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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So truthfully. I've been waiting to cover the PDSW here in Modern Warfare 3 because something just felt off about it, and then in the season's reloaded update, they talked about how they've realigned the rail or the iron sights on the weapon to properly gauge where you're shooting. I knew I wasn't crazy when the weapon fell off, so now that that's fixed, I can finally share my attachments with you guys and show you what this weapon is capable of.

It's a very good close-range OP option with a pretty extreme damage range drop-off, but if you're running out of smaller maps, it's definitely very viable, and it does a good job. It's not terrible, not meta, but a very usable and fun change of pace type of weapon.

Best class setup

We are off here with the guard duty stock for gun kick control and recoil control.

best class mw3

Normally I don't like to sacrifice aim down sight speed when it comes to stocks, but in this case it's only a small 3% sacrifice to aim down sight speed and 4% across the board there to your recoil control, so the trade-off did seem fair for the comb. I'm going with the TV tacom for Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed; we've already made up for what we lost there for the stock; we got the 3%, to the aim down sight speed back along with a massive 15%.

To the sprint of fire speed with this attachment here for the rear grip, we have the STI 40 grip for gun kick control and recoil control; it's pretty self-explanatory. The weapon does kick quite a bit, and you're going to need attachments like this one to control the recoil. We got 7% across the board for all your recoil controls for the muzzle.

best class setup mw3

I'm going with the purifier muzzle break because I'm prioritizing that horizontal recoil control. In this case, it does like to shake quite a bit, and it's going to give you 18% of the horizontal recoil control without sacrificing any aim-down sight speed. Some of the damage ranges, but like I said, have a pretty extreme damage range drop off, so with that drop off, it's going to be better off that you don't sacrifice the down sight speed you're playing.

Super aggressive, and our last attachment is the 1M aremis laser for aiming stability. Aiming stability from Modern Warfare 2 is the same thing as fire aiming stability from Modern Warfare 3; it's going to control some of that shake or visual recoil on the weapon. It's this emis laser that doesn't do nearly as much as something like the brew and heavy support grip, but I can't run an underbarrel on this weapon, so this is going to have to be good enough.

I feel like I explained the weapon extremely well in the intro. Good close range option, damage range drop-off. These are all my attachments. Feel free to copy them down and give it a try if you want to. Close-range maps are going to be your best friend with this thing. Here's the rest of the load out.

As always, if you guys needed to copy that one down, go jump into some games with it and have a little fun. It's probably not going to be an everyday type of weapon, but it's a pretty fun choice and, like I said, a good change of pace. As always, let's get into it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Skidrow game 1

Skidrow game 1

Some people absolutely swear by the PDSW, and I'm personally not a massive fan of it, and it's a lot to do with the attachments you can't use. It would be better if you could add some of the damage range attachments, but unfortunately, there's a penalty of 30 to. 60% when you want to run one of those barrels into this weapon, it's insane.

They need to take a good look at some of those attachments and see what they can do to make them more usable because this weapon is a snooze because of the attachments more than anything else, if they find a way. To balance out these attachments a little better, like any aim-down sight speed attachments really, that would be a huge Vibe; it would really help this weapon out.

I think the biggest thing lacking from it is the damage range, like a huge drop. Here, enemy, this guy's got an inner cellar. I might pick that up. It's a good long-range weapon. Yeah, we're going to pick this up quickly and see if he wants to reach out to me. Thank you, sir. All right, we're going to hold off for just a second.

I'm unsure of the spawn situation; they might be spawning up here with me, but they don't appear. They're taking more than a couple, and I didn't think the whole damn team was up there. Whoever you drop-shot teammate, he's right there. Peek around the corner, teammate. Peak the corner; you got him.

I just spawned behind that guy. I don't think I'm going to get it, friend. I mean, what can I say? 96 kills is still extremely freaking.

Meat game 2

Meat game 2

Well, I forgot to take off the swarm, which means I fully expect to die to the swarm if I end up getting it. I'm not mad; I'm literally just going to run at everything. Anyway, we're just going to literally run everything. I don't care if I get a swarm; I get a swarm.

If I get a streak, I get a streak. I just don't. I just want to. I just want to be super annoying. I want to be up in their face. This guy just killed me, and guess what I'm going to be right here for? Thank you; don't [__]. With my team, that guy came right from me; he's using 9 mm of ice, just covering that.

Sure, I see that pace is good. I died off a streak, but that's not what I'm going for here. Switching, I'm at 25 kills; you can definitely bump that up. I'm on pace for a good game, but I think I can get there.

The PERFECT "PDSW 528" Class in MW3! Best PDSW 528 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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