends once again if you go to the 6v6 playlist. It is impossible to party with some good friends of yours. My friends that play this game are good; they're good. We all have around the same KDs, and the score per minute's very similar. You won't know one of us could be at the top of the leaderboard one game and one of us could be at Little in the middle of the leaderboard the next game.

We're very good, and we play very well together if we all squad up and go 6v6. We're playing the [__] phas boys, the optic boys, and every CDL [__] player. You'll think that's who we're playing against. So right now, skill-based matchmaking has made it unjoyful. Enable them to play with friends.

That is good in this game, and it could go the same way: if you play with your bad friends, they're not going to want to play with you because your lobbies are too hard for them; skill-based matchmaking takes away. That party aspect to this game takes away the want to play with your other friends on this game, and that's the truth, and if you play with some of the worst friends, like I said, they're not going to want to party up with you either, so it goes both ways.

That's just the truth—the facts. Whatever you want to [__] call it, it is right there. The second thing that kind of comes into the first, To make this game go from good to great, if we remove skill-based matchmaking, you will actually grind this game. By removing skill-based matchmaking, you will bring back all the OG players, because what did we do back in the day when Call of Duty was at its prime?

We played the game for three, four, or five hours at a time with our friends or with lobbies that we actually liked and talked about. We didn't have to design lobbies back in the day, so it made it more fun to keep on playing and talking. Beating players, you know, playing free-for-all, talking [__] trying to beat the same people over and over and over again—you can't do that nowadays.

You can't grind, because as you get better, your lobbies get harder, thus making it more of a mental [__], for your state of mind, because every game that you play better is going to become harder, and then as your friends, everybody lobbies up together, the lobbies become harder. It doesn't make you want to play this game very long; it mentally drains you out and makes you want to take more and more breaks back in the day.

My only breaks were to take a piss at a [__] or grab some water or a ghost energy drink. Man, that's all I would take a break for, but right now this [__] is so mentally draining that it is so [__] hard to play it for hours if you take away skill-based matchmaking. It brings number one and number two together, and it makes this game even better.

The third and final thing that will make this game go from good to great is if we remove skill-based matchmaking. It might be a hot take, but I truly think this is the truth. It will actually make players better. It will make players better, and it will make players want to get better. Now think about it: if a [__] gets into a game and keeps on getting with people that are better than them, they will then get [__] up, and if they have the right mindset, if they have that competitive mindset, they will want to play more and more, especially against those players, to get better.

This is what we all went through when we were younger and first started playing Call of Duty. We were [__] dogs. How would this make the good players actually better if they're playing bad players? All they're going to do is s [_] [_ on them. But that's the best thing about not having skill-based matchmaking.

In some games, we're all going to be good in the [__]. Lobby, that's great. Let's have a competitive [__] game, but some casual games will have [__] in them, and we'll be like, finally, we can relax and lean back in the chair. Drop a swarm, drop an advanced UAV, and possibly drop a nuke. That's the whole point of casual gameplay; it makes it fun for everyone if you're [__].

I'm sorry it's not going to be fun either way, because you're a dog. But what's it going to do? It's going to make you, if you have the right mindset, want to get better. You're going to play more, you're going to try harder, you're going to learn more, you're going to watch YouTube, see what you can do to get better, and work on your movement.

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