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best dg 58 lsw class

The conversion kit for the DG58, LSW, changes the weapon from being an LMG to a Bullpup, a super aggressive weapon. The damage gets lowered, but it's going to be a guaranteed five-shot kill to any part of the body, but the fire rate, mobility, and handling all get a big buff. One thing worth noting is that even though the conversion kit is technically called a rifle kit, the weapon plays super close to an SMG.

Just because the damage range gets so big doesn't mean it's bad; it's just something you need to take into account when using the weapon. Let's talk about those attacks. ATT Ms first up, the conversion: kit the Jack Nightshade. The rifle kit, like I said, changes the weapon from an LMG to a Bullpup-style rifle, and we get a big buff to our mobility and our fire rate.

Here, the damage does get lowered, but like I said, it's going to be a five-shot kill to any part of the body. Next up for me is going to be the 40-round magazine. This gun's fire rate is getting boosted, and its recoil being a little bit goofy means more bullets are kind of necessary. We are working our way back to the comb I have on the FSS.

best dg 58 lsw class mw3

Last Standcomb: this is Sprint to Fire and aim down sight speed, and if you come into the stats, that's a pretty big buff to our Sprint to Fire speed. Next up for me is going to be the optic. I'm using the Slate reflector realistically, but you can use whichever optic you want, and I severely recommend this because this gun's iron sights are disgusting.

And finally, for me, this is where we're going to get most of our recoil control. This is going to be the Saen tread 40 muzzle device. The Saen tread 40 has more vertical recoil and gun kick control. If you need more side-to-side horizontal recoil, try out the x10 Havoc 90, or if you want a more balanced build of the weapon, try out the FTAC Castle Comp.

One last thing to talk about: if you think the gun still has too much recoil, I would consider maybe taking off the comb, coming into the rear grip, and using the verus steady. Grip, all right. The DG58 LSW conversion kit makes this thing. Into, a really. Odd. I don't know what the hell is going on.

best dg 58 lsw class setup

On, makes it into a really weird hybrid-speed AR-type weapon kind of like the MTZ 556 but ever so slightly. Fantastic! I tried making this article on this weapon a long time ago, but the gun just honestly wasn't that good the last time I tried to make it, so I don't know if the gun got a buff that I just didn't know about or if maybe I'm a better player than I was the last time I tried to make this gun, but the last time I tried to make this article This gun's recoil was so insane that I couldn't use it even fully decked out with recoil attachments.

It still wasn't the best thing I've ever used, and, like, the base LSW was just better, so that's what I made my article on, and I guess shout out to this Lobby for not shooting down my helicopter. Immediately, they're not really doing anything else that is helping me because they're kind of playing like weenies; they're also fighting each other; they're also ning middle and using shotguns, but I guess that's just ship.

best mw3 dg 58 lsw class

Miss. Timing H, this is where I die being like a loser playing like this. Yep, I knew it. Ah, the MCWS are out now. We love that I just miss shots. I don't, I just suck; that's all that one was all right. I don't. Now that we're using grenade launchers, this Lobby has devolved holy. Hell, this lobster has devolved so much that I hate it here.

I'm just going to puke; that's the only logical course of

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