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Currently, the most I've gotten in one deployment is 2,644. So here are the rules that I'm setting for myself. I can play the entire game all the way to the final xfill, but I have to get all my kills here in Ersan. I cannot use any of the other X fills going to any of the story missions and my weapon of choice here today is a wsp swarm with this build and I decided to go with this weapon because after it's Pack-a-Punch we get 400 bullets for each weapon and I can constantly shoot one while reloading another so I'm always getting kills and I also brought in all this stuff here so let me go ahead and use this use all my perks, and I'm going into this with kind of like a half strategy I brought in the scorcher here so that I can move around a little bit faster but I only had like a few options for getting a lot of kills at a time one is doing an xill, which is definitely good for getting kills but that time in between each xfill that little cool down you have to wait for I feel like is wasted time, so I want to try to get to somewhere like an Outlast.

And get that done until a tier 2 xfill shows up or until I can find a tier 2 outlast, because it doesn't look like any are spawning right now. It's definitely going to be easier and faster to kill zombies here in Tier 1, but I feel like you'll get way more zombies spawning in Tier 2, and the reason why I wanted to try this is because I was looking through my stats and saw that my highest was only 2,600.

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And I felt like I can do way more than that and I'm pretty sure I got those kills in a game where I was just going for camos so if I actually put some elbow grease into it I think I can pump those numbers up especially since we have this contract in an invested stronghold I think if we just don't destroy all the scores and leave a few zombies will continuously spawn and I also wanted to try this before the season 2 reloaded update comes out and we get the mags of holding schematic, because with that you'll be able to just continuously shoot a weapon and it'll only take ammo from your stock kind of like Ring of Fire did in Cold War and I wanted to see what I could get to without that schematic being an option now I don't know currently what the world record is I've seen people say that they've gotten up to like 9, 000 kills in a game which I don't know if that's true or not it's all just you know people saying.

What they got, you know, was just taking them by their word, but if I were to set a goal for myself, I want to get to 10, 000. I don't even know if that's possible. We only have a whole hour here, 45 minutes before the storm moves, and then once the storm moves, you get 15 minutes, so I guess we'll see, and if we develop some sort of better strategy along the way, then we might be able to refine it and actually do better.


Now i don't know if I'm dumb coming in here with the swarms, but I am definitely dumb, and there's some obvious. Weapon choice I could be using to make this better, like I was thinking of using maybe the Haymaker with slugs. Since the reload on it is pretty fast and it's actually decent now but I couldn't think of any other weapon, that would work better than the Swarms for this, especially since I'm coming into it with them legendary, soz I feel like it can do well in just about any tier taking around any zombie any Elite the only one issue I have with coming into this is that I did not have a tier three Pack-a-Punch, my crystal is still on cool down but I think Pack 2 can do just enough for us especially if we're just starting out here in tier one and we decide to move to tier 2 later on now what would be the dream scenario for this is if we can find an Outlast that is close to an xfill cuz if we can just get the infinite spawns from the Outlast and pair it with an xfill, we will be swimming in Zombie kills and with how this game works and how there's not a scoreboard showing how many kills you have throughout the game, we're going to be all in anticipation.

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Waiting for that final screen to pop up to show us how many we got. I think if I were to improve on this strategy already, like I already brought in my golden armor plate, I wouldn't have to waste any time throwing on more armor if I'm in any danger. I could also bring in a hellhound, bone, and spawn it in and have that get some kills while, like, I'm in a menu or something you know looking to see if there's any better contracts.

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Or, you know I'm getting ready to fly somewhere or reloading or what same with using like an ammo mod like brain Rod or shatter blast I might be able to get some kills a bit faster but those are just small tweaks that I might get I don't know like a handful of kills more than I would here I thought these were the most important perks to bring in The Scorch was very important if I had to move around at all, cuz there's no guarantee for us to have a car anywhere unless we do like a cargo contract, but this is my first time trying to go for like a very high kill game so I guess we'll see what this turns out to be like I mentioned before with the mags of holding coming out I wonder what weapon is just going to like become the meta cuz off the top of my head I can't really think of any weapons that have a problem with needing to reload a lot I know there are some out there but I'm drawing a blank like there's got to be some weapon, that just gets absolutely, overpowered.

Just taking away the need to reload, especially with the amount of ammo these zombies drop here, it's like you almost have infinite ammo and you can just shoot continuously, like will an lmg become meta, because those already do some pretty decent damage like the attack eradicator, but those mags are already so large you're barely having to reload anyways, but that is always the biggest downside of an lmg is having to reload, or maybe the Haymaker will be even better like it got its aftermarket part with 60 rounds in it 1201.

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But I want to go try out another tier, but I'm also scared that moving is going to waste time, and I also don't know if these nukes count for kills. Now, just sitting here. I'm thinking of even more ways to optimize this, like if I were to play a game beforehand, set up a tombstone, and have like a bunch of turret circuits in there.

I could just go sit in tier three, start a contract there, maybe an outlast in tier three, but that is also very RNG dependent. Whether or not the outlast spawns with a deadbolt turret right near it, but if it does, that could be the run, so I'll sit here and do this contract until I've killed enough zombies to earn ourselves 15K.

That way, we'll have the option to go get Pack-a-Punch 3 if we need it, but we do have enough, so let's try to end this contract. We go see if we got anything better over in Tier 2 land. I'm struggling to find this last speaker. At least we can still get kills while we're doing this. Is it hiding behind this?

We make an attempt at the world record for kills in one game of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
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